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  1. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:40 AM
  2. Good luck with that. Syben supports antifa.
  3. rebbelToday at 1:40 AM
  4. clueless
  5. DonovanToday at 1:40 AM
  6. Syben supports much more than that he wants to throw run of the mill conservatives and libertarians in jail for "crimes against the people"
  7. SybenToday at 1:41 AM
  8. I hate how he distracts poor people with lies and then hides those lies behind xenophobic rhetorics.
  9. DonovanToday at 1:41 AM
  10. Syben strongly believes in Marxist polylogism
  11. SybenToday at 1:41 AM
  12. Nope.
  13. DonovanToday at 1:42 AM
  14. You very clearly do
  15. SybenToday at 1:42 AM
  16. I clearly do not.
  17. DonovanToday at 1:42 AM
  18. You've demonstrated as much
  19. rebbelToday at 1:42 AM
  20. it's just all from mockingbird propaganda
  21. SybenToday at 1:42 AM
  22. I clearly do not.
  23. Now move on.
  24. rebbelToday at 1:42 AM
  25. regurgitated
  26. DonovanToday at 1:43 AM
  27. Well let's see you think that people of the other side can't be rational or reasoned with so you support either 1 killing them or 2 throwing them in jail
  28. Sounds an awful lot like polylogism to me
  29. manbearpigToday at 1:45 AM
  30. I hate how antifa creates non problems out of non existent issues and regularly performs acts of hypocrisy
  31. SybenToday at 1:45 AM
  32. Re-educating them.
  33. The problem is not their logic, it's that they believe false things because they have been indoctrinated.
  34. Either that or they just lie because it benefits them.
  35. manbearpigToday at 1:45 AM
  36. Re-educate like China and kill anyone with an education
  37. SybenToday at 1:45 AM
  38. And until they are re-educated, you keep them away from society.
  39. manbearpigToday at 1:45 AM
  40. Lmfao
  41. DonovanToday at 1:46 AM
  42. Ah yes "re education"
  43. CeriseToday at 1:46 AM
  44. @manbearpig That was the Khmer Rouges I believe.
  45. manbearpigToday at 1:46 AM
  46. China also adopted the interllecusl killing policy
  47. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:46 AM
  48. Who are we reeducating exactly?
  49. manbearpigToday at 1:46 AM
  50. As well as Vietnam
  51. SybenToday at 1:46 AM
  52. Try again.
  53. DonovanToday at 1:46 AM
  54. Anyone he doesn't like or agree with @marin e. delacroix ☥
  55. CeriseToday at 1:46 AM
  56. @marin e. delacroix ☥ People who disagree with Syben.
  57. manbearpigToday at 1:46 AM
  58. It was popular among Asian communist dictatorships
  59. SybenToday at 1:47 AM
  60. Got a source for that?
  61. Or are the brainlets just going to dogpile without proving anything?
  62. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:47 AM
  63. Right now China is reeducating muslims.
  64. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:47 AM
  65. Interesting. So would you say you're in favor of China's reeducation of the uyghurs? @Syben
  66. SybenToday at 1:48 AM
  67. Absolutely.
  68. They re-educate extremists, we only imprison them and make them more extreme.
  69. You find that many Muslim extremists that get arrested here, turn even more dangerous in prison.
  70. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:48 AM
  71. :thonk:
  72. So if you reeducated right wingers they'd be more extreme and that's a good thing for you?
  73. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:49 AM
  74. I'm going to disagree with you on the grounds that "reeducation" is a violation of human rights in my estimation.
  75. an unjust violation*
  76. DonovanToday at 1:50 AM
  77. Syben doesn't care for human rights or the human death till and sacrifice needed to achieve his goals as long as he gets what he wants
  78. SybenToday at 1:50 AM
  79. Nope, re-education doesn't make people more extreme. Pointless imprisonment does.
  80. Those people need to be rehabilitated so they aren't dangerous when they are let go.
  81. @Donovan #general-chat-💬
  82. That's where banter belongs.
  83. manbearpigToday at 1:51 AM
  86. The Biggest Anti-Intellectual Movement in History
  87. Throughout history, intellectuals have been frequent targets of tyrannical regimes to suppress political dissent. But Chinese communist leader Mao ...
