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  1.   ▶ ❝ Beginning of the End ❞
  3. Username: ceoseungri
  4. Password: 3
  5. Slot: the castle
  6. Back Up Slot: the rose
  8.     ▶ ❝ Don't Be Sad ❞
  10. First Name: Alexander
  12. Last Name: Kang
  14. Nickname(s): Alex
  16. Birthday: June 6th 1997
  18. House of Birth: House of Broken Earth
  20.     ▶ ❝ And Don't Give Up On Your Dreams ❞
  22. Face Claim: Lee Hyunwoo
  24. Backup Face Claim: Jota (Madtown)
  26. Height: 178cm
  28. Weight: 65kg
  30. Tattoos?: No
  32. Scars?: One on his cheekbone from the accident his parents died in and another one on left hip, after an encounter with a gang.
  34. Piercings?: Ears
  36.     ▶ ❝ Dreams Will Come True One Day ❞
  38. General Health: Fit body from working out. Not that healthy when it comes to eating well. Works out a bit too much compared to his diet.
  40. Mental Illnesses?: Self-diagnosed social anxiety
  42. Alcohol?: Only very small amounts
  44. Smoke?: Yes
  46. Impairments?: No
  48. Disorders?: No
  50.     ▶ ❝ There is no Person as Beautiful ❞
  52. Personality: Overall the quiet and mysterious one because of his shy personality. Has a hard time opening his mouth but when he does, can actually carry out a real conversation for a long time and has lots of good things to say. Talks more when alone with someone than in a bigger group but likes hanging out with a big group more because then there is less attention at him. With people he is familiar with, throws jokes here and there, some of them even being carelessly insulting or inappropriate ones. Takes care of other people way too much and is mostly nice to everyone, which may sometimes result in him completely forgetting to do that to himself. Mostly waiting for someone else to take care of him instead, as if he is not capable of doing it.
  53. Doesn’t recognize things like feelings and usually feels like he doesn’t feel anything which is the main reason he doesn’t talk about them. From outside, though, others can easily notice when he is sad, mad or happy, since his usual mood is so normal that there is always a big change. Regardless of acting like he doesn’t have any feelings, is actually pretty sensitive and gets easily hurt over the littlest things people say or do.
  54. Usually tries to avoid getting into arguments because he never knows what to say and might just end up crying if someone yells at him. When he is mad, usually just stays quiet or ignores. Doesn’t know how to get the problem solved and just waits for the other party to approach him first. Listens and watches others a lot which causes him to know pretty much everything about everyone but no one really knows anything about him because of his serious trust issues. Constantly seeking for someone to actually open up to.
  56. General Mood: “Nothing”
  59. - Working out alone to avoid hanging out with people
  60. - Hanging out with people because he really just wants love
  61. - Energy drinks and protein shakes
  62. - Listening to music (seems like someone who likes softer music but actually listens to gangsta rap)
  63. - Buying things to other people
  65. Dislikes:
  66. - Spicy foods
  67. - Romantic things, love songs/movies
  68. - Sleeping
  69. - Too loud people
  70. - Getting criticized
  71. - People who are mean to his friends
  73. Fears:
  74. - Getting judged by people
  75. - Drunk people
  76. - Saying or doing something wrong
  78. Habits:
  79. - Going on a run/walk late at night or early in the morning
  80. - Smoking
  82. Trivia:
  83. - Has type 1 diabetes and might faint if he hasn’t eaten enough
  84. - Feels like he has been living for way too long already
  85. - Dyes his hair blond
  86. - Never actually graduated from high school
  87. - Often replies by just smiling and tries to smile a lot to seem nice
  89.     ▶ ❝ As a Person Who Dreams ❞
  91. Backstory: Lost both of his parents when he was five when the whole family had fallen asleep in car and it drove off a bridge. Lived with his grandmother for three years until she died as well. After a year in an orphanage he was transferred to a foster system. Lived in a big home with over ten kids for year and a half and after it got into financial troubles he was moved to another family where there was only one kid with him. Got mistreated and overlooked there and tried to run away three times but being eleven years old, he never got far. Two years later the family sent him back to the orphanage where he spent only a month before going to another big family. When he was fifteen, the family wanted to move away and since he was old enough, he got transferred to a boys’ home which was more like a jail.
  92. Got out of the boys’ home and the foster system when he came to legal age and started living on his own. Slept on the streets for a few weeks before a buy he had met on the boys’ home offered him a place to stay in exchange some errands and loyalty for his ‘gang’. Lived there for almost two years before running away after managing to find another place to stay.
  94. Family:
  95. (parents unknown)
  96. Kim Jinmin / ‘brother’ from the boys’ home / thug / 3
  98.     ▶ ❝ A Dream You Dream Alone is Only a Dream ❞
  100. Sexual Preference: asexual/confused
  102. Romantic Preference: confused
  104. Love Interest: the swan
  106. Backup Love Interest: Pretty much anyone is fine to be honest
  108. Relationship Status: It’s more of like one-sided crush
  110. Scene Suggestions:
  111. - Alex coming in terms with the fact that he has a crush on someone
  112. - Telling about his feelings to someone else that seems trustful
  113. - That someone else revealing it to his love interest
  114. - Getting rejected/accepted, whatever is fine
  116.     ▶ ❝ But a Dream You Dream Together is Reality ❞
  118. Full Name: Kang Hee Chan
  120. Nickname(s): Chanie
  122. Birthday: June 6th 1997
  124. House of Birth: House of Flying Cloud
  126. Personality: Talks less around strangers but depending on who it is, can actually be more courageous with what he says, especially if it helps them out somehow or if it’s someone he doesn’t need to be nice for.
  128. Background: His parents died in a car crash when he was little. Lived with his grandparents ever since until he was adult and started to look for a place on his own. After getting a job and a place, moved there. His grandparents later moved to live on the countryside so he doesn’t see them often but sends them money sometimes.
  130. Occupation: convenience store worker
  132. Sexual Preference: straight
  134. Other: If anyone he doesn’t trust sees the scar on his hip and asks about it, he just says he fell with a bike when he was younger.
  136.     ▶ ❝ Keep Walking Towards Your Dreams ❞
  138. Scene Suggestions/Interactions:
  139. - Accidentally saying something stupid and getting into a fight with someone
  140. - Forgetting to have enough snacks during the day and ending up fainting because his blood sugar got so low
  141. - Getting forced to watch some extra romantical movie and really despising it
  142. - His brother/friend from past coming after him because of some money he had took when he ran away
  144. Links to any gifs/pictures I can use of your face claim??: I shortened the long links so hope it works..
  153. (bonus: )
  155. Other: Nothing :)
  157. Note to me: not sure if i filled anything correctly since I got a bit confused with some things ahahah… anyways this seems pretty interesting, I hope I can get in.
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