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  1. ____________________________
  2. Example apk with a generic swagname of "beermoney":
  3. ____________________________
  5. --------------
  7. --------------
  9. December 21: 3:44 am central
  11. A post to those you want more information.
  12. Long story short, a user spent the giftcards for a bulk buy right before I got to use them but after a balance check. That whole ordeal on top of many things is why I don't have motivation to continue working on DeBucked. Without a means of spreading, business is a bit slow. The app already works well enough*. The only thing that I think would be justifiable to add/change was fixing up Watch so that it wasn't done so ugly and earn an extra dollar a day. After that, additions to the app would be unnecessary. It makes enough money a day though, anymore and you'll get unwanted attention from Swagbucks. so, it'll go left as it currently stands. Sometimes, there are emails from certain people that I would prefer not to deal with everyday, but that's minor -- If any of you have ever had to deal with people all day for a job you'll understand. DeBucked was like a part time job time-wise.
  14. Some people wouldn't like me to go, but I must for now. I can squeeze in final orders anyone is interested grabbing some apks before they're gone. $10 GC, $8 Paypal. Wednesday afternoon is going to be a convenient cutoff date since I'll be without home internet for a bit start then.
  16. I'm always on the GPT related subs with my main($5 jackpot if you find me? haha) keeping an eye out for the next Lockerz to script to death!
  18. *except for some reports of the same scenario where it doesn't. The time spent debugging the problem would not have justified the few sales that I would have not lost.
  19. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  20. -----------------
  21. Current Version |
  22. -----------------
  23. 1.102
  24.     Changed some TBTV timing
  25.     Lowered Watch data usage a bit
  26.     Fixes
  27. ----------
  28. DeBucked |
  29. ----------
  30. DeBucked is an android app (emulator compatible) that is capable of automating some of the earning methods for
  31. It is able to automate:
  32. • All 6 mobile video apps
  33. • Watch
  34. • Toolbar TV (Swagbutton Watch/SBTV)
  35. • Swagcodes
  36. • Daily Poll
  37. • Hourly winner
  39. I have future plans to implement automation for:
  40. • Swagapp and Swagbutton Swagcodes
  41. • Searches (With Captcha!)
  42. • Ncrave
  44. Nice features to come are:
  45. •     Optional daily earning caps. Example: "Stop when daily goal is reached", "Stop when 400 SB are earned", etc
  46. • SB statistics
  47. • Optimization for Watch playlist order (Fastest SB per unit time playlists)
  48. • Let me know. I take suggestions
  50. The UI is pretty simple and is easy to learn. Just goto the settings and toggle what features/settings you want on, go back to enter your password (Your Swagname will be laced into the app) and click run. DeBucked will do its thing in the background and you can sit back and drink a beer. Don't worry, the "beer money" you'll be making will more than just cover it!
  52. Here are some screenshots of the app with some annotations.
  55. DeBucked is purchased on a per account basis.
  56. The payment options for DeBucked in order of preference are:
  57.     *****See top latest post*****
  58. • $15 Visa giftcard or giftcode  
  59. • $12.50 Paypal   (Paypal address:
  60. • $12.50 Bitcoin  (Bitcoin address:   12BZxapJH2AmZ2F91j4B6xnMEMF2p5Rv4G)
  61. • $15 Amazon giftcard
  62. • Request a giftcard for me to accept. The Request is to be reviewed. The main requirement is the giftcard has to be redeemable/spendable/(able to get a new set of giftcard numbers) upon being received.
  65. In case it didn't come to your mind: You could pay indirectly with Swagbucks! If you do pay with a giftcard from Swagbucks, I recommend redeeming the $15 Visa GC. (:
  67. Additional donations are always welcomed.
  68. The app pays for itself easy and fast ;)
  70. If you are interested in buying a copy of the app just shoot me an email ( with the giftcard information or tell me that you paid through paypal or bitcoin, and your inform me of your "Swagname" and I'll email back your apk file! Turn around time varies.
  72. You can inquire about a "blank" (swagname editable) version.
  74. You will receive an apk file that you will sideload (Google it) to install. The current version is 1.101. You should bookmark this page to be update on everything DeBucked related. This page will be DeBucked's "Homepage". App updates will be provided to you throughout the lifetime of this app for no additional charge.
  76. This is the only official public page about DeBucked. For obvious reasons, it isn't a good idea to put this totally out in the open. Because DeBucked lives on the "down low", it is hard to verify DeBucked's reputation without knowing someone else who has purchased it. I understand that it can be difficult to purchase something from me, a stranger on the world wide web. It's up to you to evaluate the risks and deciding whether or not to buy a copy. You should know that since this digital content, it costs me nothing to reproduce a copy for you except for the time it takes from my day. For that reason, I don't have much of a motive to not give you the product that you paid for. If you buy one, great. If you don't, great.
  77. --------------
  78. Little notes |
  79. --------------
  80. • Fresh installs are nice when problems appear. A fresh install is where you uninstall a program, reboot, and then reinstall the latest version.
  82. • Judging from /r/swagbucks, there seems to be quite a bit of unjustified account deactivations. They are mostly newer accounts. This app is to be used at your own risk, obviously. The ban rate for this app is low, real low. The less established you account is, the more likely it is to get banned.
  84. • If for some reason your logbox output shows activities being completed with large consistent periodic breaks, your phone's CPU might be falling asleep. The app "CPU Awake" is able to prevent the CPU from falling asleep if needed.
  86. • A change in the first two decimal places of the version number would indicate a [somewhat] significant update. I only bother with a quick mention of a 3rd decimal place update. If you need it, let me know.
  88. • Requires Android version Honeycomb (3.0) or greater
  89.     Requires the networking permission, for obvious reasons.
  90. -------
  91. Posts |
  92. -------
  93. •December 8th:
  94.     60 Megabytes of data for a nonstop 24 hour period.
  96.     I think it shouldn't be too hard to bring it under 30 MB a day. Under 20 might be pushing it.
  98. •December 10th:
  99.     Data usage should be a a bit less now with 1.102
  101. •December 10th
  102.     Have to go partially hiatus until next week. (Finals)
  104. •Don't go around earning $5 a day on brand new accounts... That's not wise at all. You graduate up.
  106. ---------------------------------------
  107. December 19: 3:20 pm central
  109. Fuck this guy. He screwed me over
  113. reddit usernames:
  114.         Mobbin18 &
  115.         playa18(?)
  117. swagnames:
  118.         pif18 &
  119.         raybands1993 &
  120.         TJ402 &
  121.         slimdunk88
  123. I'M DONE
  124. Not signing in to reddit or email.
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