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Passimian Crest Berry Effects

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May 31st, 2020
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  1. Passimian Crest Berry Effects-
  2. Stat Berries - Respective stat is increased by 2 stages (Salac berry increases speed by 2 stages, etc.)
  3. Type Berries - Immunity to respective type for 3 turns (Yache berry gives 3 turn ice immunity, etc.)
  4. Healing Berries - Effect is continuously applied when it would as a berry (Sitrus berry permanently provides 25% hp heal when user reaches 50% hp. Iapapa berry permanently provides 50% heal when user reaches 25% hp. This effect only activates once per turn.)
  5. Status berries - Gains immunity to respective status (Immunity to being poisoned if Pecha berry. Outright immunity to status if Lum berry, but only for 3 turns in its case.)
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