  89. SybenToday at 1:51 AM
  90. Focussing completely on rehabilitation even reduces prison sentences.
  91. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:51 AM
  92. Even if reeducation had the desired results of changing people's behaviors to be conducive to whatever the tended purpose may be, I'd still be against it on the grounds of being an unjust violation of human rights.
  93. DonovanToday at 1:51 AM
  94. It's not banter if it's true and you've demonstrated as much as several people here can attest to
  95. manbearpigToday at 1:51 AM
  97. The Vintage News
  98. People were killed for being academics during the 1970's in Cambodia
  99. Anti-intellectualism is hostility towards, and mistrust of, intellect, intellectuals, and intellectual pursuits, usually expressed as the derision of
  101. SybenToday at 1:52 AM
  102. Changing dangerous behaviour is a violation of human rights?
  103. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:52 AM
  104. I think we should reeducate socialists because if it's a system they think others should live under than surely they wouldn't care if it happened to them.
  105. SybenToday at 1:52 AM
  106. So you'd rather let a terrorist walk on the street and kill a dozen people than to change his behaviour by deradicilising him?
  107. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:52 AM
  108. @Syben in the manner of reeducation, yes.
  109. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:53 AM
  110. No you kill the terrorist.
  111. manbearpigToday at 1:53 AM
  114. Prisoners Tortured, Drugged, Killed by Injection in Xinjiang ‘Re...
  115. Uyghur women detained in what China calls “vocational training centers” are being psychologically and physically tortured, poisoned, and killed by injection, a former detainee in an all-female camp has told The Epoch Times.
  117. SybenToday at 1:53 AM
  118. By that logic advertisement is a crime against humanity too, tbh.
  119. KusakabeToday at 1:53 AM
  120. Ends dont justify the means
  121. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:53 AM
  122. applying social pressures to incentivize and disincentivize desire behaviors is a humane way to go about it.
  123. SybenToday at 1:53 AM
  124. @manbearpig I'm not going to read anything you link, so you should stop bothering.
  125. manbearpigToday at 1:53 AM
  126. Then don’t tell me to link shit
  127. Jesus Christ
  128. SybenToday at 1:53 AM
  129. Re-education IS applying social pressures to steer behaviour.
  130. manbearpigToday at 1:54 AM
  132. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:54 AM
  133. it's a coercive pressure, not social.
  134. SybenToday at 1:54 AM
  135. Banter goes to #general-chat-💬 manbearpig
  136. Marin, so you are opposed to any form of rehabilitation in prison?
  137. manbearpigToday at 1:54 AM
  138. No it goes here, trying to evade are we syben
  139. Can’t even argue without bitching out
  140. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:55 AM
  141. Of prisoners that have commited crimes? No. I wouldn't be for "rehabilitation" of those I disagree with.
  142. SybenToday at 1:55 AM
  143. No, it doesn't go here. Don't make me call a mod because you want to have personal fights in here all the time.
  144. manbearpigToday at 1:55 AM
  145. I’ll have the nod read above where you specifically asked for sources
  146. Get good, scrub
  147. SybenToday at 1:56 AM
  148. @marin e. delacroix ☥ And what if that disagreement is that they think blowing people up makes Allah happy and is a good way to form a caliphate?
  149. @Jules Can you tell manbearpig to keep his eternal banter in #general-chat-💬 ? He is cluttering the chat.
  150. manbearpigToday at 1:56 AM
  151. @Jules can you ask syben to read sources if he asks for them and not run from the argument?
  152. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:57 AM
  153. I still wouldn't be in favor of reeducation. It wouldn't be considered "rehabilitation" at that point, because the nature of what's being applied is not restorative.
