Golden Opportunities X

Jan 4th, 2017
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  1. >You know...
  2. >It had been pretty nice cuddling with Anon and Sunset the for the first time
  3. >But that was NOTHING compared to last night
  5. >You had slept like a baby, the bed had been comfortable, you hadn't been freezing because the heating in the house was working, and since you were the big spoon you had been able to rub yourself up against your stallion as much as you wanted
  6. >It was great
  7. >Awesome
  8. >10/10 WILL snuggle with again
  9. >At that moment the sun still hadn't come up
  10. >The room was completely dark
  11. >It was early in the morning and both of your herdmates were sound asleep
  12. >You could see that Sunset had buried her face into Anon's chest and was snorting away
  13. >Anon's mouth was partially opened, and if you looked down you could see the blanket rise and fall with each breath that he took
  14. >You were wide awake after having to get up to go to the bathroom, too excited by the fact that you had a COLTFRIEND and you were SNUGGLING with him to go back to sleep
  15. >So instead you laid next to him, one hand wrapped around his chest, holding him close to you, and the other stroking his hip
  16. >Like any good alpha in your position, you were also taking this opportunity to groom his hair with your teeth
  17. >You wanted his mane to look nice and shiny after all, and you knew how stallions felt when flies laid eggs in their manes
  18. >Anon seemed to like the grooming, subconsciously wiggling backward and tilting his head so that you had more hair to work with
  19. >And work you did, smiling around your mouthful of hair all the while
  20. >When he woke up, he was going to have the NICEST mane that anyone had ever SEEN
  21. >All the colts back at the school were going to be SO jealous
  22. >You could already see the smile on his face now when he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror!
  25. >He'd probably be so happy that he'd let you kiss him some more!
  26. >You whinnied quietly at the thought, making sure to use your lips to the best of your ability
  27. >Ohhhhh!
  28. >This was going to be so great!
  29. >You had just about finished with the back of Anon's head when Sunset began to stir
  30. >She started to grumbled, shifting and wiggling while her legs brushed against yours and Anon's
  31. >One of her hands slide past the one on your stallion's hip and toward his butt
  32. >Blushing, you quickly reached down and grabbed your sis's hand, lifting it up to a more proper place on Anon’s body
  33. >Nope…
  34. >You knew where that hand of hers was going
  35. >You knew and you weren’t going to let that happen
  36. >Anon waking up with a hand touching his rump would be bad for everyone
  37. >Sunset grumbled, and her hand tried to slide back down
  38. >You, of course, stopped her
  39. >No
  40. >Bad Sunset!
  41. >Stop trying to sleep-molest Anon!
  42. >Your sis tried again and again, and again and again you stopped her
  43. >Sunset was wiggling around a lot now, so much that you were afraid that she might wake up Anon
  44. >Sweet Luna...
  45. >She must be having one heck of a dream…
  46. >The little pervert...
  47. >You were just about to reach over and shake her when she suddenly picked her head up and looked around
  48. >"Fucking gophers," she mumbled in the darkness, rubbing a half-lidded eye as she looked around. "Those are MY chocolate bars..."
  49. >...
  50. >What...?
  51. >You stopped grooming Anon for a moment to smile at your sis
  54. "You alright, Sunny?" you whispered
  55. >Sunset's eyes snapped over toward you
  56. >She blinked, her nose scrunching up, before her eyes widened in realization
  57. >"Oh... It's just you Twilight..." she murmured
  58. >You giggled
  59. "Had a weird dream?" you asked
  60. >Your sis frowned, wiggling against Anon
  61. >"Yeah, I was dreaming about these dumb gophers and they were--" she began, only to freeze in place
  62. >She looked down toward Anon's groin, slowly rolling her hips
  63. >Anon, who up till now was snoozing peaceful, twitched
  64. >...
  65. >What the heck was she doing?
  66. >Sunset rubbed herself against Anon a few more times before she grinned
  67. >"So THAT'S what that was..." she murmured, suddenly looking more alert
  68. >Slipping your arm from underneath Anon--sweet Celestia was it numb--you got into a semi-sitting position
  69. "What? What's wrong?" you asked, looking your stallion over. "Is something wrong with him?"
  70. >To your relief, your friend shook her head
  71. >"No, he's fine," she said, still grinning
  72. >She grinded herself a little more firmly against your stallion
  73. >He twitched again, his breathing growing just a bit quicker
  74. >"It just looks like our Nonny here has a case of the morning wood."
  75. >...
  76. >Morning what?
  77. "What?" you asked, looking down at his groin
  78. >"You know how mares have morning dew in the morning?" your sis asked
  79. "Yeah, of course."
  80. >"Well, guys here have something similar," Sunset said, patting Anon on his side. "Their cocks get hard in the morning. Real hard."
  83. >...
