The Eternal War, Session 14

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  1. Session Start: Sat Aug 04 18:42:25 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[18:42] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  8. 01[20:08] <Staffen> You stand together in the warehouse, surrounded by a mess of bodies - particularly one hulking abomination of a mutant. The Knight kicks at the Transfigured's corpse, then sheathes his sword.
  9. 01[20:08] <Staffen> "I'm impressed," Grant says. "That really was quite the display from you lot."
  10. [20:09] <Petrus> "Well that was exciting."
  11. [20:10] <@Ezekiah> "I would have prefered to have brought the traitor down myself and bring his head to the Inquisitor..."
  12. [20:11] <Petrus> "So, should we find the virus?"
  13. 01[20:13] <Staffen> Grant steps up to a crate, and, with some strain, snaps the top off.
  14. [20:13] <@Ezekiah> "And who will be dealing with the virus?"
  15. [20:15] <Petrus> "I would assume out giant power armored associate, he seems more suited for the task."
  16. [20:17] <Jericus> "I concur, shouldn't be too much trouble for him." Jericus nods several times as he says this.
  17. [20:18] <@Ezekiah> "Then let us be off! I am sure that the Inquisitors will be more then thankful to hear that we have saved... whatever this place is called."
  18. 01[20:18] <Staffen> Grant looks to the Throne Agent among his serfs. "I want you all to stand guard over this facility. I'll vox up to the ship."
  19. 01[20:19] <Staffen> He clomps off. "I'm going to go pay my respects to the Librarian."
  20. [20:20] <Jericus> "Well it was great working with you fellows, but we'd best be off." He salutes the other party and heads back towards the landing ship.
  21. 06[20:22] * Petrus follows the space marine "If you would be so kind as to humor me, I have some questions about Astartes."
  22. 01[20:23] <Staffen> "Ask and you might be answered," Grant says, carrying on.
  23. 06[20:23] * Jericus follows Petrus, figuring he'd rather not head back alone.
  24. [20:25] <Petrus> "Well, one of my companions has said he is being perused by a traitor astartes and I was wondering if you could tell us the proper way to kill an astartes."
  25. [20:25] <@Ezekiah> "... I know the answer to that. You use a large, and blessed chainsword!" He hefts his eviscerator. "LIKE MINE!"
  26. [20:26] <Jericus> "That didn't fare too well against our big friend here, last time you tried." He mutters to Ezekiah.
  27. 01[20:27] <Staffen> "If there was an answer to that I wouldn't tell you," Grant says, "and I probably would stab you through the mouth. Fortunately, there isn't. We're engines of destruction, boy. If competent, an faithful and seasoned Astartes cannot be stopped."
  28. [20:28] <Petrus> "I speak of a traitor though."
  29. 01[20:29] <Staffen> "He will be slain by his infidelity," the Knight tells you. "You already saw what became of the heretic back there."
  30. [20:29] <@Ezekiah> "Obviously it didn't! The Emperor protects His own and thus kept my holy blade from finding it's mark and ending the life of the good and loyal astartes."
  31. 06[20:30] * Petrus nods
  32. 06[20:30] * Jericus just shakes his head.
  33. 01[20:35] <Staffen> Grant walks quietly for a while. Then, suddenly, he grunts. "You mortals interested in your history?"
  34. 06[20:35] * @Ezekiah thinks for a moment, and thinks a bit longer. "I do not suppose you could grant us a boon, Astartes?"
  35. 01[20:36] <Staffen> "What kind of boon?"
  36. [20:36] <Jericus> "Depends on the subject I suppose." Jeriucs answers as he fiddles with his hell-gun.
  37. 01[20:39] <Staffen> "History," Grant tells you. "A history of the most glorious sort."
  38. [20:41] <Jericus> "Glory? Well couldn't say no to that."
  39. 01[20:43] <Staffen> The Knight nods. "A hundred-fifty years ago, there was this group of Space Marines..."
  40. 01[20:45] <Staffen> Hours later, you are aboard the Wrath of Justice, leaving the system for your main objective: Tranch.
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  42. [20:46] <Jericus> "I woulda liked that story, from the Space Marine, better, if he wasn't always growling whenever he looked back at me."
