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Nov 24th, 2016
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  1. balletduckninja: wow HiPerson1! How did all your cool legendaries lose to a team of 6 pikachus?
  2. balletduckninja: are you a bad trainer?
  3. HiPerson1: and i care because...
  4. HiPerson1: stupid meanie
  5. balletduckninja: why are you calling me a meanie? that's very rude
  6. balletduckninja: maybe you don't love your pokemon enough?
  7. HiPerson1: why the fuck are you even here?
  8. balletduckninja: I bet they don't want to serve under a trainer like you!
  9. HiPerson1: wasting your time when i have your ip
  10. balletduckninja: and I have your address :)
  11. HiPerson1: where's my address then
  12. balletduckninja: it's not in your pokemon's heart that's for sure!
  13. balletduckninja: you need to become a better trainer!
  14. HiPerson1: i only use them to win
  15. HiPerson1: love and care i don't care
  16. balletduckninja: wow! that's a bad attitude! are you sure you're fit to be a Pokemon trainer?
  17. balletduckninja: You'll never be a pokemon master like this!
  18. HiPerson1: yes i am fit to be one
  19. HiPerson1: there are many types
  20. HiPerson1: the ones that care and the ones that win
  21. HiPerson1: i am the ones that win
  22. balletduckninja: then how come you didn't win? :^)
  23. HiPerson1: /ignore
  24. HiPerson1: bye bye
  25. HiPerson1: have a nice d ay
  26. HiPerson1: day*
  27. HiPerson1: adios
  28. HiPerson1: au revoir
  29. balletduckninja: why are you still messaging me? are you lonely?
  30. HiPerson1: so peaceful
  31. HiPerson1: and so nice
  32. HiPerson1: i can actually raise my members now
  33. HiPerson1: but stupid bitch is not here
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