  84. >Really?
  85. >That was a thing here?
  86. >You must have looked confused because, without a word, Sunset wiggled away from Anon and pulled back the covers
  87. >"Here, take a look," she said
  88. >You craned your neck, leaning over so that you could look down into Anon's lap
  89. >There, to your surprise, was a noticeable bulge in his pajamas
  90. >Even though the fabric you could see it t-twitching...
  91. >Your face reddened, and you tore your gaze from your stallion's crotch to look back up at your sis
  92. >Sunset was giving you a cheeky grin
  93. "...It just gets hard like that?"
  94. >"Yep."
  95. "All the time?"
  96. >"Most of the time; especially when a guy sleeps with someone."
  97. "All guys?"
  98. >"A lot of them; most of the ones I've slept with anyway."
  99. >The blush on your face deepened just a bit as you looked back down at Anon's cloth-covered stallionhood
  100. >You might not have ever BEEN with a stallion in any capacity, but you had heard stories from the girls
  101. >Colts NEVER popped out of their sheaths unless they wanted to
  102. >It was never an accident, and you had never heard about them subconsciously doing it unless it was mating season
  103. >In fact, when no one was it heat, it was a MOTHERBUCKER getting a colt to put out...
  104. >You pressed yourself against Anon, leaning down to get a better look
  105. >But Anon here was hard
  106. >Hard enough that he was TWITCHING...
  107. >And then there had been that whole fiasco with you sitting in his lap…
  108. >Breathing through your nose, you also got a whiff of stallion… arousal
  109. >A very… potent whiff
  110. >...
  111. >Wew...
  112. >Your mouth suddenly very dry
  115. >A warmth came to your belly, which began to make its way between your legs
  116. >You rubbed your thighs together, clearing your throat
  117. "S-So what do t-they do about it?" you asked. "The m-morning wood I mean?"
  118. >"Pretty much the same things we do when we're soaked," Sunset said, throwing the blanket back over the three of you when she saw Anon start to squirm. "If they're single they're either ignore it, grind against things until they go soft, or jerk off in the shower or their bed; stuff like that."
  119. >You gulped
  120. "W-What if they have a marefriend?" you questioned
  121. >Sunset's smile took a teasing edge to it
  122. >"How come, Twi? You thinking of ways to give our stallion here a good morning present?" she asked, leaning up so that she could rub her nose against yours
  123. >You shied away, your nose scrunching up in embarrassment
  124. "I'm j-just asking for future r-reference," you insisted, slipping an arm around Anon and pulling him back against you
  125. >...
  126. >Sweet Celestia was he warm…
  127. >And that SMELL...
  128. "Being e-erect like that can't b-be comfortable, and as a-alpha I need to make sure o-our stallion is happy and h-healthy."
  129. >Sunset quietly giggled, propping herself up with an arm
  130. >"What would YOU want a stallion to do for you in the morning if your marehood was soaked?" she questioned
  131. >You'd want to wake up and throw off your covers to see his tongue buried inside of you
  132. >You'd want him to lick and nuzzle and suck until you couldn't breathe
  133. >You'd want him to keep going until your orgasm came crashing through you, and you'd want him to keep going until you were a squirming, moaning mess
  134. >After that you'd want to roll him on his back and ride him until the two of you were senseless and your bedsheets were ruined
  135. "I-I'd want a good morning kiss," you mumbled, nuzzling the top of Anon's head
  136. >Sunset leaned toward you
  137. >"Really?" she asked, obviously not believing a word that you said
  140. >Rubbing your thighs together a little more firmly, you nodded
  141. "Y-Yep."
  142. >You forced yourself to look up at your herdmate
  143. "A good kiss though," you clarified, not wanting to look like a chump. "T-The kind where we mess up the bed c-covers and we're really breathing hard a-after it..."
  144. >That answer seemed to be a little bit better, because Sunset nodded
  145. >"I could see wanting something like that," she allowed, leaning away from you a bit. "If I was Anon I wouldn't say no to getting a nice Prench kiss from a cute little dork like you."
  146. "You're a d-dork," you grumbled, giving your sis a little shove
  147. >She giggled, poking your side, which, in turn, caused you to giggle
  148. >"Something like that might be better for when we're all at breakfast though," she continued. "You don't want to stick your tongue in a stallion's mouth when the two of you have morning breath."
  149. >...
  150. >Yeah...
  151. >You could see that...
  152. >You nodded in agreement at your friend's wisdom, filing that away in the back of your mind
  153. >As you did that, Sunset's blue eyes were scanning your face
  154. >"You've never kissed a colt until yesterday, right Twi?" she asked
  155. "No I haven't," you answered automatically
  156. >"So you've never given anyone a Prench kiss before?"
  157. >...
