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Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >Principal Celestia did everything she could to finish off her work.
  2. >It was towards the end of the day, and she was getting tired.
  3. >"Sister~" A familiar voice teases her.
  4. >With a deep sigh, Celestia bolts up from her chair and looks ahead at her sister, Vice Principal Luna.
  5. >There she stands, yet the shirt on her back is... somewhere else in the room, probably.
  6. >Luna huffs out her chest to boast her cleavage to the principal. She nearly burst the front of her black bra in the process.
  7. >"You do realize someone could walk by and see you, right?" She tells Luna before noticing the closed blinds on the door window. "Oh."
  8. >"I happened to think ahead of time."
  9. >"Luna, look... I know you want to have some fun now, but I'm busy. The superintendent comes in next week, and I have to get the paperwork done."
  10. >I know." Luna waltxes over to Celestia. "Was just figuring that you're very stressed out from all this work you have to do."
  11. >She trails off and giggles with naughty intentions in her mind.
  12. >She's becoming nervous seeing the blush on Celestia's face indicating that this is definitely going to happen.
  13. >It's happening now. In here. With students still in the school.
  14. >Luna don't give a fuck.
  15. >But she'd gladly take a few from her sister Celestia.
  16. >"C'moooon..." Luna hums. "You gotta releavie that stress somehow."
  17. >"Sister, please." Celestia knows how this is probably going to end.
  18. >"I can tell you're in the mood."
  19. >"That's not the point. I'm not SUPPOSED to be in the mood right now."
  20. >"Well it's too late now." Luna tells her. "The only way to get out of the mood is to... get off."
  21. >Celestia leans back in her chair and stifles a giggle in response the pun.
  22. >"Luna, this isn't funny. I'm supposed to be getting work done."
  23. >"You will! I promise! And you'll get even more done after we get rid of that stress for a few minutes."
  24. >Celestia tries to respond, but she looks up from her paperwork again to find Luna looming over her already.
  25. >She didn't even hear her approach close enough to be within arm's reach.
  26. >Thoughts about loosening that bra barge into Celestia's head.
  27. >"Sister... now isn't the best time... t-to..." Celestia's voice is softened by Luna stepping right beside her, letting the black thong peeking out from under her midnight blue jeans.
  28. >She clearly pulled the waistband up like that on purpose.
  29. >And Celestia begins to manually breathe to hide how loud it's become.
  30. >But Luna can already tell what this is going to end in, so she sits herself down into her master's lap.
  31. >Giving her the bait close up.
  32. >Putting her arm around her specially loving sister.
  33. >"It'll be quick. I promise." Luna lies through the lips she licks. "Twenty minutes tops."
  34. >Nothing further on that paperwork is going to be filled out any time soon.
  35. >Celestia's quivering hand gently but unknowingly drops the pen to move over to the side of Luna's body.
  36. >Luna lets out a cute little squeak as Celestia's cold hand meets her skin.
  37. >She grins and raises her shoulders as though shielding wincing away.
  38. >"Twenty minutes tops?" Celestia repeats her sister's words in a shaky voice.
  39. >Too excited to speak, Luna rapidly nods.
  40. >"You promise?"
  41. >The exact same nod, but less patient.
  42. >With a soft thud, the pen hits the carpet underneath the desk after rolling off.
  43. >Celestia makes no effort to pick it up. Her hands are being pulled into her sister.
  44. >Her lips are getting closer to Luna's.
  45. >They meet, and Celestia falls completely silent, forgetting what it was she was about to say.
  46. >Her voice can only moan now.
  47. >Luna's curious fingers work their way to the front of Celestia's top. Undoing it button by button.
  48. >Reaching in as soon as Celestia's not-for-long covered chest comes into full view under that striped shirt.
  49. >Celestia says a lot of things in her mind while her mouth is busy locking lips with Luna. 'Why not later? Maybe now. Definitely now. KEEP FUCKING GOING!'
  50. >These thoughts go in this order the further Luna reaches under Celestia's clothes.
  51. >And Celestia too can feel a cold hand gliding across her bare skin after Luna reaches under the bottom of her shirt.
  52. >She jumps slightly.
  53. >"Mph..." Luna looks down, noticing the front snap of her bra got caught in Celestia's top.
  54. >She feels herself become moist from the happy accident, pulling away enough to drag the top off of Celestia's shoulder.
  55. >Celestia is already stroking the sides of Luna's curvaceous abdomen, and her hands migrate south.
  56. >Fingers gliding over the front snap of a certain pair of midnight blue jeans.
  57. >Ready to discover where these thin black panty straps lead.
  58. >Celestia sighs as the pants are undone.
  59. >She lets her hands wander under the black fabric and warm her fingers in Luna's warm glove.
  60. >With a shudder, Luna lovingly endures the chill of the fingers stroking her.
  61. >The front of her bra pulled up by where it catches on to Celestia's top, soon to gat lifted behind her and fall to the floor next to the already forgotten pen.
  62. >Luna flips her hair back with Celestia's free, dry hand grope her breasts.
  63. >She leans in as she pull's her older sister's shirt up over her head.
  64. >A few moans later, and Luna is doing the same thing to Celestia as Celestia does to her.
  65. >And each woman has only one dry hand to caress the other with. The kiss more sincerely with less clothes in the way of their bodies mashing together by the bare skin.
  66. >Neither of them realize that ten minutes have already gone past.
  67. >The office chair warms up dramatically, and Celestia practically sinks into it with her Luna on top.
  68. >The fronts of the two pairs of pants interlocking as they fall closer to the knees than the waist.
  69. >As for the panties, they are easily reached around and under for access to pleasure. They're left behind to face the brunt of moisture that accumulates.
  70. >The fabric eventually darkens, following several more minutes of the principal and vice principal licking eachother's lips and indulging in a heated embrace.
  71. >Everything they do makes the other shudder.
  72. >The office chair squeaks as it rocks back and forth.
  73. >Celestia feels no remnant of stress in her mind. Nothing took its place other than arousal.
  74. >And she smiles with Luna's lips locking with hers.
  75. >Some condensation appears on the window.
  76. >Bright reddish pink covers the two faces.
  77. >There was already a thin layer of moisture on their fingers under the panties.
  78. >But the climaxes soon double down on it. The hot shock rocks through their bodies, followed by the sound of wet smooching for the next two hours.
  79. >Celestia got no more paperwork done that day.
  80. The End.
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