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Grobe Pfote (Finished)

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  1. Picture: https://i.imgur.com/hm4Lxip.png
  2. Name: Grobe Pfote
  3. Race: Ausar
  4. Height: 5'7"
  5. Weight: 120 lbs
  6. Age: 15
  7. Background: Wanted Criminal
  8. Class: Scoundrel
  9. Melee Weapon: Dagger, Cutlass
  10. Ranged Weapon: Slug Rifle
  11. Armor: Atma Armor MK. 1
  12. Shield: JoyCo Basic
  13. Other Equipment: Security Kit, 50 Rations, Survival Pack,
  14. Gear Proficiencies: Sensors
  15. Vehicle Proficiencies: N/A
  16. Skills: Knack for Success, Vital Strike
  17. Defense Bonus:+2 Reflex, +1 Fortitude
  18. Settlement Lifestyle: Primitive Rush-World
  20. Stats (the Defense Bonuses have been added):
  21. 25 Resolve
  22. +2 intelligence
  23. +4 Reflex
  24. 0 Will
  25. +1 Presence
  26. 0 Fortitude
  27. +1 Strength
  29. Class Things:
  30. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  31. Base Resolve: 25 + WIL + FORT; +1 per level after first
  32. Attribute Bonus: +1 Reflexes
  33. Defense Bonuses: +2 Reflex, +1 Fortitude
  34. Skill Proficiencies: Choose any four.
  35. Gear Proficiencies: Security Kit; any one vehicle or starship system of your choice
  36. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  38. Level 1: +2 Kack for Success, Vital Strike +1d6
  39. Level 2: +2 Scoundrel's Luck, Roguish Talent
  40. Level 3: +2 Sharp Eyes
  42. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  44. Knack for Success:
  45. Scoundrels have an uncanny ability to twist their circumstances to their advantage. Once per rest when you fail an ability check you're proficient in, you can reroll it. You must take the second result, even if it's worse.
  47. Vital Strike:
  48. When you land a weapon hit against a target within reach of one of its enemies, or against whom you have the advantage to hit, you deal a bonus 1d6 damage.
  50. Scoundrel's Luck:
  51. You have a knack for avoiding harm: whenever you fail a Reflexes saving throw, or a creature successfully hits your Reflex Defense with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the damage you would take.
  53. Roguish Talent:
  54. At 2nd level, choose one of the following talents:
  56. -Execution: When you hit a creature that's unaware of you, your hit becomes an automatic critical hit. Further, you have an advantage on attacks made against creatures that haven't yet acted in a combat encounter.
  58. -Ace Pilot: You can apply your Scoundrel's Luck feature to a starship or vehicle you're piloting.
  60. -Free Marketeer: You're skilled at moving stolen or illicit goods: you have an advantage on Reflexes (Sleight of Hand) check to hide items on your person, Persuade (Deception) check to convince others that you don't have anything suspicion on your person or your vehicle, and on Presence (Influence) checks to find buyers and sellers for goods.
  62. Sharp Eyes:
  63. Scoundrels tend to spot things that would escape anyone else's notice. You gain an Edge die on Intelligence (Awareness) checks made to search an area, Willpower (Empathy) checks made to read another creature, and on saving throws made against traps and security systems.
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