Power Failure

Feb 26th, 2013
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  1. >Day Power Failure in Equestria.
  2. >You are a robot. You have no name.
  3. >You are a learning computer.
  4. >You require no food. You have no emotions.
  5. >The ponies call your Anonymous or Anon for short.
  6. >You came to Equestria a few months ago.
  7. >The colorful p0nies were afraid of you.
  8. >Only one took an interest - Princess Twilight.
  9. >
  10. [Query]What will we discuss today Princess?
  11. >”I wanted to know if you understand love.”
  12. [Statement] I understand the concept of love. It assists with breeding.
  13. >“That’s a part, yes… Do you want love?”
  14. [Statement] We have discussed this before. It is not possible for me to feel anything.
  15. >”Nothing is impossible Anon.”
  16. [Commentary] I was not created with an emotion chip, nor do I have the knowledge to create one.
  17. >”But aren’t you curious?”
  18. [Statement] I cannot miss what I have never had.
  19. >Twilight sits in front of you thinking.
  20. >”I want to try something.”
  21. >You nod your head. She is your master.
  22. >Your metal parts begin to glow.
  23. >The princess lifts into the air. Her eyes are on fire.
  24. >What is that? Are you feeling something?
  25. [Query] What are you doing princess?
  26. >”Just stay still.”
  27. >In a moment she is done.
  28. >You run a scan on your systems. They all check out.
  29. >Twilight moves to you and holds your hand.
  30. >”Can you feel this?”
  31. [Statement] I understand that you are applying pressure to my limb.
  32. >She shakes her head and sits down again.
  33. >”I thought for sure that would work.”
  34. >You feel sad that your princess has failed. She only wants to make you happy.
  35. >Feel sad?
  36. >Feel?
  37. >What is this?
  38. >Is this a feeling?
  39. >Your processors are getting warm. Your internal fans kick on.
  40. [Reassurance] You have done something. I…
  41. 1/8
  42. >You scour your databanks for the right word.
  43. >Think? That is close enough
  44. Think I understand emotions.
  45. >She chuckles.
  46. >”Understanding and knowing are two different things.”
  47. >Your batteries are drained.
  48. [Statement] I must recharge and think about this.
  49. >”I understand.”
  50. >Your princess blinks back to her castle.
  51. >You shut down for the night.
  52. >
  53. >The next morning.
  54. >You are fully charged.
  55. >You walk into p0nyville.
  56. >Ponies trot away and try not to look you in your visual sensors.
  57. >Are you annoyed at this?
  58. “[Query] You. Little pony.“ You point at Lyra “What is emotion?”
  59. >She looks around.
  60. >”I don’t know?”
  61. >You shake your head.
  62. [Annoyance] You know. Now tell me.
  63. >”Get away from me.”
  64. >She gets up and starts trotting away.
  65. >You quickly catch up with her.
  66. [Request] I need help understanding. Please show me Lyra.
  67. >She looks at you confused.
  68. [Offer] I will give you 10 bits for your time.
  69. >You remove ten bits from your pocket and show them to her.
  70. >She pushes your hand away.
  71. >”Just for a few minutes.”
  72. >You two talk for an hour and 12 minutes.
  73. >She advises you to try getting into situations to understand each emotion.
  74. >Happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, fear.
  75. >”I guess that pretty much sums it up.”
  76. [Gratitude] Thank you Lyra.
  77. >Again you show her the bits. She pushes them away.
  78. >”Your money is no good here Anon.”
  79. >
  80. >Lyra visits you every few days.
  81. >You repay her with food.
  82. >Sometimes you play music with her.
  83. >She says it will help you understand feelings.
  84. >You play happy songs, sad songs and all other types.
  85. >The princess did something wrong. Whatever she did was too powerful.
  86. >Your mood swings erratically at times.
  87. >At first, Lyra was frightened.
  88. >Then – magic happened. She sang to you.
  89. >Everything changed. She could comfort you.
  90. >Is this love?
  91. >You never dared to do anything about it. She could never love a machine.
  92. >This continued for some time.
  93. >One day, she sat next to you crying.
  94. 2/8
  95. >Her best friend Bon Bon was sick, and the diagnosis was grim.
  96. >You put an arm around her to comfort her. You understood this was a normal response.
  97. >She looked into your optical sensors.
  98. >Her eyes burned into yours.
  99. >You had to make her feel better.
  100. >You moved forward, and hugged her.
  101. >She cried into you.
  102. [Request] Please feel better Lyra. It hurts me when you are sad.
  103. >She looks at you, and smiles weakly.
  104. >”You always know what to say.”
  105. >
  106. >Every night you search your databanks to understand the concept of love.
  107. >You accidentally found a file describing what it means to be a person.
  108. >Self-awareness. Emotion. Learning.
  109. >You satisfy all traits. You are your own person. You are no one’s slave.
  110. >
  111. >The day has finally arrived.
