Anon - Rarity Goes to the Beach

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  2. >"Excuse me dear, do you think that you could spread some lotion on my back?"
  3. >For fuck's sake
  4. >If you had to rub sunscreen into the flabby bingo wings of one more landwhale...
  5. >You barely look up from the book your face is buried in when you address this chick
  6. "No thanks, I'm kind of..."
  7. >You were horribly mistaken though
  8. >Your jaw goes limp at the sight before you
  9. >Not only is the woman not a landwhale, she's at the very least a ten, do eleven's even exist?
  10. >God, her assets alone were enough to turn the head of ever straight guy in the area
  11. >But besides that, she was...beautiful
  12. >There was no other word for it
  13. "Uh...yeah."
  14. >"Thank you very was your name?"
  15. "Anonymous."
  16. >She lays down in the beach chair next to you with her back to the sky
  17. >"Thank you very much Anonymous."
  18. >You take her bottle of coppertone and start unscrewing the cap with a sweaty palm
  19. >Don't sperg out Anon, just spread some of this moist white cream on her back and...
  20. >Fuck
  21. >"Is something wrong?"
  22. "Nope, one second."
  23. >You get the lid off and look down to see that her hair is covering most of her back
  24. >It's purple, your favorite color, and flows in waves over her creamy white skin down to her waistline
  25. >The rolling pattern of her hair reminds you of the surf, and you take a moment to breath in the salty air around you
  26. >Then, with a shaky finger, you blush it aside, accidentally running the fingertip over her shoulder blades
  27. >She coos into the chair at the sudden touch
  28. "So uh, what's your name then?"
  29. >"My name is Rarity, Anonymous."
  30. >You drop a glob of sunscreen above her bikini straps and start to rub it in
  31. "You can just call me Anon."
  33. >Slowly and carefully, you knead your fingers into her skin, making sure to spread the lotion evenly
  34. >It doesn't help you that her ass is still mostly exposed, or that you keep brushing into her bikini strap
  35. >"Oh, I'm sorry dear, let me get that out of your way."
  36. >Before you can protest like a faggot, Rarity reaches around and pulls the cord of her bikini
  37. >The straps fall over uselessly, and she remains in front of you, quite literally topless
  38. >Her back nicely freed up, you resume the rhythmic rubbing of lotion
  39. >There's no way of telling how far down to go, however
  40. >You settle for somewhere in her mid-backish area
  41. "Alright then, I think you're good to go."
  42. >She pouts pleasantly up at you
  43. >"But you didn't get all the way down."
  44. >If you had a collar, you'd be tugging it nervously
  45. "How far down do you want me to go exactly?"
  46. >She bats her eyelids at you and holds up the bottle of lotion again
  47. >"Let's go all the why? Shall we?"
  48. "All the way...right."
  49. >Numb from nervousness, you squirt some more sunscreen into your hand and start spreading it along the top of her asscheecks
  50. >"That's the ticket darling, go a bit lower if you can."
  51. >Any lower and you'll have to start groping her butt
  52. >But if that's what she wants...
  53. >Hesitantly, you use a few fingers on each side to start applying lotion to her smooth white rump
  54. >There are no protests, so you use both of your hands fully to get as much worked in as possible
  55. >And then you start to enjoy yourself a little bit
  56. >You squeeze and massage each cheek, eliciting a content sigh from the purple haired girl
  57. >Her butt is smooth, soft, and firm
  58. >It's all the best adjectives you can think of, and then some
  59. >You never want to stop fondling it
  60. >"Anonymous?"
  61. "What."
  62. >"I think you're out of lotion."
  63. >Suddenly you realize that amidst your fascination with her ass, you were rubbing a pair of dry buttcheeks
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