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  1. ---------//Full Gay
  2. (The main characters have a legitimate relationship eventually.)
  3. >The Administration series [Dystopia/ Bdsm/porn]
  4. >Ai no Kusabi [Sci-fi/lots of porn]
  5. >At Swim, Two Boys [Historical Fiction, Literary fiction]
  6. >Brothers of the Wild North Sea [Historical Fiction/Vikings]
  7. >Call Me By Your Name [Literary Fiction/Coming of age/some porn]
  8. >Captive Prince [Fantasy/Politics/some porn]
  9. >A Charm of Magpies series [Fantasy/Victorian/some porn]
  10. >The Fall of Kings (Riverside Series) [Fantasy/lots of porn]
  11. >Giovanni's Room [Literary Fiction]
  12. >The God Eaters [Western/Fantasy/some porn]
  13. >I'll Give You the Sun [Young Adult]
  14. >A Land Fit For Heroes trilogy (Richard K Morgan) [Fantasy/some porn]
  15. >The Last Herald Mage [Fantasy/Coming of age]
  16. >The Last of the Wine [Historical Fiction]
  17. >Maurice [Literary Fiction]
  18. >Nightrunner [Political Drama/Pseudo Fantasy]
  19. >No.6 [Dystopian Sci-Fi]
  20. >Our Lady Of The Flowers [Literary/Modernist Fiction/some porn kinda]
  21. >Raven Boys [Urban Fantasy/Supernatural/Mystery]
  22. >A Single Man [Literary Fiction]
  23. >A Son Called Gabriel [Literary Fiction]
  24. >Song of Achillies [Historical/Fantasy/Greek Mythogoly]
  25. >What Belongs to You [Literary Fiction]
  26. >Wicked Gentlemen [Supernatural/Fantasy/Steampunk]
  27. >The Blood Books (known as Blood Ties because of the tv show adaptation but iirc the tv cut the gay) [Urban Fantasy/Mystery] Main character bisexual vampire, his gay lover gets his own spin-off in the trilogy the Smoke Books
  28. >Havemercy [Steampunk/Fantasy]
  29. >Liquor series [Thriller]
  30. >Exquisite Corpse [Horror]
  31. >Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe [Young Adult]
  33. ---------//Onesided Gay
  34. (At least one main character is full homo for someone.)
  35. >Broken Earth Trilogy [Scifantasy/Apocalyptic]
  36. >Doctrine of Labyrinths (Melusine) [Fantasy/Depressing/some porn]
  37. >Shattered Sigil (Whitefire Crossing) [Fantasy]
  38. >Broken Earth Trilogy [Scifantasy/Apocalyptic]
  40. ---------//Heavy Subtext
  41. (No relationship is admitted but man they pretty damn gay.)
  42. >Anita Blake [Supernatural with Vamp/Lycanthrope myth/reverse harem/tons of straight porn+canon gay]
  43. > (Robert McCammon) [Horror/Apocalypse/Cult shenanigans]
  44. >Coldfire Trilogy [Fantasy]
  45. >Good Omens [Supernatural/Humor]
  46. >Merry Gentry [Supernatural with Farie Myth/reverse harem/tons of straight porn+canon gay]
  47. >The Picture of Dorian Gray [Supernatural/Victorian]
  48. >Robot Series by Asimov [robots probably]
  49. >Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice books) [gay vampires and shit]
  50. >Brideshead Revisited [1920s-1940s Historical Fiction/Romance]
  51. >A Separate Peace [WWII Era Historical Fiction/Naturalism]
  52. >David Blaize [Edwardian Historical Fiction/Boarding School]
  53. >Horatio Hornblower [Napoleonic/Historical Fiction]
  54. >Great Expectations[Historical Fiction/1830's]
  55. >David Copperfield[Historical Fiction/Mid-Victorian]
  56. >Les Miserables [Historical Fiction/Mid-Victorian]
  57. >Raffles (Series) [Historical Fiction/Late Victorian]
  59. ---------//Memoir
  60. (Nonfiction memiors written by gay authors)
  61. >Christopher and his Kind [1930s European Gays]
  62. >I, Pierre Seele, Deported Homosexual [WWII Memior]
  64. ---------//Drama
  65. (Works written for the stage featuring gay plots)
  66. >Angels in America [History/Fantasy/AIDS Crisis]
  67. >Bent [History]
  68. >Gross Indecency [History/Oscar Wilde's Trial]
  69. >The Normal Heart [History/AIDS Crisis]
  70. >The Invention Of Love [History/Aestetic Movement]
  71. >Edward II [Historical]
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