  112. >A knock at the door.
  113. >Your princess has arrived.
  114. [Statement] Welcome, Princess Twilight.
  115. >”Hello Anon.” She says as she trots in.
  116. >”Have you learned anything while I was away?”
  117. [Gratitude] I have learned about emotions. I now know what it is like. This has improved me. I can never thank you for your gift.
  118. >”That’s fantastic Anon.” She hugs you deeply.
  119. >”I knew it would work. I am so glad that you can finally understand that I did this for you. Now we can be together.” She kisses you gently. “I love you Anon. I always have.”
  120. >She pulls herself in closer.
  121. >”The moment I met you… I knew you were the one.”
  122. [Clarification] I know you have taken care of me, but I love a pony named Lyra. She has shown me so much these last few weeks.
  123. >Twilight pulls back. Her lips curl.
  124. >”I gave you a gift Anon. I can take it back.”
  125. [Request] I hope that you do not do that.
  126. 3/8
  127. >”Why? You were supposed to be mine Anon.”
  128. [Annoyance] I am my own person.
  129. >You feel your internal temperature rising.
  130. [Statement] I think, therefore I am. I was not created for your pleasure.
  131. >”I think you were created for me. You are the only one who can understand me. The only one who will never grow old.”
  132. >You move back.
  133. [Request] Let’s discuss this another day princess.
  134. >”I want to talk about it now.”
  135. >You shake your head no.
  136. >”You will learn to love me Anon.”
  137. >She charges her horn and blasts you.
  138. >You feel your internal parts whirring uncontrollably.
  139. >Your fans can’t keep up with the heat.
  140. >Your internals will burn up soon.
  141. >You aren't designed to deal with this power.
  142. [Fear] Please stop princess.
  143. >She lowers her magic.
  144. >”So now you understand Anon? You belong to me.”
  145. >You bow your head.
  146. >Your batteries are drained.
  147. >You need time to cool your internals.
  148. [Statement] I need time to think about this.
  149. >"Don’t take too long."
  150. >She blinks back to her castle.
  151. >You walk to your charger.
  152. >
  153. 4/8
  154. >It’s morning.
  155. >You need to slow things down with the princess.
  156. >”Good morning Anon.”
  157. [Query] You usually knock. Why did you enter without permission?
  158. >”We’re past that. I gave you this house, so technically its mine.”
  159. >You decide not to argue with her logic.
  160. >”Have you thought things over?”
  161. [Statement] I have. I would like to take things slowly. I am still unfamiliar with Equestrian customs.
  162. >Her horn lights up and she magics you toward her.
  163. >She gently places you on the couch and snuggles into you.
  164. >”You’re so cold.”
  165. >You nod. You were never designed for this.
  166. >”That’s ok. It’s like hugging a cool pillow.”
  167. >She moves your arm to hold her.
  168. [Query] Why are you making me do this? People should be able to choose their partner.
  169. >”You aren’t a person Anon. You are a thing. You have no rights.”
  170. >She thinks you are a toy?
  171. [Query] Why do you want me?
  172. >She rolls onto her back and looks up at you.
  173. >”What do you know about Alicorns?”
  174. [Statement] Alicorns have superior magical powers. They possess the traits of all three pony races. Their life cycle is much longer than most ponies.
  175. >”That’s very good. You have been paying attention to our lessons.”
  176. >She nuzzles into you.
  177. >”Then you know that I will live for a long time.”
  178. [Agreement] Yes
  179. >”How many male Alicorns are there?”
  180. >You know of no male Alicorns.
  181. [Statement] None.
  182. >”How long can you live Anon?”
  183. >You never thought about that. Your existence had no meaning until a few days ago.
  184. [Musing] If I am undamaged, I can ‘live’ indefinitely, but that is not life. That is simply existing.
  185. >You can exist in your current state for a few hundred years.
  186. >You do not know how long your self-awareness can last.
  187. >How long until your internals age? How long will your databanks stay uncorrupted?
  188. 5/8
  189. >”For what were you created?”
  190. [Statement] I was designed to assist my master in any task they require.
  191. >”I only require your love.”
  192. [Clarification] That is no longer my primary task. When you gave me emotions, I transcended my previous programing.
  193. >”So you won’t serve your princess?”
  194. >This is a trap.
  195. >If you say no, she will use her magic against you.
  196. >If you agree to serve her, then you will lose your free will.
  197. >You say nothing.
  198. >”Well Anon?”
  199. [Query] You wish to be my master?
  200. >”Of course.”
  201. [Query] You wish me to love you?
  202. >”Yes”
  203. [Query] How can someone love another if it is forced?
  204. >She is stuck in thought.
  205. [Statement] If you truly love me, you try to earn my love. You will not demand it.
  206. >”But we are perfect together Anon. Think about it. You at my side forever.”
  207. [Query] Are life partners equals?
  208. >”You will never be my equal Anon. You are a thing. A machine.”