  43. [20:48] <@Ezekiah> "I believe it's time to celebrate mission accomplished! If anyone needs me, I shall be mortificating myself in my room." He pauses. "You are all more then welcome to join me!" He sounds so polite.
  44. [20:48] <Jericus> "Just don't get blood on my side of the room." He waves him off.
  45. 06[20:49] * @Ezekiah would ignore Jericus.
  46. [20:50] <Jericus> "I fecking mean that! I'd rather not clean blood off my helmet again."
  47. 01[20:56] <Staffen> The Navigator makes good time. You arrive at Tranch within a matter of a week and a half.
  48. 01[20:57] <Staffen> When the Wrath of Justice returns to realspace, however, she is quickly hounded down by a Navy squadron.
  49. 01[20:58] <Staffen> The Captain calls you to the bridge, insisting he needs your asssistance in dealing with the patrol.
  50. 06[20:59] * Nyx slowly makes his way to the bridge, hanging off of walls, seemingly hungover
  51. 06[21:00] * @Ezekiah would be in his usual get up. The red robes with orange and yellow flames, his gilded mask... his huge holy chainblade. Savvy observers would note the two black aquila stitched into the cloth.
  52. 06[21:00] * Jericus is heading towards the bridge, on the way he bumps into Nyx. "You alright, mind-delver?"
  53. 06[21:00] * Nyx gives a strange wookie-like moan, still inching forwards to the bridge
  54. 06[21:01] * Petrus walks to the bridge
  55. 06[21:01] * Jericus moves to help Nyx, giving him a shoulder.
  56. 06[21:02] * Nyx gurgles heavily from behind the mask, clearing the entrance to the bridge and leaning against the wall with Jericus' help
  57. 01[21:02] <Staffen> Captain Anders is standing before his throne. In front of him is an enormous hololith, suspended past the drop-off to the operations pit.
  58. 01[21:04] <Staffen> A well-starched Naval officer stands in the image, glaring at you as you enter the bridge.
  59. [21:04] <Jericus> "What kind of situation are we stuck in, Captain?" Jericus asks as he enters the Bridge.
  60. 01[21:05] <Staffen> "The Navy insists we do not have business on Tranch," Anders tells you. "So, I was hoping you gentlemen might like to have a word with Captain Vansen here?"
  61. 02[21:05] * Plex|Away ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  62. 01[21:07] <Staffen> "Tranch is not simply some planet where tradesmen can come and go," the officer insists. "This is still very much a warzone. You at least need papers from Scintilla to pass."
  63. 06[21:11] * Petrus whispers "What do we have in the holds?"
  64. 06[21:12] * Nyx totters over to the Captain, handing him a hastily scribbled note
  65. 01[21:13] <Staffen> Anders looks down at it.
  66. 01[21:16] <Staffen> Anders quietly whispers something to him.
  67. 06[21:17] * Nyx gurgles and claps the captain on the shoulder in exasperation and goes over to recline in a chair, defeated and self-removed from the social encounter
  68. 06[21:20] * Jericus walks over to Petrus, stroking his beard in thought.
  69. [21:21] <Petrus> "hmm?"
  70. 06[21:23] * @Ezekiah is... not liking this at all. "What is preventing us from going to Tranch? This man is preventing us from going to Tranch? What do we need to keep him from preventing us from going to Tranch?"
  71. 01[21:23] <Staffen> "Give us a moment." Anders presses a rune on his control wand, and a large "MUTE" alert appears on the screen.
  72. [21:23] <Jericus> "Since we've got two of you nobles, and we need to reach the Munitorum on Tranch, and we're Rogue Traders, you'll need to get through to the opposing Captain that we need to make planetfall. I’d say, lie to the guy that we have business that trumps any need of papers, as it would take too long. The situation is dire enough, impending death of family, or perhaps a reclamation of some long...
  73. [21:23] <Jericus> ...lost relic in their lost and found.” Jericus says to him in a low voice.
  74. [21:23] <Nyx> "Ezekiah, the Navy will shoot us if we go farther."
  75. [21:24] <Jericus> "Or however you want to spin the story."
  76. [21:24] <Petrus> "Or we could say we're in pursuit of a ship carrying supplies for the renegade forces."
  77. 06[21:25] * Nyx scoots over to the two
  78. [21:25] <Jericus> "Or our precious cargo, that belongs to an very illustrious family, that has enough influence to have that Captain transferred somewhere."
