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Jun 10th, 2016
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  1. Could you stick to one question please? Take a look at the help section to see more general guidance on how to ask a good question on this site. We also generally prefer it if you do some initial research in regards to answering your question so that potentially you can ask a more specific question. – Steven Jeuris♦ yesterday
  3. Sure. Should I create two new, separate questions now? – user12858 yesterday
  5. Just edit this one (you can edit as often as you like, and it is encouraged to incorporate feedback you get through comments) and pick one of the two questions you want to focus on for now. Once you have followed up on this (you might need to edit it still depending on how the community receives it), you might be better equipped to ask a follow-up question later. – Steven Jeuris♦ yesterday
  7. Hi @user12858, welcome on CogSci. Did you do any initial research that you could share with us? That helps us answering the question more to your liking. Could you also tell how you came to the question and/or why you want to know it? – Robin Kramer 12 hours ago
  9. Sure. Initial research: I've found papers by Clark (1989) and Buss and Schmidt (1993) that seem to lend support to the idea of heterosexual females being more selective than heterosexual males. Motivation: I have constructed a game theoretic model of romantic advances. Within this model, it is possible to show that certain Nash equilibria are Pareto improvements upon others depending on which sex is more selective. Thus, I'm looking for empirical evidence as to which (if any) sex is more selective. – user12858 12 hours ago
  11. If you edit that into your post then it you would have a nice and acceptable question. – Robin Kramer 9 hours ago
  13. That is a lot better. I changed my downvote into an upvote. Next time you could try to make a more natural story of it, you would have a perfect question. – Robin Kramer 9 hours ago
  15. I would recommend changing the title. You are interested in papers that show any relationship between sex and selectivity, not just women are more selective than men. – Josh 8 hours ago
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