MagiReco Main Story 8 - Rena

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Rena
  3. 8.14 Rena 1
  4. Mizuna Ward street
  5. Rena: "There are a lot of magical girls around here, so why can't I find any today of all days!?"
  7. 8.14.1 (from 8.8.1 Yachiyo 4)
  8. [insert map of Kamihama with Mizuna Ward highlighted]
  9. -Mizuna Ward-
  10. [on the streets of Mizuna, Rena is searching for magic]
  11. Rena: (Zero sign of any witches nor magical girls...)
  12. (Man, and this is normally an area with a lot of magical girls...)
  13. (Why, of all times, can't I find any!?)
  14. "This pisses me off... But either way, nothing's happening."
  15. "sigh..."
  16. (Well, it's after school, but maybe I'll check out the school...)
  17. [at the gates of Mizuna Girls' Academy]
  18. Rena: "..."
  19. "In the first place, there are no students here..."
  20. "sighhhh, waste of time, waste of time..."
  21. Asuka: "If it isn't Rena-san!"
  22. Sasara: "Thank goodness, there's another magical girl."
  23. Rena: "Oh, it's Asuka. And you're... Sasara? Right?"
  24. Asuka: "pant..."
  25. Rena: "What's got you so out of breath?"
  26. Sasara: "Rather than asking questions, you should be taking shelter."
  27. "These black and white fellows suddenly appeared..."
  28. "And it seems they're indiscriminately attacking magical girls."
  29. Rena: "Wha...!?"
  30. (That's...)
  31. "Hey, those people, did they look like this?"
  32. [she transforms into a black feather]
  33. Sasara: "Yes, exactly like that!"
  34. "Meaning, Rena... no way..."
  35. Asuka: "You're one of them!?"
  36. Sasara: "Wait, that's what you thought!?"
  37. Asuka: "Out of all of things, it can only be this!"
  38. "I never expected them to get us to bring down our guard like this."
  39. "Your intention was to surprise attack us, right?!"
  40. [Rena transforms back]
  41. Rena: "What are you talking about, Asuka!?"
  42. "I'm not gonna attack you or anything."
  43. Asuka: "You said it, you're gonna attack us!!"
  44. "Sneak attacks are cowardly!"
  45. "I do not want you to refer to me as Asuka so casually anymore!"
  46. Rena: "Wh... Whaaaaaa!?"
  47. "Listen here."
  48. "Don't latch onto every little thing I say and make a fuss about it!"
  49. Sasara: "That's right, Asuka. You're definitely misunderstanding."
  50. "Rena is just transforming into them, since she's met them before."
  51. Asuka: "Minagi-san, not you too! I will not listen to you either!"
  52. "So, quietly, put on the rope!"
  53. [they get attacked]
  54. Asuka: "Wha!?"
  55. [screen wipe; we see two black feathers]
  56. black feather 1: "uaa...ah..."
  57. [screen wipe]
  58. Sasara: "They really did a sneak attack..."
  59. Asuka: "To think... you would call your comrades..."
  60. Rena: "Oh give me a break! You're such a pain!"
  61. TO: 8.15.1 (Rena 2)
  63. 8.15 Rena 2
  64. In front of the Mizuna Girls' Academy gates
  65. Asuka: "Why is Rena-san fighting against the enemies!? Ah, is this part of the plan for the surprise attack!?"
  67. 8.15.1 (from 8.14.1 Rena 1)
  68. [in front of Mizuna Girls', Rena and Asuka have transformed]
  69. Asuka: "Now, all that's left is Rena-san."
  70. [Sasara goes between them]
  71. Sasara: "Alright, stop."
  72. Asuka: "Ouch."
  73. "What are you doing, flicking my forehead!?"
  74. Sasara: "I can't watch you two fight pointlessly."
  75. "Making sure nobody gets unnecessarily hurt..."
  76. "Is part of my rescuing."
  77. "In other words, stop fighting for now. Talk it over just a bit more."
  78. Rena: "I'm glad someone understands..."
  79. Asuka: "Nnnngh!"
  80. Rena: "Still wanna go?"
  81. Sasara: "Seriously, cut it out..."
  82. [screen wipe; they detransform]
  83. Asuka: "What, they're aiming to eliminate all magical girls from the city!?"
  84. "I-I can't forgive that, Wings of Magius!"
  85. Rena: "..."
  86. Sasara: "That you accept what Rena said means..."
  87. Asuka: "Ah!"
  88. "I... I'm so sorry..."
  89. "I jumped to conclusions and caused you so much trouble!"
  90. Rena: "Ah, well, it's fine... You do that every time, anyway..."
  91. "In apology, I shall cut my stomach open!"
  92. Rena: "Okay, go ahead."
  93. Sasara: "Yeah, this is when seppuku is appropriate."
  94. Asuka: "Hah, ah, wha..."
  95. Sasara: "pfft, haha, I'm just joking."
  96. Rena: "I wasn't joking though."
  97. Sasara: "Wai-"
  98. Asuka: "Then I will!"
  99. Sasara: "Hold on!"
  100. Rena: "It was a joke."
  101. "Either way, I won't be able to explain the details here."