  79. [21:25] <Nyx> "Just choose something, my head is aching.  This is not a good pain."
  80. 06[21:26] * Nyx shoves off from the two and begins to glide about the Captain's bridge on the chair's wheels
  81. [21:26] <@Ezekiah> "Then we must make it a good pain!" And the redemptionist gleefully punches Nyx in the back of the head. "Are you thinking clearly now? Should I do it again?"
  82. 06[21:26] * Nyx falls off the chair and onto the floor in an exhausted heap
  83. [21:26] <Nyx> "Mmmmmmmmmrgh."
  84. 01[21:26] <Staffen> The Navy officer is staring through the screen as though concerned.
  85. 06[21:26] * Petrus looks down at him
  86. [21:27] <Jericus> "So? Pet? We need to respond quickly, before this becomes another setbeck."
  87. [21:28] <Petrus> "We tell him we're after a ship hauling goods for the enemy
  88. 01[21:28] <Staffen> "I'll be frank," says Anders, "this matter seems a little pressing. Inquisitor Freia left me with a copy of her Rosette in the event she ever was absent when I needed to demonstrate my cause. We could attempt to use that on them if all else fails."
  89. [21:29] <Petrus> "We'll go with my plan and if it fails we'll resort to the Rosette"
  90. [21:29] <Jericus> "Last thing we need, is to reveal our plan, eh?"
  91. [21:30] <Petrus> "Indeed"
  92. 01[21:30] <Staffen> Anders nods. "It's not really lying, but it will tip off any agents against our cause when it's used. It's my experience that we're well-past the need for subtlety by this point, however."
  93. [21:30] <Jericus> "If you will, m'lord."
  94. 01[21:30] <Staffen> He unmutes the voxcaster. "My apologies, Captain," Anders says. "Where were we?"
  95. 01[21:31] <Staffen> "You were justifying your presence here. You said these gentlemen could give me reason to let you by?"
  96. [21:32] <Petrus> "It has come to our attention that a ship with supplies for the renegade forces has made it into the system, we're here to stop it."
  97. 01[21:33] <Staffen> "A ship with supplies?..." The officer looks off-screen. "And what authority do you have to go as vigilantes after these people? We can handle this from here if there is a legitimate threat."
  98. [21:34] <Petrus> "Well you obviously can't handle it if this is the first you've heard of it"
  99. 01[21:36] <Staffen> The officer huffs. "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that just now. You will give me all the information you have on this renegade business?"
  100. [21:43] <Petrus> "Well if the ship got by your lines so easily with out you knowing you've obviously been compromised and we can't risk telling you anything."
  101. 01[21:44] <Staffen> The officer frowns, shockingly beaten by that logic. "You're going to have to at least identify an authority, though. What power do you answer to?"
  102. [21:45] <Petrus> "He on Terra of course."
  103. 06[21:46] * Petrus smirks "Now if you would be so kind as to let us through."
  104. 01[21:46] <Staffen> The officer mutes his screen, and then begins to argue -- heatedly -- with someone out of view.
  105. 01[21:49] <Staffen> He speaks again: "Alright, Freedom Squadron will escort you to orbit. You will land on joint-platform Gamma-2 outside of Hargon City. There you'll have to answer to the Commissariat before you have access to the Munitorum."
  106. 01[21:52] <Staffen> Anders nods, says a few more words to Captain Vansen, and then closes the line. "I'll back you all up, because they're very likely to begin firing on us if you mess up down there. When that happens I'll transmit the rosette's identity number."
  107. [21:53] <@Ezekiah> "Your confidence in us, captain, is endearing."
  108. 01[21:54] <Staffen> "A caution," Anders insists, then turns to manage his ship.
  109. 06[21:54] * Nyx claps from the floor, leaning against a cogigator bank
  110. 01[21:54] <Staffen> A few hours later, you are in orbit over Tranch, and a shuttle is prepared for you.
  111. 01[21:56] <Staffen> After you've entered the atmosphere, a pair of Navy fighters approach your lander.
  112. 06[21:57] * Nyx is now seemingly recovered, rembroidering a crest on the top of his hat
  113. [21:57] <@Ezekiah> "The munitorum people were were to meet?"