  154. manbearpigToday at 1:57 AM
  155. He is cluttering the chat
  156. DonovanToday at 1:57 AM
  157. I remember when syben was kicked for making threats and calls of violence ah that was the day
  158. CreativeRealmsToday at 1:57 AM
  159. Days*
  160. SybenToday at 1:58 AM
  161. Well, let's agree to disagree then.
  162. I see that rehabilitation reduces prison sentences, reduces crime and aids the population more.
  163. To me that is more important.
  164. @Probably Tim Can you tell Donovan to stop attacking me and fucking up this chat?
  166. DonovanToday at 1:58 AM
  167. You're one to talk boyo
  168. You want me to be re educated and thrown in prison
  169. Don't start
  170. SybenToday at 1:59 AM
  171. Yes, keep your shittalk in #general-chat-💬
  172. Grown-ups are talking here.
  173. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 1:59 AM
  174. I would agree that in an optimal scenario, rehabilitation of those with undesirable thoughts, opinions, and beliefs would reduce crime, and despite this I would still be against it, so agree to disagree.
  176. But here's a counter question: would you be in favor of reeducation if it was your thoughts and opinions that were considered harmful to society?
  177. DonovanToday at 1:59 AM
  178. I'm sorry I don't want to go quietly to your re education camps and face jail for some ambiguous "crime against the people" @Syben
  179. SybenToday at 2:00 AM
  180. @marin e. delacroix ☥ But they aren't. That's the beauty of it.
  181. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:01 AM
  182. @Syben I'm asking if they were, would you still be in favor of it.
  183. CreativeRealmsToday at 2:01 AM
  184. The only way to reeducate people is through debate not forcing them to believe in something they don't believe in. At that point they are just pretending to agree with you so they don't get additional punishment.
  185. DichotomyToday at 2:01 AM
  186. TF is going on here
  187. SybenToday at 2:01 AM
  188. Such a hypothetical cannot work.
  189. One could even argue against imprisonment for theft with that reasoning.
  190. "Would you like to be arrested for something you like to do?"
  191. DonovanToday at 2:01 AM
  192. Syben is arguing for re education camps for conservatives  @Dichotomy
  193. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:01 AM
  194. How does the hypothetical not work? On what grounds are you rejecting the hypothetical?
  195. DichotomyToday at 2:02 AM
  196. What do you mean by "re-education?" How would that work in practice?
  197. CreativeRealmsToday at 2:02 AM
  198. @Dichotomy like what the Chinese are doing to muslims.
  199. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:02 AM
  200. @Syben On what grounds are you rejecting the hypothetical?
  201. DonovanToday at 2:02 AM
  202. He did say he out right supports what theyre doing to the Ughyrs
  203. SybenToday at 2:02 AM
  204. On the ground that it's basically a slippery slope argument.
  205. DonovanToday at 2:03 AM
  206. I'm just glad you show your true colors as a tyrant syben
  207. SybenToday at 2:03 AM
  208. Banter belongs in #general-chat-💬
  209. DichotomyToday at 2:03 AM
  210. Can you please define what "re-education" would entail, @Syben?
  211. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:03 AM
  212. It's not a slippery slope argument in the slightest. The question was if society found some of your thoughts undesirable or nonconducive to what they found desirable, would you be in favor of being placed in reeducation? @Syben
  213. DonovanToday at 2:04 AM
  214. He won't ever answer you  @marin e. delacroix ☥
  215. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:04 AM
  216. The hypothetical is self contained.
  217. There is no slippery slope.
  218. SybenToday at 2:04 AM
  219. But the people don't, so that's invalid. On the other hand we can prove that their ideas are counterproductive to the population.
  220. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:04 AM
  221. @Syben that's a descriptive claim, I'm asking within the context of the hypothetical, would you be in favor of being placed in reeducation.
