AGDQ18 recap

Jan 15th, 2018
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  1. Hey another one of these. This was my 8th GDQ overall, goddamn.
  3. This is also probably the first GDQ where I spent most of my time doing stuff with other people. Usually I would hang out in the food room with a portable system and watch the stream from there, but it was a bit tough this year due to that projector not having a speaker until like the last day (so you couldn't hear anything) and the board games being moved to that room (so you still couldn't hear anything)
  5. Sunday was Golden's video game Quiz Bowl, and while Team Oldboiz got knocked out in round one, it was a blast to participate in and listen to. I even answered two things correctly!
  6. Tuesday was the Wario's Woods tourney, and I honestly don't remember how that went since it was so early in the week, oops.
  7. Wednesday was PPL tourney, and I remember knocking some poor guy out right away before getting bodied by the rest of my group. Also had the team Girls on Fire lunch trip this day which was super nice to hang out with the girls and chat about team plans for 2018.
  8. Thursday was my longest day due to awful block and a volunteer shift, but I still made it to the Yoshi's Cookie BAKERS BLITZ and took FOURTH PLACE YEEEAH! Pic of top four: https://twitter.com/concavetriangle/status/951629573921394689
  9. Friday was the PS1 Mystery Tourney, which I didn't get to stay for the entirety of, but got to play two very interesting games (Rescue Shot and some Gundam fighting game). Shasta and Lynxwinters(I think) got to play Chocobo Racing which I provided, and I believe Digimon Rumble Arena and Inuyasha were also played (which I brought but cavemandcj also owned). Also I went to the LTTP Rando Community Awards and Dinner which was another nice little trip outside of the hotel. The trophies that people got were cute.
  11. In general I ended up hanging around people a lot more. Met a lot of new people at brekkist, chilled with people in the casual room playing rhythm games, puzzle games, and even showing off my own speedgames.
  13. Runs I liked: Splatoon 2, Prinny 2, Wario's WOOOOODS, DKC1 RBO, Fire Emblem 8, all of Awful Block (but especially Arabian Nights, Enviro-Bear, Titenic, and Athena), LTTP Rando
  14. Runs I need to watch: Strider, both Battletoads, El Matador, Deadly Towers, Dragon Warrior, Armed with Wings, TAIKER, TASBot does Monkey Balll, TASBot does Dram World 2, Punch-Out + Super Punch-Out, Super Mario Land 2
  16. Shoutouts:
  17. Team Girls on Fire - let's make 2018 great!
  18. Puzzle General crew - had a lot of fun meeting most of you in person for the first time and hanging out a bunch
  19. rhythm game people - there were a bunch of you that taught me how to play beatmania and pop'n music!
  21. skybilz: for a great first shift on donations (thanks again for the review) and for always being on the same wavelength as me :P
  22. ellaapiie: once again bringing the stroopwafels and great hugs
  23. medibot: for creating esports
  24. halfcoordinated: for supporting esports and more great hugs
  25. punchy: for learning esports and being stupid amazing at both game triva and mystery gaming
  26. cavemandcj: for having 11 pounds of PS1 games
  27. rizu and hikaru: good brekkist talk about RPGLB
  28. bobtheninjagoldfish: always being a chill cool guy
  29. phathome: for keeping me awake on the ride down. missed you on the ride back cause i nearly fell asleep like 10 times on I-95
  30. starbiits: super fun to chat to while playing puzzle games
  31. zachsk: return of the "wednesday my dudes" shirt!
  32. claris, memory, and satoryu: chill roommates
  33. my most popular tweet: https://twitter.com/kariohki/status/950051018833891329
  35. I won't be at SGDQ this year, hopefully the new location works out for y'all. I do plan to be at RPGLB, however, and look forward to experiencing a smaller marathon once again. Gonna submit MKR, Shepherd's Crossing, and hopefully GL2 if I can get a run video made this week. Look forward to weekly MKR races for a while. I'd also like to do a Strider run using the tutorial from AGDQ because #AnyoneCanStrider, get some times on the PPL and WOOOOODS leader boards, and get an actual recorded new PB in Chocobo Racing.
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