  114. 06[21:57] * Petrus is in his stealth suit with his nomad strung across his back
  115. [21:57] <Jericus> "These Navy types, and there bloody fighters."
  116. 01[21:58] <Staffen> The intervox crackles through the back: "This is Flight Augustan, we're here to escort you in. Be advised, Gamma-2's pads are presently over-capacity and we are receving reports of potential insurrection from the next depot. We're going to have to lead you into another landing sight. You'll get a ground escort from there."
  117. [21:58] <Jericus> "Never seemed to want to help us on the ground, when the feck hit the fan."
  118. 01[21:58] <Staffen> *site
  119. [21:59] <@Ezekiah> "Potential insurrection? Does that mean there will be traitors to kill?"
  120. [21:59] <Petrus> "Sounds like it."
  121. [22:00] <Jericus> "I'd prefer that, might be the Captain is trying to make up for losing face."
  122. [22:00] <Jericus> I hate. Bloody. Commissars.
  123. [22:02] <Nyx> "Let's just do our work quickly.  This planet must be cordoned off for a reason, else we'd not devote so many thrones for the Naval presence."
  124. [22:05] <@Ezekiah> "We have the emperor om our side! Noi enemy can stop us!"
  125. [22:06] <Jericus> "You break something Eze?"
  126. [22:08] <@Ezekiah> "No..."
  127. 01[22:08] <Staffen> Flight Augustan takes you across several hundred kilometers. Eventually, beneath your lander rolls by the shattered husk of a vast metropolis of industrial centers. Small puffs of smoke rise from amidst buildings, but it seems almost entirely wrecked. The surrounding landscape is dead - little but ash and mud and old trenches.
  128. [22:08] <Jericus> "Right...just my hearing..."
  129. [22:09] <Jericus> "That's not too encouraging..." Jericus comments on the outside view.
  130. [22:09] <@Ezekiah> "Then there must be plenty of heretics and traitors to end!"
  131. 01[22:10] <Staffen> The lander puts down on a platform on the outskirts of this necropolis. When the passenger door opens you get your first experience of Tranch.
  132. 01[22:11] <Staffen> A group of black-carapaced Guardsmen raise hellguns to a row of misshapen, kneeling human forms. The mutants have their various appendages tied.
  133. 01[22:11] <Staffen> One of the storm troopers puts on an officer's cap, and then shouts, "fire!"
  134. 06[22:11] * Nyx peeks out and sees the mutants and half-lifts his mask to spit onto the ground
  135. [22:12] <Nyx> "Good riddance of such filth."
  136. 01[22:12] <Staffen> At once the guardsmen fire, executing the prisoners.
  137. [22:12] <@Ezekiah> "BRAVO!" Ezekiah cheers. Such is the fate of the mutant!
  138. 01[22:12] <Staffen> The air stinks, and the sky is grey and miserable.
  139. 01[22:12] <Staffen> The storm trooper sergeant approaches you while his men drag away the bodies - two troopers are needed to even move one, a massive hulking monster of a man.
  140. 03[22:13] * Plex|Away ( has joined #eternalwar
  141. 01[22:13] <Staffen> "Alright, you the fellows Freedom Squadron sent?" the sergeant asks.
  142. [22:13] <Petrus> "Indeed we are."
  143. 01[22:13] <Staffen> The sergeant makes a face. His neck muscles tighten up. He turns aside, and then hacks out a ball of phlegm.
  144. 01[22:14] <Staffen> "Welcome to hell," he says.
  145. [22:14] <@Ezekiah> "Hell? With so many sinners to cleanse from the Emperor's Realm!? Surely you jest!"
  146. [22:14] <Jericus> "Seen my fair share of it, this is a special sort of hell." He eyes the Sergeant and nods.
  147. 01[22:15] <Staffen> The sergeant turns and looks back at the mutants being dragged away. "Yeah... trust me, red-boy, you don't want to get involved with this shitstorm. Come with me."
  148. [22:15] <Nyx> "Better than what were in my dreams the past week...  What now?"
  149. [22:15] <@Ezekiah> "I deign to disagree!"
  150. 01[22:16] <Staffen> The sergeant steps down from the platform. He taps his earpiece, and a few seconds later a chimaera comes rolling out of a nearby tent complex.
  151. 06[22:16] * Jericus follows, his hellgun resting in his hand in a ready stance.
