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  1. RosalinaTourniquet: I went into health and safety -shrugs- Figured I could be good at that.
  2. RosalinaTourniquet: Oh wow, I love pizza XD
  3. DukeBarr: Rosa you have had more jobs or hobbys then anyone else i know
  4. RavenBlackPhoen1x: my older brother works at the pizza hut up the road and has the manager wanting me to work for them now
  5. RosalinaTourniquet: Ha, more like I just couldn't settle..
  6. RavenBlackPhoen1x: almost sound slike your syaing she was.... -snickers-
  7. RosalinaTourniquet: And good for you Cub. XD
  8. RavenBlackPhoen1x: XD
  9. RosalinaTourniquet: She was <.<
  10. RavenBlackPhoen1x: ty rosa
  11. RavenBlackPhoen1x: <.<
  12. DukeBarr: she was?
  13. RavenBlackPhoen1x: hi rosa
  14. Blaundie: o.o
  15. RosalinaTourniquet: Hi Rav >.>
  16. RavenBlackPhoen1x: love yea big sis
  17. RosalinaTourniquet: -chuckles- Aye love you too lil cub.
  18. RosalinaTourniquet: -shrugs- Look at me being nice, fucking lots have changed XD
  19. DukeBarr: Clearly.
  20. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i dont see a difference
  21. RosalinaTourniquet: What you disagree Duke?
  22. DukeBarr: Seems the sarcasm has tuned down a bit as well.
  23. RavenBlackPhoen1x: XD
  24. RosalinaTourniquet: Pfft no. Sarcasm is my name.
  25. DukeBarr: Or maybe thats mood dependent
  26. DukeBarr: lol
  27. RosalinaTourniquet: I just dont want to upset you yet...
  28. RosalinaTourniquet: XD
  29. DukeBarr: the key word there is yet
  30. DukeBarr: >.>
  31. RavenBlackPhoen1x: loll
  32. RosalinaTourniquet: -smirks-
  33. RavenBlackPhoen1x: tru
  34. RavenBlackPhoen1x: true
  35. DukeBarr: Why would you want to do that
  36. RosalinaTourniquet: Isnt it what I am best at Dukey?
  37. DukeBarr: Look im just gonna call this a fresh start
  38. RosalinaTourniquet: I can do that. -puts hand out causiously-
  39. DukeBarr: i'd rather not try to work off my memory
  40. RavenBlackPhoen1x: now kiss and make up
  41. RavenBlackPhoen1x: XD
  42. RosalinaTourniquet: He tries eating me Rav. Bury me west side XD
  43. RavenBlackPhoen1x: <.<
  44. Blaundie: kiss X3
  45. DukeBarr: -he looked over to her with an arched brow- Why do they want us to kiss?
  46. RavenBlackPhoen1x: well i guess i can bury you west side still deciding
  47. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i was jokin gon the kiss and make up
