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  1. Zodiac
  4.     In the beginning of time, there was no Earth, only stars. No one knows how the stars began, only what the stars have done. As time passed the stars became bored of seeing nothing but each other.  The twelve Zodiac: Cancer, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces each different in personality decided to band together . Taurus, taking the lead, dims and cools a piece of himself for a base of land.  Each of them besides the Taurus drop to the land and personify themselves, deciding to contribute to the bland mass of earth the Taurus had created. The Zodiac roamed the land, thinking of what to add next.
  5.     Aries quickly decided to add variation to the plain, brown earth created. She removed wool from her head, laying it in a blanket across the Earth growing into lush plants, grass, and trees. As the most energetic of the twelve, she decided to use her horns to ram into the earth. Each ram created great craters and valleys. After her horns had became weak, a last ram had shattered the horns into large fragments . Enraged, the Aries threw the fragments as far as she could in all directions. The horns grew to become towering mountains all across the Earth.  With no purpose left, the Aries wanted to return to the sky.  She scoured the land in search for the tallest mountain. Upon discovery of the mountain, the Aries climbed the mountain to the sky. With a last breath she cursed the land that had broken her horns.
  6.     Plant life began to quickly dry out and needed water to survive. Aquarius, being the water bearer, decided to take the take the task of creating water into her own hands.  With her beloved brother, the Pisces, she traveled the land searching for craters created by the Aries to fill. Upon creating a river with her own saliva, Pisces had fallen into the river and drown. Aquarius mourned her brother’s death and cried many tears forming vast oceans and seas. With some of her brother’s corpse Aquarius populated the waters with sea life. Longing to leave the place surrounded by the reason for her brother’s death, Aquarius called upon the help of the fish. With the help of the fish, Aquarius was launched into the sky carrying her brother, where they both stayed.
  7.     The Gemini became eager to bring life to the land. Bearing the life of two within himself, he split to create the very first human woman. Gemini impregnated the woman which led to the first lineage of people. The people soon spread out and populated the Earth. The Leo, becoming envious of Gemini’s creations had began to kill humans. Leo had taken their bodies and molded them into ferocious beasts to kill humans. He also created smaller and more cunning animals to trick the humans. Eventually he had created thousands of kinds of animals. Taking sympathy on the humans‘ misfortune, the Sagittarius intervened. Manned with a bow and arrow he taught the humans how to make weapons and defend themselves against the onslaughts of animals. Now capable of attacking, the humans retaliated. A war quickly erupted among the animal kingdom and humankind led by the Gemini and Leo. The war was an endless stalemate with numerous deaths on each end. Fighting had only stopped when both leaders, Gemini and Leo, had died in the battle. The animals and humans decided constant death was unnecessary and shouldn’t live with such hatred for each other.  The Sagittarius had visited the site of the war and saw the horrible aftermath. He found the corpses of the two fallen Zodiac and began to construct a giant bow. The Sagittarius used the bow to shoot himself along with the Gemini and Leo back into the sky.
  8.     Wandering the land with no purpose was Capricorn. With the people, animals, and miracles of life, Capricorn was content. The bard moved through the lands with instruments, a guitar, drums, and flute. He sang whenever he could. He performed his joyous ballads everywhere he went, never to stop enjoying the melody he made. Having never heard music nor singing the humans’ ears piqued. Crowds began to form wherever the Capricorn went, listening and watching. Wanting the share the joys of music, he gave humans the ability to sing, to build instruments, and play them well. No one knows how he had returned to the sky, but he had returned singing as he always did.
  9.     Cancer, bearing wisdom and emotion, spoke to the people populating the earth. The Cancer spoke of love, happiness, tragedy, and gave humans the gift of emotion and will. She traveled great distances to give the gift to all humans. Once Cancer felt her job was done she wanted to return to the sky. People gathered and returned the favor by creating a ladder for her to climb and reach the sky. She bid farewell and had eventually reached the sky
  10.     The devious Scorpio watched the change in humans. She decided to take advantage of the emotion in the minds of humans and fill them with atrocious thoughts. The Scorpio spoke to humans and spoke of lying, cheating, lust, murder, and revenge. Her words began the start of devious people, tricksters, murderers, and the awful. The Virgo, seeing the turmoil caused by her sister  Scorpio, began to speak of good. She traveled to places her sister had been to instill purity, respect, appreciation, forgiveness, and kindness. Soon Scorpio had caught wind of her sister’s betrayal against her. The sister became infuriated and planned to murder her sister. Scorpio waited, as she knew her sister followed her in her travels. When Virgo had arrived, the evil sister confronted her wielding a knife. When Virgo tried to reason with her sister, the enraged Scorpio lunged at her. Scorpio soon thrust the knife into her sister’s heart, killing her.
  11.     Following the rivaled sisters’ path was the Libra. She spoke to humans about the importance of balance and justice. Upon arriving to the scene of  Virgo’s death, Scorpio was still near. Libra accosted the Scorpio and scolded her for her wrong-doing and the murder of her sister. Desiring justice to be brought on the lone sister, Libra struck Scorpio with her Great Scales, killing her. Libra continued her travels, carrying the corpses of the sister in the scales. They were displayed as an example for the requirement of balance and justice among people. Once her journey was done she lifted the scales holding the deceased sisters and herself up into the sky.
  12.     With the Libra, the final members of the Zodiac were where they once were. Life remained on Earth under the watch of the twelve constellations that had once visited. Humans and animals worshipped and thanked them for bringing about life. Their stories are passed by mouth for all to remember and honor their trials and gifts. The last proof of the Zodiac are the patterns left in the sky for all to see at night.
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