  152. 06[22:16] * Nyx gets down, stretching both augmetic arms out of habit, less of actual purpose
  153. 01[22:17] <Staffen> He turns back to you. "This'll be your ride to the Commissariat," he calls over the transport's idling engine. "My men and I will escort you, but we need to make a quick stop by one of the local camps."
  154. [22:18] <Jericus> "The fun kind of stop, eh?"
  155. [22:19] <@Ezekiah> "Will I be able to execute one of the mutants? Is it that kind of camp?"
  156. 01[22:19] <Staffen> He gives Jericus an odd look, then opens up the chimaera's rear hatch. "Just get in. When we get there, keep your head down and try not to shoot anyone."
  157. 03[22:19] * Plex|Away ( has left #eternalwar (Back in a bit.)
  158. 06[22:20] * Jericus shrugs, before getting into the familiar cramped troop compartment of the Chimera.
  159. 06[22:20] * Petrus boards the chimera
  160. 06[22:22] * Nyx also loads in
  161. 06[22:22] * @Ezekiah gets in as well.
  162. 01[22:25] <Staffen> The sergeant enters, closing the hatch behind him. He takes a seat beside the door.
  163. 01[22:25] <Staffen> The chimaera kicks off and speeds away, rattling along across unpathed dirt.
  164. [22:25] <Jericus> "So, how long you been on Tranch, Sergeant?"
  165. 06[22:26] * Petrus picks a speck of dust off his nomad with a grimace
  166. 01[22:26] <Staffen> "I'm Sergeant Lite," the storm trooper says, "and this'll be my third year of deployment out here."
  167. [22:27] <@Ezekiah> "Have you slain many sinners with your sacred weapons?"
  168. 01[22:27] <Staffen> Three other storm troopers in black carapace are aboard as well. They are preoccupied checking over their weapons.
  169. 03[22:27] * Plex ( has joined #eternalwar
  170. 01[22:27] <Staffen> Lite rolles his eyes.
  171. 06[22:28] * Jericus chuckles, while shaking his head.
  172. [22:29] <Nyx> "Mutant extermination going well?"
  173. 01[22:29] <Staffen> "I know what it's going to look like up ahead, but do NOT shoot anybody in this camp," the sergeant tells you. "Alright? Command's current objective is to get the population back under control, and any accidents are going to just provoke another insurrection."
  174. 01[22:30] <Staffen> One storm trooper looks up. "You don't know a damn thing about this planet, do you, civvie?"
  175. [22:30] <Jericus> "You got it, Sergeant." Jericus replies, while checking over his weapon, might as well he figured.
  176. 06[22:30] * @Ezekiah looks at the sergeant, then to the eviscerator propped up next to him. "Sergeant, you can have my word as a member of the Red Redemption that I will not shoot anyone in the camp."
  177. [22:32] <Nyx>  "I shant use my gun, either. On my honor."
  178. 01[22:32] <Staffen> Lite leans in. "Look," he says, "this planet's population was, before the rebellion, eighty-five percent mutant."
  179. 01[22:33] <Staffen> "Today," he continues, "it is roughly ninety-eight percent mutant. If you want to connect the dots on what that means, then be my guest, but right now we need to get this world secure - none of the big-time merchant houses want anything to do with Tranch right now."
  180. [22:34] <Petrus> "I can see why, not much money to be made with mutants."
  181. [22:34] <@Ezekiah> "Then you should have expected the uprising of filth to overtake the proper God-Emperor fearing folk."
  182. [22:36] <Nyx> "We could kill them all and reduce them to fertilizer."
  183. [22:37] <Nyx> "Or, even better, we gather them all in into lifters into space, then we space them."
  184. [22:37] <@Ezekiah> "The answer, sergeant, is obvious. You have not been effective in your purgings! The only answer is DECIMATION! Kill 9 out of 10 mutants! The ten percent left will learn to appreciate your mercy!"
  185. 01[22:38] <Staffen> Lite seems to be ignoring this talk. "There are little small-time mines here-and-there, you would have seen them if you'd approached Hargon from the south. Smaller companies have made tidy profits off these operations."
  186. 01[22:39] <Staffen> The Chimaera eventually comes to a stop. Lite opens a slit behind him, and looks out. "This is it. The Septon Block camp."
