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  1. Girls Frontline Equipment Guide
  2. ______________________________________
  3. 1. Equipment Slots and Requirements
  4. 2. List of Equipment
  5. 2.1 Accessory
  6. 2.2 Body
  7. 2.3 Ammo
  8. 3. Loadout Recommendations
  9. 4. Special Equips, Exceptions and Extra Notes
  10. ______________________________________
  12. 1. Equipment Slots and Requirements
  14. Each girl has three equipment slots, one for each type of equipment (with certain exceptions) with each slot being unlocked at lvl 20, 50 and 80 respectively.
  15. In addition to this each class has their own order in which what type of equipment is unlocked, not to mention that equipment rarity is also level locked.
  17. lvl 20 lvl 50 lvl 80
  18. HG Accessory Ammo Body
  19. AR Accessory Ammo Body
  20. RF Ammo Accessory Body
  21. MG Ammo Accessory Body
  22. SMG Body Ammo Accessory
  23. SG Body Ammo Accessory
  25. Common lvl 20
  26. Blue lvl 30
  27. Green lvl 45
  28. Gold lvl 60
  30. So just because you have a rare equip doesn't mean you should scrap all of your lower rarity equips because you still need something to give to your lower level squads.
  31. ______________________________________
  33. 2. List of Equipment
  35. 2.1 Accessory
  36. -Telescopic Scopes (Raises critical hit rate greatly) AR, SMG, RF, MG, SG
  37. -EOT/Holographics (Raises accuracy and damage but reduces fire rate) AR, SMG, RF, MG, SG
  38. -ACOG Sights (Raises accuracy greatly but reduces fire rate) AR, SMG, RF, MG, SG
  39. -Suppressors (Raises critical hit rate and evasion) AR, SMG, RF, HG
  40. -PEQ (Reduces night battle accuracy penalty) AR, SMG, HG, SG
  42. 2.2 Body
  43. -T-type Exoskeletons (Raises evasion greatly but decreases damage) AR, SMG, HG
  44. -X-type Exoskeletons (Raises evasion) AR, SMG, HG
  45. -Camouflage Capes (Raises critical hit damage but reduces movement speed) RF
  46. -Ammo Boxes (Increases ammo clip size for MGs but reduces evasion) MG
  47. -Armored Vests (Increases armor for SGs but reduces evasion) SG
  48. -Microchips (Special, see part 4.)
  50. 2.3 Ammo
  51. -Armor Piercing (Grants armor penetration against armored enemies) RF, MG
  52. -Hollow Point (Increases damage but decreases armor penetration) SMG, HG
  53. -High Velocity (Increases damage) AR
  54. -Buckshot (Increases damage and critical damage) SG
  55. -Slug (Triples damage but decreases targets by 2) SG
  56. ______________________________________
  58. 3. Loadout Recommendations
  60. Handguns
  61. 1. Suppressor
  62. 2. Hollow Point
  63. 3. T-type Exoskeletons
  65. Explanation: HGs are going to act as your off-tank most of the time and they need all the evasion they can get to survive with their tiny health pools. PEQs are the only other thing they can equip for accessories but they're only useful for night battles, and HGs aren't going to be your main DPS in most cases anyways so the extra evasion is more valuable than hitting things. If you're fighting against an armored boss or an armored enemies it might be worth it to take off the hollow points so you don't suffer the armor penetration penalty.
  67. Assault Rifles
  68. 1. Telescopic/EOT/PEQ
  69. 2. High Velocity
  70. 3. X-type Exoskeletons
  72. Explanation: Gold telescopic scopes are amazing, a maxed out gold telescopic at +10 will give you an extra 48% chance to do 50% more damage on top of an AR's base crit chance of 20% for a total of 68%. EOTs are a good replacement if you don't have enough telescopics to go around, as they give damage and accuracy in exchange for fire rate, which isn't too important for ARs. ARs are also the only class that can utilize PEQs effectively as they're the only DPS class that can equip them. X-type Exoskeletons go without saying because ARs need all the damage they can get, though the evasion is likely not to be very useful as ARs are typically situated in the backline anyways.
  74. For ARs Gold Telescopic > Gold EOT > Green Telescopic = Green EOT > Blue EOT > Blue Telescopic
  75. The reason being is that lower rarity telescopics don't give a high enough bonus crit rate to be worth sacrificing an EOT that can give some extra damage. Certain SMGs also give crit rate up buff tiles, such as UMP45 and MP5, so it might be worth equipping an EOT instead of adding more redundant crit rate increases.
  77. Rifles
  78. 1. Armor Piercing
  79. 2. Telescopic
  80. 3. Camo Capes
  82. Explanation: RFs already have a high crit rate of 50%, adding a maxed gold +10 telescopic on them will essentially give them a flat 50% more damage. Therefore capes, which increase crit damage are more or less giving your RFs flat damage in percentages. RFs prioritize fire rate so EOTs and ACOGs are immediately out of the question.
  84. Note that because capes reduce movement speed they can be seen as optional during boss fights where you need to move your squad around to avoid AOE attacks.