  222. SybenToday at 2:05 AM
  223. You have my answer above, you can read it again.
  224. DonovanToday at 2:05 AM
  225. He knows his idea is inhumane and unethical so he won't answer
  226. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:05 AM
  227. That's a dodge and fails to address the hypothetical.
  228. SybenToday at 2:05 AM
  229. Asking it again isn't going to change my response.
  230. I address it by explaining why it's a wrong hypothetical.
  231. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:05 AM
  232. Under the criteria that society finds your thoughts and opinions undesirable, would you be in favor of submitting yourself to reeducation.
  233. SybenToday at 2:06 AM
  234. Same question, same answer.
  235. DonovanToday at 2:06 AM
  236. Why would he subject himself to his cruel tyrannical practice? @marin e. delacroix ☥
  237. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:06 AM
  238. Your answer is "but the people don't", which doesn't address the hypothetical. If I pose you the hypothetical "if people lived on mars, should we do x", responding with "but people don't live on mars, so that's invalid" does not logically follow.
  239. CreativeRealmsToday at 2:06 AM
  240. Rules for thee and not for me.
  241. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:06 AM
  242. It's side-stepping the hypothetical entirely.
  243. SybenToday at 2:07 AM
  244. Once again: Same question, same answer.
  245. DonovanToday at 2:07 AM
  246. We should move on from Syben
  247. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:07 AM
  248. I didn't ask the same question, I explained the meta of the hypothetical.
  249. Do you reject the meta? if so, on what grounds?
  250. CreativeRealmsToday at 2:07 AM
  251. Syben doesn't think he has to follow his own rules so hypotheticals don't matter as it's a double standard anyways.
  252. DonovanToday at 2:07 AM
  253. Exactly
  254. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:08 AM
  255. It does seem like you do have a double standard to you don't want uncovered if I'm being frank @Syben
  256. SybenToday at 2:08 AM
  257. I think an hypothetical like "what if we live on mars" is pointless to use as an argument because we are indeed not living on mars and thus we cannot answer such a question if it has no basis in reality.
  258. DonovanToday at 2:08 AM
  259. You haven't been here very long have you marin?
  260. SybenToday at 2:08 AM
  261. @Donovan Once again: Banter belongs in #general-chat-💬
  262. @Probably Tim @ʕ•͕͡•ʔʕ•̫͡•ʔʕ•̬͡•ʔʕ•̥͡•ʔʕ•̮͡•ʔ @Armenian Power @Cap'n Crimea
  263. Tell the guy to fuck off please?
  264. @Dooby @Fonzo You too.
  265. DonovanToday at 2:09 AM
  266. Calling mods for me making true and accurate observations<
  267. CreativeRealmsToday at 2:09 AM
  268. There isn't a hidden double standard. Syben is very clear and probably proud of it.
  269. DichotomyToday at 2:09 AM
  270. @Syben Are you in favor of the anti-halal actions taken by government officials in China? Let's talk about something rooted in reality, if hypotheticals aren't to your taste.
  271. SybenToday at 2:09 AM
  272. @Coulter I see you are online too, can you tell Donovan to cut out the personal attacks, jabs and general banter here.
  273. DonovanToday at 2:09 AM
  274. Personal attacks /=/ accurate depictions of your views
  275. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:10 AM
  276. @Syben it depends on what the argument is. I'm testing for logical consistency, so given the criteria of what you prescribe to be the case and mapping it over to you, you are in favor of reeducating those with opinions that society deems harmful and not in favor of reeducating those with opinions that society deems harmful.
  278. You are therefore logically inconsistent.
  279. SybenToday at 2:10 AM
  280. Once again: Same question, same answer.
  281. If you don't like the answer, deal with it. It is really that simple.
  282. marin e. delacroix ☥Today at 2:10 AM
  283. I didn't ask a question. That's a copy and paste response.
  284. SybenToday at 2:10 AM
  285. You are not entitled to an answer that you desire.
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