  187. 01[22:39] <Staffen> He opens the hatch and the three storm troopers exit, their weapons held across their chests. He follows them out with his hellpistol tucked in its holster.
  188. [22:40] <@Ezekiah> "Do we... follow them out?"
  189. 06[22:41] * Jericus follows, weapon held pointing towards the ground, ready to bring it up, if need be.
  190. 06[22:42] * @Ezekiah would follow out after Jericus, placing his chainblade back upon it's scabbard on his back, and looks around this camp...
  191. 01[22:42] <Staffen> "Yeah, come on out," Lite says, "just try not to start anything with the locals."
  192. 03[22:42] * Plex ( has left #eternalwar
  193. 03[22:42] * Plex ( has joined #eternalwar
  194. [22:42] <Jericus> "Shouldn't be too hard..." Jericus says as he looks at Ezekiah.
  195. [22:44] <@Ezekiah> "I have nothing to start with the locals as long as they are proper God-Emperor fearing folk. But I have a feeling they will be sinful, heathen dogs..."
  196. 01[22:45] <Staffen> The Chimera faces a grouping of ragged tents of various materials - all of them filthy. A man is wandering around aimlessly, wrapped in heavy brown cloth, his face hooded.
  197. 01[22:47] <Staffen> "Aui, Mattai," Lite calls. The man looks over in your direction: you can't help but notice his face is wrapped over, but he walks without any sort of assistance. "War bit Aldan?"
  198. 01[22:48] <Staffen> "Aldan?" the man gurgles. "Oe stin iss tant."
  199. [22:48] <@Ezekiah> "... we should watch the sergeant. That sounds suspiciously like sinner talk."
  200. [22:49] <Jericus> "Don't worry, I'm sure they pray to the Emperor in that language as well." He nudges Eze.
  201. [22:49] <Nyx> "Let's just get our job done.  I don't like it here."
  202. [22:50] <Jericus> "Not much to like in a warzone. 'Cept the explosions. They always have the best."
  203. 01[22:50] <Staffen> "Peoples from various industrial centers generally have their own dialect," one of the troopers says, "the overseers didn't keep strict regulations on linguistics, and their demands were generally very simple. Sarge used to have a translator, but the little girl died of a tumor."
  204. [22:51] <Jericus> "Hope he wasn't too attached...."
  205. 01[22:52] <Staffen> Lite walks for the camp. He motions for you to follow him, as the storm troopers do.
  206. 06[22:52] * Nyx shakes his head, as if to clear his head
  207. 06[22:52] * Nyx follows along
  208. 06[22:53] * Petrus follows
  209. 06[22:53] * Jericus walks after the storm troopers, looking around as he does so.
  210. 06[22:53] * Plex follows Jericus
  211. 06[22:53] * @Ezekiah would follow them. "Sergeant, how do you stand it? How do you stand being around such... filth, and not excising it from our Emperor's realm? You are either a man of strong will, or lax convictions. I wonder which."
  212. [22:53] <Jericus> "Or he's a man who follows orders, like a proper soldier."
  213. 01[22:53] <Staffen> "Shut your mouth, red-boy," Lite says, "some of them can tell what you're saying."
  214. [22:54] <Nyx> "Woop woop b'joob doop."
  215. [22:55] <Plex> "And there are a lot more of them than us..."
  216. 01[22:55] <Staffen> Sure enough, several strange faces are peering out of tents at you. One, with a leathery face and six green beady eyes clutches a similarly endowed child that looks no older than seven.
  217. 06[22:55] * Nyx hisses and moves closer to the storm troopers
  218. 06[22:56] * Jericus grimaces at the sight. "Poor bastards."
  219. 06[22:56] * Petrus ignores the mutants and follows the storm troopers
  220. [22:56] <@Ezekiah> "Good! Let them tell what I am saying!"
  221. 01[22:57] <Staffen> What appears to be a normal man sits atop a barrel, bearing a stunted arm. He turns his face at Ezekiah's shouting, however, and you can't help but notice his head lacks a right hemisphere.
  222. 01[22:58] <Staffen> Lite waves. "No not mend us."
  223. [22:59] <Petrus> ++Keep your mouth shut Zeke or I will close it for you++
  224. 01[23:00] <Staffen> Lite stops before a circle of tents further along. Sitting on a crate is a young lady in patchwork leather. She waves to Lite.
