(FR) Dutch Ovens are mean (A-)

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. >day musical fruit in equestria
  2. >your breakfast had a little too much fiber in it
  3. >knock on door
  4. "50 bucks says it's the yellow one"
  5. >"I heard that bro, I'll give YOU 50 bucks if you don't open this door"
  6. >oh shit, Rainbro
  7. >contemplate not opening the door as a joke, but decide against it since she could be serious
  8. >technicolor nutjob bucks like a stampeding bull
  9. >open the door and let her inside
  10. "So what brings you around to my humble abode?" *squeak*
  11. >you freeze up instantly, but it looks like she didn't notice
  12. >"What, I can't come hang out with my bro on my day off? By the way, what's that smell?"
  13. >crapcrapcrapcrap
  14. "It's just... uhh supper from last night, forgot to clean up heh..." you say nervously
  15. >"Ah I get ya, I do the same thing sometimes"
  16. >your stomach rumbles
  17. >before you can do anything it sounds like the tuba section is warming up
  18. >Dash spins around immediately and gives you a "no fucking way" look
  19. >"Whoa bro, if I didn't know any better I'd say that was a challenge" she says trying to cover her snout
  20. >you lay out all your wats on the floor
  21. >accepting the challenge you two concoct a symphony of brown noises that actually shook the windows a couple times
  22. >knock on the door later on
  23. >it's yellowquiet
  24. >"H-hi Anon... are... oh dear, what is that smell?"
  25. "Oh nothing much Flutters, just having a competition with Rainbro"
  26. >lightbulb!
  27. "It's also my fetish"
  28. >"Really!?" she jumps at the thought and enters your home to join in
  29. >later that night you're sitting on your bed next to RD and Flutters who is wheezing
  30. >when she tried to get you in bed you gave her a Dutch Oven
  31. >poor girl passes out there and you decide to plow Rainbow on the bed next to her
  32. >today was a bring your daughter to work day
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