  158. >Of course you haven't
  159. >If you've never KISSED a stallion you most certainly haven't stuck your TONGUE into their mouth!
  160. >Why would she--
  161. >...
  162. >O-Oh right...
  163. >How were you going to greet your stallion with a really good good morning kiss if you didn't even know how to?
  166. >You deflated
  167. "No, I haven't," you admitted with just a bit of shame, looking down at Anon. "B-But I'm sure that it's not that hard to--thmp!"
  168. >Sunset leaned forward, closing the distance between the two of you
  169. >She grabbed your chin and, before you realized what was happening, pressed her lips against your
  170. >Whatthebuck?!
  171. >Your eyes widened in alarm as, without warning, your sis's tongue slipped into your mouth
  172. >You tried to scramble away but your herdmate held you in place firmly
  173. >Her tongue teased the inside of your mouth, tracing the tops of your teeth and tickling your lips before sliding up against your tongue
  174. >Gasping into Sunset's mouth you tried to pull your tongue away from hers, but that only caused her to deepen the kiss
  175. >Your legs clenched hard as the tip of her tongue slid around the edges of your wet muscle
  176. >Whatthebuckdidshethingshewasdoing?!
  177. >You twitched as Sunset's tongue began to properly tangle with yours
  178. >...
  179. >She...
  180. >She was a good kisser, you realized...
  181. >She knew exactly how to make a kiss feel nice
  182. >All of the mechanics and whatnot
  183. >And, despite yourself, your body began to respond
  184. >You tongue stopped trying to get away from Sunset's, instead taking her head-on
  185. >You also pressed yourself forward, mashing your lips against hers
  186. >Your tongue-work was, of course, a little awkward since you had no idea what you were doing
  187. >Because of that, even though you were trying your hardest, you were no match for your more experienced sis
  188. >Sunset's tongue ran circles around yours
  189. >No matter what you did to force her tongue back into her mouth she would counter it
  190. >Her wet muscle would tease a particularly sensitive spot, leaving you gasping
  191. >She'd pull her tongue away to tease your lips, which left you light-headed every single time she did it
  194. >As time went on your breathing started to get a little ragged
  195. >You found yourself getting lost in the kiss
  196. >You began to enjoy the taste of Sunset's tongue and her mouth
  197. >You liked how her lips felt against yours
  198. >One of Sunset's hands grabbed the back of your head
  199. >You groaned, your eyelids fluttering as your tongue lapped at your herdmate's
  200. >...
  201. >S-Shit...
  202. >Mom might have been right...
  203. >You were about to consider crawling over Anon so that you could REALLY get at your sis when Sunset broke the kiss
  204. >The second that you felt her tongue leaved your mouth you tried to follow her, mashing your teats against Anon's head in the process
  205. >A trail of saliva connected you and Sunset
  206. >You were breathing hard, that warmth in between your legs having become a inferno
  207. >Sunset, giggling breathlessly, her face just a little bit flushed, smiled at you
  208. >"If you do something like that to Nonny here I'm sure that he'll like his good morning present," she said, licking her lips
  209. >She then reached over and gently closed your mouth before laying back down onto the bed, pressing Anon's face into her teats, and closing your eyes
  210. >Like sticking your tongue down another mare’s throat was just a normal, everyday thing for her
  211. >You continued to look at her in bewilderment, unable to catch your breath
  212. >Why--
  213. >What did she--
  214. >How--
  215. >...
  216. "You're a dyke, Sunny..." you grumbled
  217. >"You love it, Twi," Sunset retorted, sighing to herself as she rubbed your stallion's nose back and forth between her breasts
  218. >You frowned as hard as you could
  219. >...
  220. >Buck…
  221. >Your panies were soaked...
  224. >The first thing you noticed when you began to wake up was the smell of peaches and vanilla
  225. >An odd combination but it worked pretty well, you found
  226. >The next thing was that your face was buried in something soft and warm and there was a fleshy, nubby thing was rubbing against your cheek each time that the soft and warm thing rose or fell
  227. >Since you weren’t awake enough to rationally think, you instead relied on the lizard part of your brain to find out what it was
  228. >Eyes still closed, you sleepily nuzzled your face into the two warm pillows that they were buried between
  229. >Your mouth partially opened, and with each nuzzle you tried to grab onto the little nub
  230. >Animals inspected things with their mouths all the time
  231. >You were an animal, so it only made good sense that you'd try to do it too
  232. >If it was good enough for a tiger or elephant, it was good enough for you, dammit!
  233. >It took some work, but you managed to grab the nub on the fourth pass with your teeth
  234. >Above you, someone let out a sigh
  235. >You, too busy mystery-solving, ignored the noise
  236. >Instead, you wrapped your lips around the nub
  237. >Making sure that it was securely in your mouth you began to tease it with your tongue
  238. >Again someone let out a sigh, and again you ignored it, focused on your task
  239. >This was for science
  240. >For the future of mankind even!