  102. "So can you go to the Adjuster's?"
  103. "We're going to explain everything over there."
  104. Asuka: "I see, then..."
  105. "Wait, before that, may I?"
  106. Rena: "Mm? What?"
  107. Asuka: "It seems that there's a witch near here."
  108. [they search with their magic]
  109. Sasara: "There certainly is."
  110. "Why don't we take care of it before heading to the Adjuster's?"
  111. Rena: "If that's the case, then I'll go with you."
  112. TO: 8.16.1 (Rena 3)
  114. 8.16 Rena 3
  115. Mizuna Ward street
  116. Rena: "This witch... they might have set it up..."
  118. 8.16.1 (from 8.15.1 Rena 2)
  119. [we see Ami Ria in the living god witch labyrinth]
  120. familiar: "TNOHEYNTDEONTHOENT!!"
  121. Ria: "Ehehe, a mere familiar is no match for this Ami Ria!"
  122. "Let's go!"
  123. [flashes, then fade to gray]
  124. Ria: *Bella Spiiiiiiiiiina!*
  125. [back]
  126. Ria: (My attack timing is no good, I have to reach a pose.)
  127. (All perfect!)
  128. (Even a familiar will become intoxicated with my beauty...)
  129. familiar: "NOTEYDNTHEU"
  130. Ria: "Uh, what?"
  131. Manaka: "Senpai! You're gathering too much!"
  132. "Before you think about posing, please think only about defeating the enemy!"
  133. Ria: "To think that you don't understand this Ami Ria's elegant fighting style."
  134. "Kurumi-san, what education have you had!?"
  135. Manaka: "At least I was raised more properly than you, Senpai!"
  136. familiar: "NOTEYDNTEODUNTH!!"
  137. Ria: "Kyaa! Time out, time out!"
  138. "Uncle!"
  139. Manaka: "That surprised me..."
  140. "There really are people out there who shout 'Uncle', huh."
  141. "In fact, your butt is totally sticking out like that."
  142. "You're a disgrace to the word elegant."
  143. Ria: "Shut up!"
  144. [she attacks the familiar, which dies]
  145. familiar: "NTDOEYNTOEH!?!?"
  146. Manaka: "Why don't you fight it normally from the start?"
  147. [screen wipe, we see Rena and Sasara]
  148. Sasara: "I thought she was having trouble..."
  149. Rena: "It's another busy one..."
  150. "Why are the ones I find always like this?"
  151. Asuka: "W-What is it!? I'm better than that!"
  152. Sasara: "It's hopeless to say so yourself."
  153. Rena: "It really is."
  154. Asuka: "What is it, even you, Minagi-san! I'll cry!"
  155. Rena: "Alright, alright, for now let's just help them."
  156. Sasara: "The witch is everyone's enemy, after all."
  157. [a phone rings (wait how? they're in a witch barrier)]
  158. Rena: "W-what, a phone call!? I can't answer!"
  159. TO: 8.17.1 (Rena 4)
  161. 8.17 Rena 4
  162. in a witch barrier
  163. Ria: "So many magical girls! Hey, all of you! Are you trying to steal my scene!?"
  165. 8.17.1 (from 8.16.1 Rena 3)
  166. [on the streets of Mizuna]
  167. Rena: "Well, with this number of people, of course it's easy."
  168. Ria: "For just one witch like that, Kurumi-san and I alone would have been enough."
  169. Manaka: "That's not what you should say after you get help, senpai..."
  170. Ria: "Nngh..."
  171. "Thanks for the help..."
  172. Sasara: "Don't worry about it. Helping people is in my nature."
  173. Asuka: "But I feel like this was a bit stronger than most witches..."
  174. Rena: "..."
  175. "...It might have been a witch that they raised and set up."
  176. Asuka: "They set up a witch!? And you said they raised it!?"
  177. Rena: "Oh no, I poked the hornet's nest..."
  178. Asuka: "What exactly do you mean, Rena-san!?"
  179. Rena: "I'm saying that the black and white people who attacked us set it up."
  180. Asuka: "What!?"
  181. Rena: (And anyway, those feathers from before were totally insane.)
  182. (I wouldn't expect them to give Asuka trouble...)
  183. (I don't understand...)
  184. Ria: "N-no signal!?"
  185. Rena: "What now..."
  186. Ria: "No, I was just a bit worried about another magical girl, Kozue-san..."
  187. "But when I tried calling, I lost signal..."
  188. Rena: "...Ah, you're right."
  189. "And the last call I got was from Yachiyo-san..."
  190. (Those black feathers and this radio issue...)
  191. (Kaede-chan might take others and run away to the Adjuster's...)
  192. Asuka: "So, Rena-san! What about this raising of witches?"
  193. Rena: "We'll leave that for after we go to the Adjuster's!"
  194. "I told you we'd explain over there!"
  195. "Well, uh, you... Doa?"
  196. Ria: "It's Ria! We've met many times before, haven't we!?"
  197. Rena: "Really?"
  198. "Well, invite that friend of yours to head to the Adjuster's."
  199. (Huh?)
  200. (Somehow, I'm not often this much like a leader...)
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