Jul 26th, 2012
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  1. Leipzig;
  2. 200 burned 150 shot leipzig by 12 guards + 1 ss officer
  4. russian, chezh, polish and french victims
  6. Penig:
  7. Hungarian rich people. many sick; tyfus etc.
  8. german nurses help.
  10. *propaganda med smilende jenter*
  12. Ohrdruf;
  14. 4000 killed over several months. political prisoners.
  15. corpses stored in a house. ser ut som syke.
  17. "grill" of railroadtracks with lots of burnt ashes.
  19. slavelabour camp. 2 caught who tortured & killed people.
  21. crematorium 2 miles outside camp (a burnt down place with some burnt bodies)
  23. Victims; 4000 victims include poles, chezch, russians, belgians, french, german jews, german political prisoners.
  25. Hadamar;
  27. Guise of insane asylum, "systematic killing of" 35.000 poles, russians, germans mainly for political and religious considerations.
  28. "house of shutters"
  29. starved people, only skin and bones. 20.000 buried in graves(!) 15000 in gaschambers where cremated and ashes "intured"(?)
  31. thousands of records/certificates on deaths. "profession; unknown, nationality; unknown" after all names.
  33. Head nurse, man, admitted he killed people with overdoses of morphine. Up to 17 at a time died after the overdose.
  34. buried in piles of 20-24. nothing checked, nationality/if survived.
  35. 10.000 death; leaders celebrated.
  37. Breendonck; Prison belgium used against belgium "patriots".
  39. Torture ways shown, midevil, barbed wire, turnscrews, whips, "berlinmade" thumbscrew, scars of beating + sigaret burns.
  40. "crutch split, woman beaten.
  42. Hannover concentration camp. Harlin
  43. 10.000 polish men 10 months before april 1945, only 200 remain. prisoners who could walk where removed before camera came.
  44. "others left to starve and die" *propaganda*
  45. "immediat relief where given to the men" *propaganda*
  46. Red cross soup wagon.
  47. starved, tortured, many crazy. many 2 weak 2 eat/move. deaths continiue after "liberation".
  49. Arnstadt conc. camp; april american.
  50. Poles and russian, watchdogs used, starved. German civilians forced to take out the corpses after villagers removed the last massgrave.
  51. as it was to close to town and stank it up.
  53. Nordhausen conc camp
  54. Labour camp. At least 3000 political prisoners dead. Tuberkolosis + starvation. cant save the tuberkolosis victims.
  55. Poles and russian, french + other nationalities as well. 2500 unburied bodies; civilians from nearby forced to do the work. Buried in a mass grave.
  57. Mauthausen conc camp
  58. American officer, navy, senior luitenant. worked undercover in balkans for 18 months oct 1944, drop into austria.
  59. december 1st taken gestapo. non-prisoner of war. 4 months to camp close. extermination camp. starving beating and killed,
  60. 2 american officers have been executed. army officer + navy dude. gassed. gas, shooting, beating clubs, exposure naked in snow thrown cold water on you
  61. starvation, dogs, pushing over 100 foot cliff.
  62. prison uniform. number + US. Did not look as starved as the others by far.
  63. Huge pile of starved bodies.
  64. Many extremely starved living people. moving corpses.
  66. Buchenwald conc camp (HER ER DEN KJENTE FILMEN FRA)
  68. 1000 boys under age of 14 amongst the 20.000 still living (ser ut som auschwitz) in the camp.
  69. survivors = male only. in the end the deathrate at around 200 a day
  70. Nationalities and prison number is tatooed on the stomach of the inmates.
  71. Every euro nationality. It is "said" that the camp was founded right after the nazis came to power and has been used from then.
  72. Largest pop from beginning of latest war (not extermination camp) normally housed 80.000.
  73. extermination camp by starvation + beating torture, abusive labour etc.
  74. cramped sleeping, MANY diseases.
  75. Many tens of thousands of "europes finest leadership exterminated"
  76. bodies stacked outside crematorium.
  77. Used humans to test toxins etc from berlin.
  78. "Body disposal plant"
  79. Oven gives a "maximum capability of 400 bodies per 10 hour day. goldfilled teeth removed. the ovens, of extremely new design and heated by coal.
  80. "Looks like bread baking ovens."
  83. Laget av J.A TOPF & SÖHNE
  84. ERFURT
  86. "All bodies finally reduced to "bone-ash" beina er ikke brent)
  88. De viser frem lampeskjerm av menneskehud rekvirert av en SS offisers kone. Menneske hud brukt for å male på. "many of an obsene nature".
  89. 2 heads shrunken.
  91. "Forced inspection of living quarters". stench. Det er tydelig at de ikke vet hva som skjed
  94. Dachau conc camp
  95. "factory of horrors"
  96. 31-44 30k+ at one time. 30k present.
  98. Prison for political dissidents, habitual criminals, religious enthusiasts. Gigantisk leir, velholdt og pen med flotte traseer og store velholdte trær.
  99. skilt; Zentralbauleitung der waffen SS U polizei Munchen Dachau
  100. 1600 priests, alle versjoner, still alive came from germany, polen, chezch, france holland.
  101. prison trains came with more dead then alive people from camps threatened by allied invasion.
  102. people died after liberation. prisoners buried them.
  103. locals forced to see.
  104. houses stacked with bodies. starved.
  106. Lured into "showers" with towels and soap. "Brausebad" (showerhouse) fake waterheads.
  107. sionid used. gaschamber ---> crematorium.
  108. naked survivors, all ages. only men(?)
  110. Belsen conc camp
  111. 50 ss officers "bellied up" about 17.000 people and they assume to have 50% more cause of the conditions.
  112. no food for 6 days. eating turnips.
  113. cookhouses organized, guarded for "fair share".
  114. april 24. female prisoner in charge of sick.
  115. lie directly on the floor. 75% bloated from hunger.
  116. An Epidemic of typhus broke out. 250 women and thousands of men died daily. in mens camp they cut out liver heart etc to eat.
  117. no medicine, ss took all. 2 days before british troops, red cross.
  118. 2 months before (!) 250kg chocolate to children sent, 10 kg distributed, commandant stole rest and used to gain personal favors.
  119. various medical experiments. Benzine injected on all. sterilization used on 19 year old girls.
  120. Kramer, camp commandant. guards taken before they could flee
  121. starvation, sickness.
  122. "tried to cover up" bodies found in the field, clear-cut murder on "every hand".
  123. numbered for records germans destroyed.
  124. ss officers forced to dump them in massive grave.
  125. female guards forced to bury the dead. big piles. bulldozers used to "speed up" cleaning. bulldozing huge piles of human bodies into mass grave.
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