  48. RavenBlackPhoen1x: as the shaking a hand is better
  49. RosalinaTourniquet: XD
  50. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i was being a smartass
  51. RosalinaTourniquet: Im still hanging Duke...
  52. RosalinaTourniquet: Ya gonna shake my hand or what ?
  53. RavenBlackPhoen1x: think she needs a shorter ropes duke
  54. RavenBlackPhoen1x: rope*
  55. RosalinaTourniquet: XD
  56. DukeBarr: oh thats for a shake.. i thought it was some other gesture
  57. Blaundie: He was secretly hoping for the kiss -whispers- .w.
  58. RosalinaTourniquet: You already making me noose huh Rav?
  59. RavenBlackPhoen1x: <.< maaaybe - secertly actually making it-
  60. DukeBarr: -the demon would reach a hand over to meet hers and casuall shake it-
  61. RosalinaTourniquet: -secretly making his too- XD
  62. Blaundie: ;;
  63. DukeBarr: casually*
  64. RosalinaTourniquet: -she smiled and shook gently before pulling away- Fresh start.
  65. RavenBlackPhoen1x: - spils oils on it and looks around it- woops cause if a fire starts can say it was all her.
  66. DukeBarr: hmph.
  67. DukeBarr: Alot less stress already.
  68. RosalinaTourniquet: XD Fuck sake. Dev is going to come back and Exhile me XD
  69. RosalinaTourniquet: Indeed. -nods-
  70. RavenBlackPhoen1x: -pokes blu cheek- you doing ok blu?
  71. DukeBarr: What else have i missed?
  72. Blaundie: -pokes his cheek two times over- yussir, why does the mister ask?
  73. RosalinaTourniquet: Oh, just the usual. Causing fights getting death threats and causing mayhem XD?
  74. RavenBlackPhoen1x: just curious hun
  75. DukeBarr: Awh its like i never left
  76. Blaundie: i am okies, yus :3
  77. RosalinaTourniquet: -chuckles to him-
  78. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i am glad
  79. Blaundie: ^w^
  80. RosalinaTourniquet: Now I have a Bro I need rid off -winks-
  81. RavenBlackPhoen1x: - smiles hugely-
  82. RavenBlackPhoen1x: >.>
  83. RavenBlackPhoen1x: you wish
  84. Blaundie: rosa nuh .w.
  85. Blaundie: you cant hurt the mister
  86. DukeBarr: -the demon cracked his fingers gesturing over to Rav- "That one i assume?"
  87. Blaundie: he won't be able to make my sandwiches anymore
  88. RavenBlackPhoen1x: yeah what blu said
  89. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i make the sammiches
  90. DukeBarr: -the demon pointed over to Rav- "What kind of sandwiches?"
  91. Blaundie: he puts lettuce in it, i love lettuce >w<
  92. RavenBlackPhoen1x: <.< blt
  93. DukeBarr: -he looked back over to Rosa- "The man makes BLTs are we really gonna kill him?"
  94. RavenBlackPhoen1x: XD
  95. RavenBlackPhoen1x: yea rosa
  96. Blaundie: you were gonna help her otherwise? ;w;
  97. RavenBlackPhoen1x: answer the question
  98. RavenBlackPhoen1x: fuck i am busting up laughing here
  99. RosalinaTourniquet: "Damn guy had to say BLT didnt he -.-'
  100. DukeBarr: SEE
  101. RavenBlackPhoen1x: XD
  102. RosalinaTourniquet: -chuckles softly-
  103. RosalinaTourniquet: Brb guys.
  104. RavenBlackPhoen1x: come now BLT has bacon
  105. DukeBarr: tyt
  106. RavenBlackPhoen1x: really
  107. Blaundie: tyt
  108. RavenBlackPhoen1x: bacon
  109. DukeBarr: Well.. fells like home.
  110. DukeBarr: feels*
  111. RavenBlackPhoen1x: Well your more than welcome to join
  112. Blaundie: -the kitten began to wrap the mister up in the most protective of material, bubble wrap-
  113. RosalinaTourniquet: Am not a meat lover. XD
  114. DukeBarr: >.>
  115. DukeBarr: sure
  116. RavenBlackPhoen1x: bullllll shiiiit
  117. RavenBlackPhoen1x: :O
  118. RavenBlackPhoen1x: bubble wrap!
  119. Blaundie: are we still talking about food?
  120. RavenBlackPhoen1x: - begins popping it-
  121. DukeBarr: i added you Rav.
  122. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i got yeah
  123. Blaundie: D:
  124. DukeBarr: Blu am i adding you too?
  125. RavenBlackPhoen1x: what blu its bubble wrap
  126. Blaundie: How come you're asking me but didn't ask hm
  127. Blaundie: him8
  128. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i dont care for asking
  129. RavenBlackPhoen1x: i will take a request regardless
  130. DukeBarr: i felt compelled to ask
  131. Blaundie: i am not a scary kitten am I?
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