  241. >Since you didn't want to damage this anomaly in any way, you were gentle
  242. >Your tongue circled around the nub, across it, and every which other way
  243. >...
  244. >It felt fleshy alright...
  245. >And right around the edges you could feel little bumps…
  246. >...
  247. >The nub wasn't very big...
  248. >Maybe the size of a penny..
  249. >After that whatever you licked felt different
  250. >It felt smooth then
  251. >There was a springiness to it, and a very slightly, almost unnoticeable pulse
  252. >Like skin almost...
  253. >Eyes still closed, your brow furrowed
  254. >What the heck was this thing...?
  257. >Your half-asleep mind carefully milled it over
  258. >...
  259. >Nope
  260. >You don't have any idea what the hell is in your mouth right now
  261. >Further investigation was required...
  262. >Still making sure not to damage whatever it was, you have it a gentle suckle
  263. >It didn't pop off the pillow or anything like that
  264. >In fact, it seemed to have a little give in it
  265. >Hmm...
  266. >What a little mystery this was...
  267. >Your tongue slid across it a few more times
  268. >Yep...
  269. >That was a fleshy thing alright…
  270. >...
  271. >Was it getting a bit bigger the more you sucked on it?
  272. >It wasn't getting BIG, more like firmer and--
  273. >...
  274. >...
  275. >...
  276. >Wait...
  277. >Your eyes snapped open,
  278. >Blinking owlishly, you looked to see that your face was pressed between…
  279. >Boobs?
  280. >As you did that someone above you let out a quiet groan
  281. >They shifted against you, rubbing their legs together
  282. >And how did you know that they were rubbing their legs together, what with your face blocked on all sides by flesh?
  283. >Well, that was really simple
  284. >You knew that they were rubbing their legs together because you had a very bad case of morning wood; the kind where you'd probably need to toss out the underwear that you were using because you were leaking so much
  285. >But not only were you as hard as a rock, but half of your cock found itself wedged in between something
  286. >Something that felt warm and smooth even through your underwear and pajamas
  287. >A pair of legs; around the thigh area if you had to guess
  288. >Another, slightly louder groan escaped from your brand new girlfriend Sunset
  289. >She squirmed against you, rubbing her thighs sokjfbkjdbskjbkj!
  292. >A wave of pleasure that you hadn't noticed until now hit you like a truck
  293. >Your cock twitched hard, and your eyes widened when you felt a spurt of pre firing into your underwear
  294. >You buried your face in between the mounds of flesh as deeply as you could to muffle your groan
  295. >You could feel it now...
  296. >ALL of it...
  297. >Your boxers were a sticky mess and your balls HURT
  298. >It felt exactly the same as that one time when you had spent all day edging yourself when your parents had gone out to a mud wrestling competition, except a MILLION TIMES WORSE
  299. >Sunset's now rock hard nipple--nipple, that's what it was-- brushed against your face as Sunset let out another sigh
  300. >She shifted again, making you squeak
  301. >You were so close, you realized with a pang of dread
  302. >Your cock was so hard that you could feel it pulsing with each heartbeat and your balls were so full of cum you swore you could heard them sloshing
  303. >Why the hell hadn't you noticed that before?!
  304. >How long had you had your dick between her thighs?!
  305. >Had she been rubbing her legs together all night?
  308. >NOW LOOK AT HER!
  309. >Sunset's thighs tightened around your length
  310. >You shut your eyes tightly and gritted your teeth hard
  311. >You were going to lose it
  312. >She was so warm, her grip on you was so tight
  313. >A-And you were pretty sure that you were rubbing...
  314. >...
  315. >Don't think about it...
  316. >Don't think about it...
  317. >If you don't think about it you won't unload in your pants like some fucking loser
  318. >...
  319. >If you haven’t already done that while you were sleeping anyway...
  320. >You're fine…
  321. >FINE...
  322. >Forcing yourself to untense, you took a few deep breaths
  323. >Sunset sighed, nuzzling the top of your head
  326. >Alright...
  327. >All you needed to do was reach down and pull yourself out from between her legs
  328. >As long as she stopped MOVING you'd be alright
  329. >Your underwear might be ruined, but at least you'd have some of your dignity intact
  330. >...
  331. >You think...
  332. >Slowly, so as not to disturb the woman holding you, you lifted your face from between her breast
  333. >Not looking at those big, perky, wonderful mounts of awesome, and most certainly not eyeing her nipples
  334. >You couldn't do that
  335. >If you did that you'd start sucking her nipple and--
  336. >Sunset's grip on your cock tightened, stealing your breath away
  337. >Before you could stop yourself, your hips jerked roughly, burying your maleness into that tightness to the base
  338. >Choking back a scream, you buried your face back into Sunset's tits and closed your eyes
  339. >You could feel her arms wrapped around you
  340. >There were also another pair of arms; Twilight's arms
  341. >Your back was pressed up against Twilight
  342. >Those two soft lumps resting on your back were her breasts
  343. >That warm, moist air blowing over the back of your neck was her breathing
  344. >...