  86. Machine Guns
  87. 1. Armor Piercing
  88. 2. ACOG/EOT
  89. 3. Ammo boxes
  91. Explanation: MGs have shit for accuracy and generally need as much of it as they can get. ACOGs are for MGs with noticeably lower accuracy than normal, such as M2HB and PK. For MGs with a bit higher accuracy then you could get away with using EOTs instead. MGs with higher accuracy than normal such as M249 SAW could get away with using telescopics if their accuracy is being adequately buffed by SGs and HGs.
  93. Ammo boxes are fairly rare and are only found in Green and Gold rarities but are essential to MGs because they extend the amount of time they can fire.
  95. Submachine Guns
  96. 1. T-type Exoskeletons*
  97. 2. Hollow Points
  98. 3. Suppressors*
  100. Explanation: SMGs are your tanks and will likely not be doing too much damage, thus will need all the evasion they can get like HGs. HOWEVER there are exceptions such as Vector or SR-3MP who require high base damage to utilize their skills to their full potential. On SMGs such as these you should equip X-type Exoskeletons and EOTs instead.
  102. Should you be willing to sacrifice just a small amount of evasion then you could also replace suppressors with EOTs or ACOGs to boost an SMG's miserable accuracy so they can deal proper damage, though it most likely won't be as much as a dedicated DPS.
  104. Shotguns
  105. 1. Armored Vests
  106. 2. Buckshot
  107. 3. ACOG
  109. Explanation: Why buckshot? The answer is because SGs can't fire for very long before reloading and you want them to hit as many targets as possible before they do. In smaller groups or against bosses slugs might have their use but against most mobs, buckshot is much more useful. SGs also have TERRIBLE accuracy, worse than MGs, ACOGs are the only real option.
  110. ______________________________________
  112. 4. Special Equips, Exceptions and Extra Notes
  114. Special Equipment is unique equipment typically earned from the last mission of night episodes, they either drop from the mission clear or the manticore at the end of mission. This type of equipment is typically made for specific T-Dolls and can only be equipped by said T-Dolls as a way of "buffing" underused and underpowered guns.
  116. Stuff you can get:
  117. Match Grade Ammunition
  118. - Springfield's ammo that drops from Episode 1, has more armor penetration than standard AP ammo but more importantly increases fire rate and makes you're raifu as fast as M14.
  120. Titan Fire Control Chip
  121. - BAR's microchip from Episode 2, essentially acts like an ammo box. Gives one extra ammo compared to a gold ammo box in exchange for some minor penalties. Generally considered not to be worth the grind for it but hey, it's a free ammo box.
  123. .300 BLK
  124. - Micateam's apology equipment for AR-15 (;_;7) that drops from Episode 3. Gives an utterly absurd amount of damage for a very, very minor decreases in accuracy and essentially turns AR-15 into a high accuracy MG that never needs to reload. Very much worth the grind.
  126. GSG UX Exoskeleton
  127. - MP5's exoskeleton that drops from Episode 4, it makes her not shit. Gives a stupid amount of evasion, the highest that an SMG can reach without skill buffs.
  129. Hahya Memory Chip
  130. - Mosin-Nagant's microchip that drops from Episode 5. Turns her into an anti-material rifle ala NTW-20 or M99. Generally not seen as worth it if you already have one of the 5* anti-mat rifles unless you like cute spunky russians.
  132. Special Tactical Maneuver Plate
  133. - M16A1's armored exoskeleton that drops from Episode 6. Yes, you read that right. Armored Exoskeleton. Raises armor and evasion in exchange for fire rate and accuracy. More on this later.
  135. Stuff you can't get(lol):
  136. KSTSP/KST1P8/KST1P7
  137. - Scope for AK47 and Type 56-1, raises crit rate and crit damage. Reward for the top scorers of the post-Arctic Warfare special event.
  139. PKN03M
  140. - PEQ scope with 100% penalty reduction and increased damage for 9A91. Reward for the top scorers of the post-Deep Dive special event.
  142. UMP UX
  143. - T-type exoskeleton with no damage reduction and increased crit damage instead, for UMP9/45/40. Drop from Deep Dive night maps. Might come back later.
  147. Exceptions:
  149. 6P62 and ASh-12.7 are ARs that can equip AP ammo instead of HV ammo. Useful if you're in need of some armor piercing DPS and RFs are too slow and MGs are too inaccurate.
  151. Contender is also a HG that can also equip AP ammo instead of HP ammo.
  153. M4 SOPMODII and AR-15 have double accessory slots, their lvl 20 and lvl 50 slots are both accessories and the lvl 80 one is for ammo. This means that they lack the body equipment slots which is generally regarded as worthless on ARs. This means that you can equip a telescopic sight AS WELL AS an EOT sight, increasing their crit rate, damage and accuracy all at once.
  155. M16 is the opposite. She has double body slots instead, with no accessory slots and her first slot is for ammo. What's the point of this then? M16 is the only non-SG T-Doll that can equip armor. You can make her wear armor as well as an exoskeleton at the same time to make her an armored dodge off-tank. Her special equip makes her even better at this.
  157. The idea behind this is that it makes an Anti-Rain team more viable. AR-15, SOPII and M16 are buffed by M4 and RO, RO is buffed by AR-15, SOPII and M16, RO and M16 act like tanks white AR-15, SOPII and M4 can act like DPS. I've personally never tried out this squad formation but understand it's fairly powerful on paper.
  160. Notes:
  162. I had some ideas here but they're gone now. Might come back l8r 2 lazy rn
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