Chapter 1 - Stage 6

Nov 22nd, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: After all, that thing is the problem.
  4. It seems that he came out of nowhere and started to snipe...
  5. Griffon: Hey hey, is better to be the ones attacking first?
  6. He is just hiding and sniping, right?
  7. Constantia: Its not that easy.
  8. According to the story of Pupp Head...
  9. It was completely hidden by the iron-bugs and then it suddenly sniped.
  10. LRL: Ku ku ku. Constantia. Im disappointed.
  11. A monster like that...
  12. Even a stalker cant cant live for a long time...
  13. Constantia: What are you talking about? Stalker?
  14. Do you know anything about those iron-bugs?
  15. LRL: There is no knowledge that doesnt exist in the Akasick Records...
  16. Well then...
  17. Griffon: Can you talk to us in a language we can understand?
  18. Should I give her a little slap?
  19. LRL: No violence!
  20. Griffon: I havent even touched you yet. Just speak, quick.
  21. LRL: Labiatta called that monster the stalker.
  22. She was also attacked by that iron-bug.
  23. Constantia: Labiatta nee-san?
  24. LRL: Labiatta dominated the battle.
  25. But it was prolonged too much, she tried to do a frontal attack.
  26. But suddenly that monster appeared.
  27. Griffon: What happened?
  28. LRL: Then the monster fired a laser.
  29. Labiatta couldnt dodge the first one.
  30. I was able to dodge it though.
  31. Because she was injured, she couldnt fight anymore.
  32. When I was retreating Captain Marie was its next objective.
  33. I was told to go the lighthouse.
  34. Griffon: That is smart.
  35. It hides behind its minions and then snipes, right?
  36. Constantia: That is going to be a problem, our numbers arent high enough...
  37. There is no way to stop it if it uses that tactic again.
  38. Griffon: What about a surprise attack?
  39. I dont think its difficult to find them since they all move in groups...
  40. Constantia: If you try to resist there is no way to win.
  41. Or should we just run?
  42. Griffon: As Fortune said, there is a limit of how much you can escape.
  43. The power room and storage are not completed yet.
  44. It seems that we need a little more time.
  45. Moreover it is certain that the iron-bugs are aiming at the human.
  46. Will they come here too?
  47. Constantia: What do we do?
  49. If we cant avoid it, we have to fight.
  51. Constantia: That the only way we have... I understand master.
  52. Then, as Griffon suggested, we will give the first strike.
  53. I dont want to get shot while we only defend.
  54. Now its the time to prepare for the sortie.
  56. As soon as I gave the order Constantia started to move.
  57. It is clear that this is the only way we have, but for some reason I have this bad feeling.
  58. This is a difficult situation... Is this really the only way?
  60. Ending
  62. Griffon: Where did it go? Where is it?
  63. Constantia: Apparently we have been baited. The stalker group is in another location.
  64. Griffon: What?! What do you mean?! He is in another place?!
  65. Constantia: Apparently this group was a different one. We have to retreat for the time being...
  66. Griffon: We have been surrounded?! What should I do? Commander what should I do?!
  68. Blow the bridge and jump!
  70. Griffon: What are you thinking?! Jumping?
  71. Where do we swim? I can fly, but the others...
  73. Its fine, dont worry.
  75. Griffon: What do you mean...
  76. EH? Human?! Wow! How did you move the submarine?!
  77. Constantia: As expected of my Master... Everyone jump into the sea!
  78. The iron-bugs shouldnt be able to to chase us in it!
  79. Griffon: Understood!
  80. Pupp Head: Swimming without proper safety equipment is prohibited for civilians.
  81. Moreover, this unit cannot perform underwater activities under 50 meters or more.
  82. Constantia: Griffon, fly to the submarine with Pupp Head!
  83. Pupp Head: That is over 50 meters...
  84. Griffon: Just shut up! Ill carry you!
  85. Constantia: Come on everyone, time to jump!
  87. *Some time later*
  89. Griffon: That was really difficult. Johanna you should have said that you couldnt swim from the start.
  90. I thought I was going to die carrying you.
  91. Johanna: Ha ha! As you can see my armour is very heavy.
  92. Trying to float in the water wearing this is a difficult task!
  93. Griffon: Then you should have thrown it away.
  94. Johanna: I might be a queen, but at the same time I am also a true knight.
  95. Knights do not throw their armour. Especially the sword which is my bride.
  96. Griffon: Bride or groom?
  97. Johanna: I swore chastity for the rest of my life the moment I dedicated myself to God.
  98. Dont make weird jokes about my sword... but... my, no nothing.
  99. Griffon: What are you talking about? I feel this is stupid...
  100. Anyways, Im more surprised by you LRL, I didnt know you could swim...
  101. LRL: Dont call me by that name.
  102. Fu fu fu... Comparing my abilities with other human beings... Fools!
  103. Griffon: Isnt here only one human...?
  104. Human you are smarter that I thought.
  105. Attracting them, destroying the bridge and isolating them in that island...
  106. Were you thinking about this tactic after sending us over there?
  108. <<2 options>>
  109. Are you falling in love with me?(X)
  110. That is the case.
  112. Griffon: W-What are you saying?! Thats impossible!
  113. LRL: Ah? Your face is red? Did you really fell in love with my minion?
  114. Griffon: Ugh, Shut up!
  115. Johanna: I feel something in my chest...
  116. Griffon: Just shut up and answer me! Did you plan that from the beginning?
  118. That is the case.
  120. LRL: Fu fu fu fu. As expected of one of my minions, this wisdom. Its perfect.
  121. Griffon: Hmm... so I was right. It was planned from the beginning...
  123. *Tremor*
  125. Griffon: What is happening?!
  126. Johanna: It seems to be something wrong outside.
  127. Griffon: No way... an attack? This doesnt look good...
  128. Human, shall I scout the outside?
  130. Ask for reconnaissance.
  132. Griffon: Alright, wait a moment.
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