  345. >Don't cum!
  346. >Please don't cum!
  347. >PleasepleasepleasePLEASE!
  348. >You squirmed wildly as your cock throbbed again, thinking of anything other than cumming
  349. >Your grandma naked...
  350. >A bloated, maggoty corpse...
  351. >Someone kicking a puppy...
  354. >Having two beautiful women pressed up against you with--
  355. >NO!
  358. "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
  359. >Another spurt erupted from your length, and it took everything that you had on to buck your hips
  360. >Above you, Sunset's face contorted cutely
  361. >She nuzzled the top of your head before opening her mouth and nomming your hair
  362. >...
  363. >What was with that?
  364. >A horsey snort escaped her lips, and without warning her thighs loosened from around your length
  365. >You gasped, finally able to breath, your body going limp as oxygen returned to your lungs
  366. >Oh sweet Jesus on a dirt bike thank you, thank you, thank you...
  367. >Pressing your forehead again Sunset's sternum, you quickly reached down and slipped a hand into your pajamas
  368. >You grabbed your cock, trying not to grimace when you felt your cum
  369. >Christ...
  370. >You must have been leaking like a firehose...
  371. >Carefully, you adjusted your dick so that it was pointed up at you, using the elastic waistband on your pants to keep it in place
  372. >There
  373. >Now you were safe...
  374. >Sticky, but safe...
  375. >Now in the clear, you relaxed, once again nuzzling your face into Sunset's tits
  376. >Her perfect, amazing, perky, incredible tits
  377. >...
  378. >Lifting your face away from them, you leaned back as best as you could and had yourself a look
  379. >Both of them had slipped out of her shirt, just like you had expected, and because she wasn't wearing a bra you could see them as they were meant to be
  382. >Completely bare and without anything in the way
  383. >Her skin was flawless, her mounds were perfectly round
  384. >Two nipples, a nice healthy pink color, jutted out in the middle of both of them, rock hard and pointing right up at you
  385. >After a few seconds of gawking like a horny teenager, you began to just lay there and appreciate them
  386. >It was like you were looking at art
  387. >Something that you didn’t touch but stare at and trying to discern the painters motivation
  388. >...
  389. >But these breasts WEREN’T some picture on a wall
  390. >You could touch them...
  391. >Your face reddened as a thought came to mind
  392. >...
  393. >You WERE her boyfriend...
  394. >Sorta...
  395. >And it was only fair since she's been teasing you for who knows how long...
  396. >She seemed to like it when you were doing it before anyways...
  397. >Licking your lips, eye eyed the bacon-haired girl's nipples
  398. >Thinking hard for a few moments on whether or not you were going to do this, you decided to that one little lick wouldn’t hurt
  399. >Leaning down, you dragged your tongue against her nipple, making sure to look up at her face to see if she like it or not
  400. >Sunset sighed, her grip on you tightening as she chewed on your hair
  401. >...
  402. >You're going to go ahead and take that as permission
  403. >With that, you dived right in
  404. >You licked, sucked, nibbled, nuzzled to your hearts content
  405. >Not an inch of tit-flesh was spared
  406. >They were perfect
  407. >Her skin was perfect
  408. >You loved the size of her nipples and you loved how hard they got when you sucked on them
  409. >You loved the very real weight that each tit had as you licked and nuzzled
  410. >It was amazing
  411. >You were in paradise
  412. >This was the BEST thing that you've ever done right after waking up
  413. >Soon, both of Sunset's breasts were slick with your saliva
  414. >The girl herself was breathing hard, rubbing herself against you as her fingers dug into your back
  415. >A small part of you felt a little proud that you were getting that kind of reaction from a pretty girl
  416. >The rest of you knew that now would be a good time to stop
  417. >You had had your fun
  420. >And besides, you had no desire to wake up Sunny
  421. >So, it was with a heavy hard that you pulled away from Sunset with one last loving lick to--
  422. >"You having fun there, Nonny~?"
  423. >...
  424. >...
  425. >...
  426. >Oh no...
  427. >You stiffened, your heart leaping to your throat
  428. >From above you, Sunset--who was now very much awake--giggled, grabbing the back of your head and pushing your face back between her breasts before you could even hope to say a word
  429. >"It's been awhile since I've gotten a good morning like that," she purred
  430. "I'fm sofry," you mumbled as best as you could
  431. >Sunset giggled again
  432. >"There's nothing to be sorry about, Nonny," she whispered, kissing the top of your head
  433. >...
