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  1. NicholeDevereux: The one you liked the best
  2. ScarBlackHeart: x..x
  3. Guest_Ivy128823: Which dress do I put on
  4. ScottDevereux: Yes
  5. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: -He takes a seat as he grabs a napkin sitting by auntie-
  6. Guest_Ivy128823: This one?
  7. ElijahKafleri: Invite me back
  8. NicholeDevereux: Chloe sweetheart, you and Chee stand up with the bridesmaids
  9. ScottDevereux: Babe she can stand by me
  10. ScottDevereux: It's ok
  11. Guest_Ivy128823: Where do I stand?
  12. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Where should I stand?
  13. Guest_Chee44: Hi Grandma Jane
  14. callmejane123: Hi
  15. ScarBlackHeart: -smiles- welcome back love
  16. NicholeDevereux: Mom is standing in Ivyโ€™s spot
  17. ElijahKafleri: Th my love
  18. Guest_callmejames12: I'm going afk
  19. ElijahKafleri: Ty**
  20. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Where should I go sis?
  21. ScottDevereux: No she is not
  22. NicholeDevereux: Next to Hailey
  23. ScottDevereux: Yes she is
  24. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Ok
  25. Guest_Ivy128823: Here? Or
  26. NicholeDevereux: Hold on sis
  27. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: K
  28. ScottDevereux: Ok that's it
  29. ScottDevereux: It's off
  30. NicholeDevereux: Yes Ivy
  31. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  32. ScottDevereux: Get out
  33. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Scott thats not even funny dear
  34. Guest_Chee44: Who daddy
  35. ScottDevereux: Who said I'm joking dear
  36. ScarBlackHeart: x..x
  37. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Look how far we are scott
  38. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: -He snaps a photo of mother and father -
  39. ScarBlackHeart: im confused
  40. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: The should be no turning back now donโ€™t you think?
  41. NicholeDevereux: No, I want her here sweetheart
  42. ScottDevereux: This is getting a fucking joke
  43. ScottDevereux: U are not my problem
  44. Guest_Chee44: Who
  45. NovaKnightmare: sit down on a bench-
  46. Guest_Chee44: Eho
  47. ScottDevereux: Don't worry about it
  48. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Should I stand here sis?
  49. NicholeDevereux: Yes
  50. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Ok
  51. ScottDevereux: I'm getting a headache
  52. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Im wearing a black dress๐Ÿ’€
  53. Guest_callmejames12: Bring a snake to a wedding??
  54. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Dw about her
  55. ElijahKafleri: *Elijah kisses his love on the lips, as he whispers in her ear* "I love you"
  56. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: She is friendly
  57. Guest_callmejames12: How classy
  58. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Mhm
  59. ScottDevereux: That's it
  60. Guest_callmejames12: I do it probably or not at all
  61. ScottDevereux: It's off I'm done
  62. Guest_callmejames12: No pets
  63. Guest_Chee44: :(
  64. ScarBlackHeart: o..o
  65. ScottDevereux: I'm leaving the room
  66. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: She is not a pet dear
  67. ScarBlackHeart: Scott hunny
  68. Guest_callmejames12: I'm done fuck it
  69. ScottDevereux: Me to
  70. ScarBlackHeart: breathe
  71. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Oh god
  72. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Sigh  here we go again
  73. Guest_callmejames12: If ppl dont wanna listen then fuck it
  74. NicholeDevereux: Sis, can you get rid of the snake please
  75. ScarBlackHeart: you're anxious
  76. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Fiinnne
  77. Guest_callmejames12: I'm gone
  78. ScottDevereux: Me to
  79. Guest_Chee44: - stands next to daddy-
  80. Guest_callmejames12: Peace out
  81. ScottDevereux: I'm sorry sweetie
  82. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Aww auntie looks adorable
  83. Guest_callmejames12: Poof
  84. ScottDevereux: But I'm going
  85. NicholeDevereux: Nooooo
  86. Guest_Chee44: - holds up my arms-
  87. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Aww you look soo handsome nephew
  88. NicholeDevereux: Omg!!!
  89. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: No you do ^^
  90. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
  91. Guest_Ivy128823: Why did he left?
  92. ScarBlackHeart: -smiles at elijah and kisses him back sweetly whisoering back- i love you too
  93. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: It's not your fault auntie ^^
  94. ScarBlackHeart: he's probably just stressed out
  95. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Ik dear
  96. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Yep he is
  97. Guest_Chee44: Should I go
  98. NicholeDevereux: Nooo
  99. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Is the wedding really off?
