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  1. Tournoi 42 Stream Edition:
  2. Teammates: mook, fuffarin
  4. The only reason why this tourney was any fun at all was because of my lovely teammates. This tourney had literally every factor that made a tourney bad:
  5. 1. Subpar pooling
  6. 2. Terrible scheduling(RO8 on a Saturday, then QuarterFinals the next day and WE had to schedule the match ourselves ?_?)
  7. 3. Lazy/Terrible refs(Incorrect lobby names on EVERY MATCH WE PLAYED, regardless of how many times I've reminded the staff. Ref had no idea what the rules were for the tourney--in fact, no one did, since the tourney didn't have a rules page)
  9. And to top it all off, I'm 99.9999999999% sure we lost to a team that hacked. Probably one of my worst experiences in terms of tourney play.
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