  434. >Really?
  435. >You pulled your face from between her mounds and looked up at her
  436. "Really?" you asked incredulously
  437. >Sunset was smiling down at you, her face slightly flushed
  438. >"Of course there's nothing wrong, silly," she said, giving you a kiss on the nose. "What girl wouldn’t love having a guy play with her teats for thirty minutes straight?"
  439. >...
  440. >You spent thirty minutes sucking on Sunset's tits?
  441. >...
  442. >Fucking sweet
  443. "T-They're nice boobs," you shimmered
  444. >"Thank you very much," Sunny murmured, leaning down and pressing her forehead against yours
  445. >She closed her eyes and her nostrils flared
  446. >"You know, Nonny, even though I'm not a pony anymore my sense of smell is still better than a humans," she said, cracking open an eye to look at you
  447. >She then pressed a knee against your groin, causing you to twitch
  448. >"And I'm also very happy that you like the rest of me to get that aroused," she whispered breathlessly
  449. >Oh...
  450. >So she c-can...
  453. >You opened your mouth, mind racing, trying to think of something to say
  454. >After about a minute of VERY hard thinking though you just gave up
  455. >Fuck it...
  456. >Time to try firing at the hip...
  457. "Y-You're very pretty," you thoughtlessly mumbled
  458. >"I'm very glad that you think so," Sunset smoothly answered, giving your nose another kiss
  459. "I'm s-sorry if--"
  460. >"I already told you that there's nothing to be sorry about, hon."
  461. "B-But what if I accidently r-ruined--"
  462. >"I have a washer and dryer, and if you were so excited that you absolutely ruined the bed I could just go out and buy more sheets.”
  463. >You tried to open your mouth to say something, but Sunset gave your nose another little kiss
  464. >"You know, if you're THAT backed up, Twi and I would be more than happy to help you out," she offered, pressing more of her weight against you so that she was more laying on top of you than laying beside you
  465. >She gave you another little peck, this time on the cheek
  466. "...You can really smell it?" you whispered
  467. >"Yep, it's seeping through the sheets right now," Sunset murmured. "It's so strong that I bet I'd be able to smell it from downstairs."
  468. >You squeaked as Twi gave you a sleepy nuzzle of her own, mumbling in her sleep
  469. "S-Sorry."
  470. >A very quiet knicker escaped the bacon-haired girl as she rested her cheek on your chest
  471. >"If you don't stop apologizing right now I'm going to wake up Twi right now and we'll hold you down and tease you until these sheets are soaked," she threatened, tracing your jawline with a finger
  472. >You opened your mouth to reflexively apologize again, but a look from Sunset made your jaw snap shut
  473. >For about a minute the two of you laid there in silence, you trying to come to terms with what was happening and Sunset humming a tune to herself as she touched and stroked your face and neck
  476. "...When did I wake you up?" you asked
  477. >"I started to wake up when you first sucked on my nipple. When you tried to fuck my thighs I was wide awake."
  478. >If half of your body's blood wasn't already in your face you might have blushed a little harder
  479. "So the thing with the thighs was you...?"
  480. >"Yep."
  481. >...
  482. >So SHE was the reason that your underwear was ruined...
  483. >Through the horror and embarrassment and horror, you found yourself becoming a little indignant
  484. "You almost made me cum in my pants," you announced a little too loudly
  485. >Sunset giggled
  486. >"Really? Aw, I should have tried a little harder then," she teased rubbing her cheek against your chest like an affectionate cat
  487. >A small frown came to your face
  488. "I almost ruined my underwear, Sunset."
  489. >"From the smell coming from your groin I'd say that you've already ruined them, Nonny."
  490. "These are my favorite boxers!"
  491. >"I'll make sure to buy you a new pair then."
  492. >You tried your hardest to be upset with the beautiful, half naked woman on top of you, but couldn't quite manage it
  493. "...Why did you even do it anyway?" you demanded
  494. >Sunset looked up at you, her bright blue eyes sparkling in the morning sun
  495. >"I wanted to see what you'd do," she said
  496. >Your nose scrunched up
  497. "See what I'd do?" you repeated
  498. >"Yep," Sunset said with a nod. "I wanted to get you all riled up to see what you'd try to do with me and Twi if you thought we were sleeping."
  499. >She booped your nose with her pointer finger
  500. >Your stomach sank
  501. >Shit...
  502. >This was one of those relationship test things that you've read about on Facebook...
  505. "Did I fail?" you asked, your stomach tightening up just a hair
  506. >Sunset blinked
  507. >"Fail? Why the heck would you fail?" she asked
  508. "The whole humping things, and me playing with your b-boobs," you said, sparing a glance at her still bare chest before looking back into her eyes
  509. >"Oh that? That's fine," she said with a dismissive wave of the hand.
  510. >...