  100. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: I wonder how long will he continue to let us wait
  101. NicholeDevereux: Normie, please just stop!!!
  102. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: ok
  103. ScarBlackHeart: he's probably just taking a small break
  104. Guest_Chee44: - try not to cry -
  105. ScarBlackHeart: don't worry Nichole he'll come back
  106. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Why does that james guy have a problem with the snake
  107. NicholeDevereux: Hold on sis
  108. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Mhm
  109. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: I donโ€™t like james now
  110. NovaKnightmare: 0-0
  111. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: So how was your day auntie ?
  112. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Pretty bad ngl
  113. Guest_callmejames12: Queen tou fuck wit
  114. Guest_callmejames12: Shush
  115. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Hm?
  116. ScottDevereux: Now u not going to like me
  117. ScottDevereux: Now shut the fuck up
  118. ScarBlackHeart: ??
  119. Guest_callmejames12: Talking about me behind my back
  120. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Mhm
  121. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: And?
  122. ScottDevereux: U want to leave queen
  123. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Donโ€™t tell me what to do dear
  124. Guest_callmejames12: Your fucked little kid see you irl
  125. ScarBlackHeart: i'm confused x..x
  126. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: ๐Ÿ˜‚
  127. Guest_callmejames12: Tracking ip now
  128. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: This guuuyyy๐Ÿ˜‚
  129. ScottDevereux: Queen
  130. ScottDevereux: Shut the fuck up
  131. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: What
  132. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Welcome back nother
  133. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Mother*
  134. Guest_callmejames12: Nichole
  135. ElijahKafleri: Wb bbg
  136. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: -sits down-
  137. NicholeDevereux: Sis, I gifted you the dress and shoes. Please put them on.
  138. ScottDevereux: I'm going to call off the fucking wedding
  139. Guest_callmejames12: That Nate person I have tracked him down like you asked me to
  140. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Ok sis
  141. Guest_octoberbaby15: Nichole ur sister quite the person huh talking behind james back
  142. Guest_callmejames12: I know everyone about him
  143. NicholeDevereux: Sheโ€™s changing
  144. NovaKnightmare: why u calling off the wedding
  145. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: I just hate it when people tell me to do something
  146. ScottDevereux: I'm done it done
  147. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Donโ€™t take it personal
  148. ScottDevereux: Shut the fuck up
  149. Guest_octoberbaby15: Exuse me but nichole told u to take it off too queen
  150. Guest_callmejames12: Queen go be a slave somewhere else
  151. ElijahKafleri: Wth Scott
  152. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: And I listen to her
  153. NovaKnightmare: smh boot the people whos causing probs and enjoy ur wedding
  154. ScottDevereux: That's it I'm going
  155. Guest_callmejames12: Lol
  156. NovaKnightmare: ur only hurting the person ur going to marry
  157. ElijahKafleri: Scott stop
  158. ScottDevereux: I can't be assed with this
  159. Guest_Chee44: Stands next to daddy
  160. NovaKnightmare: and thats my sister
  161. ScottDevereux: No I'm not letting same bitch talk to my brother like that
  162. ElijahKafleri: What did i tell you about running
  163. NicholeDevereux: Everyone in their places please
  164. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Oh scott
  165. ScottDevereux: I'm not letting it
  166. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Sis
  167. Guest_Chee44: Sorry grandpa
  168. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Can we talk
  169. Guest_octoberbaby15: Exactly she shouldnt be running her mouth off at a wedding
  170. NicholeDevereux: I didnโ€™t hear what was said
  171. ScottDevereux: Oh Soctt go fuck off
  172. Guest_callmejames12: Queen shush all you do is be hitmen on ppl
  173. NovaKnightmare: so ur gonna let someone talking ruin ur wedding
  174. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: James
  175. Guest_callmejames12: Shush
  176. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Donโ€™t let me describe you
  177. Guest_callmejames12: Muted chat
  178. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Mhm ok big guy
  179. Guest_callmejames12: Kiddo plz
  180. ElijahKafleri: Everyone sit down and shut up this is Scott and Nicholes weeding this can fucking wait til tomorrow to deal with
  181. Guest_callmejames12: Your nothing
  182. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: And what are you?