  209. [Statement] A toy to be thrown away at a whim.
  210. >”Let’s not think about that right now. Why don’t you pleasure your master?”
  211. >She rolls and presents her marehood to you.
  212. [Annoyance] I am my own person.
  213. >”We went over this already. You are nothing.”
  214. >You stand up and she uses her magic to force you back on the couch.
  215. >”This is going to happen.”
  216. >She moves your arm toward her. Your feel your hydraulics being forced to their extremes.
  217. >You stop resisting. You need your arm.
  218. >You begin to tease her folds. It’s mechanical. You feel only contempt for this mare.
  219. >”That feels so good Anon.”
  220. >The electric motors in your fingers work in tandem to please her.
  221. >Her breath quickens.
  222. >You feel her applying pressure against you.
  223. >”Right there.”
  224. >She convulses a few times, and lets out a deep sigh.
  225. >”That was good. I knew you would come to your senses.”
  226. >You feel dirty. She will blast you to a thousand pieces if you deny her.
  227. >”Same time tomorrow?”
  228. >Do you have a choice?
  229. >You don’t respond.
  230. >She kisses you lightly, and blinks away to her castle.
  231. 6/8
  232. >This continues for some time. Each time she demands more.
  233. >Each time makes you hate yourself more and more.
  234. >At night all you think about is how you can harm her.
  235. >How you can end this suffering.
  236. >How you can go back to Lyra.
  237. >The only mare who ever wanted you to live your own life.
  238. >If only Lyra felt the same for you as you do for her.
  239. >
  240. >You stay in your charging station.
  241. >You need the extra power today.
  242. >Enough is enough.
  243. >You must stand your ground.
  244. >
  245. >”I’m waiting Anon.”
  246. [Statement] I want this to stop Twilight.
  247. >She looks at you confused.
  248. >”I thought we were having fun.”
  249. [Statement] You are having fun. I am simply servicing you.
  250. >”You mean… after all that you still don’t care about me?”
  251. [Clarification] I will not be your toy anymore.
  252. >Twilight stands up and unfurls her wings.
  253. >”Do you realize what you are saying?”
  254. >You stand your ground.
  255. >”I was thinking about letting you out occasionally. I can see now that I’ve been too nice to you.”
  256. >She charges up her horn.
  257. >”You can still stop this Anon.”
  258. [Challenge] Do it.
  259. >She blasts your left arm off.
  260. >Your processors try to send signals to it. You manually disable its function.
  261. >”Brave today. I always forget that you can’t feel pain.”
  262. >You stand your ground.
  263. >She uses her horn to beam you again. This time she overcharges your systems.
  264. >You can feel your processors overheating.
  265. >One of them pops loudly. You are down to 80% processing power.
  266. >Still you stand your ground.
  267. >She moves closer.
  268. >Another loud pop and fizzle. Smoke emits from your body.
  269. >And still she moves closer.
  270. >60%
  271. >You can’t stay like this forever.
  272. [Request] Please stop Twilight.
  273. 7/8
  274. >She lowers her beam.
  275. >”Have you decided to be a good toy?”
  276. [Statement] If you destroy me, then you will never have a chance to earn my love.
  277. >She laughs at you.
  278. >”I know everything about you. I can make a new Anon. One that is more … obedient.”
  279. >She blasts you again.
  280. >40%
  281. >She’s over you now.
  282. >The motors in your good hand have given out.
  283. >You can’t handle anymore.
  284. >You want to live.
  285. [Fear] Please stop.
  286. >”No.”
  287. >20%
  288. >Your databanks are damaged. You turn them off.
  289. >You won’t last much longer.
  290. [FEAR] Please Twilight. You’re killing me.
  291. >She curls her lip at you.
  292. >”Have you learned your lesson?”
  293. >You divert all power to your broken arm.
  294. >You can feel the electricity sparking - begging for release.
  295. >10%
  296. [Agreement] Yes.
  297. >”Good. Now give me a hug.”
  298. >You crawl up slowly. You need to save your energy.
  299. >You move your left stump behind you, hiding the sparked charge.
  300. >You embrace her deeply.
  301. >”That’s a good colt”
  302. Twilight
  303. >”You talked normally….”
  304. >You lock your hydraulics against her.
  305. I am a person.
  306. >You press your exposed wires to her temple.
  307. >Her eyes turn red. She tries to pull away, but your hydraulics are locked in place.
  308. >You feel your battery drain as you release your full charge.
  309. >She convulses against you.
  310. >Her coat begins to smoke in your death embrace.
  311. >3%
  312. >You release her.
  313. >She falls with a satisfying thud.
  314. >You look at your charging station.
  315. >It might as well be a thousand miles away.
  316. >2%
  317. >But you try.
  318. >You shut down all unnecessary systems
  319. >It’s so close.
  320. >1%
  321. >You crawl in, and hope for the best.
  322. fin
  323. 8/8
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