  511. >Really?"
  512. "Really?" you asked for the second time that morning
  513. >"There's nothing that a hot-blooded mare loves more than to have her stallion play with her teats," Sunset told you, giving your cheek a pat. "And there's nothing wrong with you wanting to fuck my thighs. I know how guys are in the mornings."
  514. "Then what the heck were you testing me on?" you asked, puzzled
  515. >"I was making sure that you didn't do anything weird or disrespectful," Sunny answered, sighing in contentment. "Like getting out of the bed and cumming all over us, or trying to tie us to the bed and trying to fuck up."
  516. >You reeled backward at her remark, nearly headbutted your other sleeping girlfriend
  517. "I'd never do anything like that!" you protested
  518. >Sunset smiled warmly before booping you again
  519. >"And you better not never try, mister," she playfully threatened, gently nudging your groin with her knee again. "I might not look like much but I can beat the snot out of guys twice your size with one arm tied behind my back."
  520. You grimaced as her knee collided with your junk, pressing your dirty, soaked underwear against your dick, balls, and thighs
  521. >Ew...
  522. >It was all cold and THICK...
  523. "Sunset? I think I really need to get up and take a bath," you said, reaching down and pushing her knee away from you
  524. >Sunset stopped her nuzzling to look down at your lap
  525. >"Is it that bad?" she asked
  526. "It's everywhere," you answered sourly. "I'm surprised that it hasn't seeped through into the blanket yet..."
  529. >Your remark seemed to please the bacon-haired girl
  530. >"Alright, I'll let you up," she said, leaning up and giving your jaw a kiss before letting you go and sitting up
  531. "Thank you," you murmured, trying to untangle yourself from Twilight
  532. >Twilight, none too pleased that you, her body pillow, were trying to leave resisted your attempts to free yourself from her grasp
  533. >Luckily, Sunset was kind enough to offer herself as the purple girl's snuggle buddy
  534. >It took some maneuvering, and some teasing on Sunset's end, but eventually Sunny had her face nestled up against Twi's breasts and you were free
  535. >Quietly thanking Sunset, you threw the blanket over them so that the two were nice and snug before making your way toward the door bowlegged
  536. >Holy hell had you made a mess...
  537. >You had made it out the door, and were just about to make your way into the bathroom when it finally hit you
  538. >You had been able to have a very casual conversation with a girl that was not only topless but knew your pants were filled with cum
  539. >There might have been some stuttering and a bit of blushing, but you did pretty alright
  540. >Better than you should have in that situation
  541. "...Huh," you muttered, leaning against the wall for a moment
  542. >You then perked up slightly when you recalled something that the bacon-haired beauty had said
  543. "Twi and I would be more than happy to help you out..."
  544. >You rested your head against the wall, staring at nothing and everything
  545. >...
  546. >You think that you liked having alien girlfriends…
  547. >A lot...
  548. >A smile came to your face
  549. >You pushed off the wall, and were about to take a step toward the bathroom, when you felt that gooey, cold, nasty feeling of old cum rub against your thighs
  550. >...
  551. >You were definitely going to make Sunset buy you a new pair of boxers though...
  554. >You couldn't help but smile as Anon sighed and nuzzled your neck
  555. >It felt wonderful having him this close, feeling his warm body against yours
  556. >With a quiet neigh you nuzzled the top of his head, too comfortable to open your eyes
  557. >Yep...
  558. >This was the life...
  559. >Anon sighed again, shifting against you
  560. >You could feel his hands sliding up your body
  561. >Your body twitched when you felt one of his hands slipped under your undershirt so that it was touching your bare stomach
  562. >That felt controlled...
  563. >Like he meant to do that…
  564. >...
  565. >What the heck was he doing?
  566. >You tensed when his fingers began to drum against your stomach
  567. >Even though you were wide awake, you still kept your eyes closed
  568. >You wanted to see what the heck he was doing
  569. >...
  570. >M-Maybe--
  571. >No...
  572. >Nonono...
  573. >He wasn't going to do THAT...
  574. >He probably just wanted to rub your belly a bit
  575. >...
  576. >Stallions like to do that right...?
  577. >Before you could properly properly think on that the hand began to inch upward
  578. >...And upward...
  579. >...And upward...
  580. >Your breathing hitched
  581. >Ohmygosh!
  582. >He wasn't--
  583. >There's no way that he'd--
  584. >A gasp escaped you when you felt Anon's hand cup your left breast
  585. >His fingers dug into the sensitive flesh, making you bite your lip
  586. >Was this happening?!
  589. >...
  590. >This was really happening wasn't it?!
  591. >Oh my 'Lestia it was just like in your Neighpon comics and--
  592. >A girlish giggle brought a frown to your face
  593. >...Wait
  594. >That didn’t sound like your Nonny...