  183. Guest_callmejames12: Your nothing be an rp
  184. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Oh I know
  185. Guest_callmejames12: I deal irl
  186. ScottDevereux: I can't be assed
  187. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Can we all take a deep breath and continue  the wedding I think there's been really enough drama going on lately
  188. Guest_callmejames12: You deal in game
  189. ScottDevereux: Now
  190. NovaKnightmare: why couldnt this wait
  191. NovaKnightmare: should have respect for the wedding
  192. ScottDevereux: See you after guys
  193. Guest_callmejames12: Pussy ass nigga knows shit
  194. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Your probably a heroine addict irl
  195. NovaKnightmare: leave ur problems at the door
  196. NovaKnightmare: or get the fuck out
  197. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Acting all โ€œoh I can track you this thatโ€
  198. ScottDevereux: I'm leaving the fucking room
  199. NovaKnightmare: 2 options
  200. Guest_callmejames12: Tomorrow I'll get your address
  201. Guest_octoberbaby15: Nova queen was the one who started it she ruined the wedding by running her bitchy mouth
  202. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Go ahead pussy
  203. Guest_callmejames12: Then we will see
  204. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Come to me bitch
  205. Guest_callmejames12: Pussy ass bitch
  206. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Says you
  207. Guest_callmejames12: Kid your nothing irl
  208. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Heroine crack head
  209. ScarBlackHeart: oh my gosh
  210. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Thats all you are
  211. Guest_callmejames12: Just coz your do that shit
  212. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Oh ok
  213. ScarBlackHeart: can you all not make this about yourselves
  214. Guest_callmejames12: Dont put me into the same as you dumb fuck
  215. ScarBlackHeart: this is suppose to be about scott and nichole
  216. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: I have the best life I cam ask for cunt
  217. Guest_callmejames12: Lol kiddo plz
  218. NovaKnightmare: yup it is
  219. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Im a rich bitch with loads of shit I love
  220. NovaKnightmare: ur right scar
  221. Guest_octoberbaby15: Yeah well u can blame queen for that scar
  222. NicholeDevereux: Can we please stop this!!! Itโ€™s my wedding day!!! OMG!!!
  223. Guest_callmejames12: Who?
  224. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Can we do this before the wedding ends?
  225. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: James started it love
  226. callmejane123: Scott logged off
  227. NovaKnightmare: Sister ...
  228. Guest_callmejames12: Money is nothing
  229. NovaKnightmare: its ur room?
  230. ScarBlackHeart: QUEEN AND JAMES!! cant you see what you two are doing ffs
  231. Guest_Chee44: Mommy I am trying not to cry but I feel bad
  232. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: He is the one who told me to tale the snake away
  233. NovaKnightmare: boot the person
  234. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Bitch money is everything ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  235. ScarBlackHeart: Take the agrument somewhere else!!! NOT A WEDDING!!
  236. NicholeDevereux: Sis!!! Stop this or leave!!!!
  237. Guest_GoddessOfDarkness4: Im out go sniff some coke james
  238. Guest_callmejames12: Lol
  239. ElijahKafleri: Smh
  240. ScarBlackHeart: nichole hunny im sorry
  241. ElijahKafleri: I'm sorry bbg
  242. Guest_callmejames12: Fucking cunt start on my ass
  243. ScarBlackHeart: this day should be about you and scott
  244. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: where did father go?
  245. NicholeDevereux: -sits in the pew and cries-  It never fails
  246. Guest_Smilethemockingbird: Oh  welcome back father
  247. Guest_Chee44: - trys not to cry
  248. ElijahKafleri: This day still will be about them love
  249. Guest_callmejames12: Nichole
  250. Guest_callmejames12: I have that info you wanted
  251. NicholeDevereux: Yes James
  252. Guest_callmejames12: About that dude
  253. Guest_callmejames12: I'll talk more in my room
  254. ScarBlackHeart: -nods- now that tension is down and one is gone let's all focuse
  255. Guest_callmejames12: Me you and scott
  256. Guest_callmejames12: And who ever else
  257. NicholeDevereux: Can we do that later? Right now I would like to marry my love?
  258. Guest_Chee44: Daddy
  259. ElijahKafleri: Yes please and let's get this wedding started
  260. Guest_callmejames12: I'm just saying we will talk later
  261. ScottDevereux: Hey sweet
  262. NicholeDevereux: Ok
  263. Guest_callmejames12: Is chee
  264. Guest_Chee44: Daddy are u mommy g
  265. Guest_callmejames12: Nvm
  266. Guest_callmejames12: Lol
  267. Guest_Chee44: Going to marry
  268. ScottDevereux: Goes to my little girl and picks her up
  269. Guest_callmejames12: Sorry I was not looking
  270. Guest_Chee44: - tears fall cuz I couldn't hold my tear-
  271. ScottDevereux: Come on u can stand by me
  272. Guest_Chee44: Ok daddy
  273. Guest_octoberbaby15: So are we going to do this wedding?
  274. Guest_callmejames12: Just give me 5 mins to calm my ass down before I do something really dumb of me
  275. Guest_octoberbaby15: Ok babe
  276. Guest_Chee44: Sissy ivy ur so pretty
  277. NicholeDevereux: Ok, thatโ€™s fine
  278. NicholeDevereux: Iโ€™m missing my Chloe
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