  595. >Your eyes snapped open and you looked down to see Sunset staring up at you with a grin on her face and a hand in your shirt
  596. >"Morning Twi," she chirped, before giving your teat a couple of squeezes. "And good morning to you, girls. You're looking positively perky this morning!"
  597. >...
  598. >You should freak out shouldn't you?
  599. >You should start freaking out now?
  600. >...
  601. >Yep...
  602. >You were going to start freaking out
  603. "Ldfkjndkjnl!"
  604. >With a screech you began slapping the HORSE APPLES out of your sis
  606. >Sunset, bursting into laughter, was quick to pull her hand from underneath your shirt and cover herself with her hands
  607. >A classic mistake
  608. >Now she couldn’t fight back
  609. >Channeling your alpha powers, you quickly sat up and laid into the girl
  610. >She tried to roll away, laughing harder, but you were quick to pursue
  612. >"Oh sweet Luna, the look on your face!"
  614. >"Hahahahahahaha!"
  615. >The blanket bunched up around you as the two of you crawled toward the edge of the bed
  616. >You, too furious, and Sunset, laughing so hard that she couldn't even open her eyes, didn't notice the edge until like last minute
  617. >"Omph!"
  618. "Buck!"
  621. >The two of you fell to the floor in a heap of legs and blankets
  622. >Thankfully the fall wasn't so great that you broke anything
  623. >It did hurt, though you barely noticed, so filled with righteous indignation were you
  624. >You popped right back up the second that you hit the ground
  625. >Sunset was on her back, looking up at the ceiling laughing so hard that her face was bright red
  626. >She was defenseless!
  627. >GET HER!
  629. >With a warcry, you leapt over toward your sis and began tickling her harder than you've ever tickled anyone before
  631. >Sunset's howled, kicking and flailing at you
  632. >You focused your attention on her belly, pinning her against the side of the bed with your hip
  633. >"SAY IT!"
  635. "BUCKING SAY IT!"
  637. "SAY IT!"
  638. >"I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! HOLY FUCK I'M SORRY!" Sunset roared, tears streaming down her face
  639. >You grinned
  640. "SAY YOU'RE A DYKE!"
  641. >"I'M A DYKE!"
  642. "WHO'S THE ALPHA?"
  644. >You're darned right!
  645. >Giving her a few more tickles to REALLY show her who was boss, you stopped and leaned back
  646. >The second that you lifted your hands from Sunset's stomach the girl covered herself with her hands and curled up into a ball, still squirming and shaking with laughter
  649. "And don't... you forget it..." you panted, leaning against the bed before placing your hand on her side and closing her eyes
  650. >Whoo...
  651. >You really need to start working out...
  652. >You're all sweaty...
  653. "Urgh..."
  654. >Both you and Sunset just say on the carpet for a few minutes
  655. >Eventually your sis ceased her giggle-fit and was just lying on the floor breathing hard
  656. >"You're... the worst..." she said between gasps
  657. "I'm not the one that molests other mares when they're asleep," you retorted, giving her side a poke
  658. >Sunset giggled, slapping away your hand
  659. >"Stooooooop!" she whined
  660. >You were about to poke her side again but a very important fact wormed its way into your mouth
  661. >You had been cuddling Anon last night...
  662. >Anon wasn't lying in your arms when you woke up...
  663. >So...
  664. >Where the heck was Anon?
  665. "Sunset?" you said, looking down at your herdmate, just a bit of panic making its way to your belly. "Where the heck is Anon?"
  666. >Sunset picked her head up to look at you
  667. >"Oh, Nonny made a little mess of himself a couple of minutes ago, so he went to the bathroom to get cleaned up," she explained, sitting up
  668. >You frowned
  669. "Make a mess of himself?"
  670. >Your sis grinned
  671. >"Nonny's apparently a stallion that leaks a LOT in the mornings."
  672. >...
  673. >Leak?
  674. >What the heck did she mean by that?
  677. >Confused, you took a whiff of the air
  678. >In an instant you got a noseful of arousal
  679. >It wasn't yours and it wasn't Sunset's
  680. >This musk was headier, richer; a little bit sour and a little bit sweet
  681. >It smelled concentrated, like it had settled onto the bed somehow
  682. >...
  683. >Speaking from experience, the only way that you could get this strong of a smell when there was cum on the b--
  684. >...
  685. >Oh...
  686. >So he...?
  687. >...
  688. >O-Oh...
  689. >"I think he just went downstairs if you want to give him that good morning kiss," Sunset sing-songed, propping her feet up onto the bed
  690. >Blushing, you gave her stomach another poke
  691. >You know what?
  692. >You were going to brush your teeth right now...
  693. >You twitched as Sunny reached up and gave your teat another squeeze
  694. >...
  695. >But first it looked like you still had to assert your dominance...
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