  225. 01[23:00] <Staffen> "Hey, Hlite, how're hyou?"
  226. 01[23:01] <Staffen> She smiles wide - unnaturally wide. Her teeth are all fangs.
  227. Session Close: Sat Aug 04 23:02:01 2012
  229. Session Start: Sat Aug 04 23:02:01 2012
  230. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  231. 02[23:02] * Disconnected
  232. 02[23:02] * Attempting to rejoin channel #eternalwar
  233. 03[23:02] * Rejoined channel #eternalwar
  234. 01[23:02] <Staffen> "Nissa," Lite says. "How're you holding up?"
  235. 06[23:02] * @Ezekiah grumbles, but acquiesces.
  236. 01[23:03] <Staffen> "Hoh, jahst fine." She shrugs. "Who're hyour frahnds?"
  237. 01[23:03] <Staffen> "Offworlders. A bunch of civvies." Lite casually points to you. "I'll talk to you later, alright, Nissa?"
  238. 06[23:03] * Jericus nudges Ezekiah again. "Don't worry, we'll get to your happy hour soon. Plenty of heretics left in the galaxy."
  239. [23:04] <Jericus> "Civvies..." Jericus mutters under his breath.
  240. 01[23:04] <Staffen> Nissa blinks twice with two sets of eyelids. "Hokay. See hyou latohr. Hremembor to giff the propohr respects to Aldan."
  241. 01[23:05] <Staffen> Lite nods, and approaches a tent. "Come on, we need to have words with the old man."
  242. [23:05] <Petrus> ++I'm sure this "civvie" is a better shot than all of them put together.++
  243. [23:05] <Nyx> "More of /them/?"
  244. [23:06] <@Ezekiah> "This whole expierence is making my hands itch and my skin crawl."
  245. 06[23:06] * Plex follows silently, though warily.
  246. [23:06] <Jericus> ++Don't show off, you'll only make them angrier.++
  247. 06[23:07] * Jericus stays with the group, as they head for the old man.
  248. 01[23:07] <Staffen> "Ai, Aldan," Lite calls as he enters.
  249. [23:08] <Petrus> ++When have I ever shown off?++
  250. 01[23:09] <Staffen> Whatever this tent is made of, it is almost completely opaque against the outside light. Dim red-tinted lumen globes light the inside.
  251. [23:10] <Jericus> ++According to reports, you brained a gunship pilot? That's usually hard to do, with all the armored glass and the movement.++
  252. [23:10] <@Ezekiah> "Why does no one use my proper title...? I may be a civilian, but I am more then a civilian. I AM A REDEMPTIONIST!"
  253. 01[23:10] <Staffen> Lying on one side is a small man with a disproportionately large head. His face is tall and gaunt, and from his chin dangle strands of flesh.
  254. 06[23:11] * Nyx stays near to the door, watching both inside the tent and out warily
  255. 01[23:11] <Staffen> At Ezekiah's shouting, he shudders and slowly sits up. "Hwo commas da ma?"
  256. [23:11] <Petrus> ++It wasn't anything another marksman could pull off++
  257. 01[23:11] <Staffen> "Lite ond frandes," the Sergeant says.
  258. 01[23:12] <Staffen> "Dai spak," the mutant says. "Est horm ma."
  259. 01[23:12] <Staffen> Lite snaps his fingers at you. "Are you whispering into comm-beads? Stop doing it. He can... he can 'hear' it."
  260. [23:14] <Jericus> "Can hear it? Does he have sensitive hearing or something?"
  261. 06[23:14] * Nyx cringes
  262. [23:14] <Nyx> "Less asked aside from our goal, the better."
  263. 01[23:15] <Staffen> "Don't ask me to describe it, he can HEAR vox-traffic, and it's painful to him. Aldan," Lite looks back to the mutant, "tull os da stariy om da khild."
  264. 01[23:16] <Staffen> The man sits up. You can hear bones pop as he shifts.
  265. [23:16] <Jericus> "Right..." Jericus let's his weapon rest on the strap as he rubs his hands together.
  266. 01[23:17] <Staffen> He points to Nyx. "Or frand, she hades er fass."
  267. 01[23:17] <Staffen> The mutant laps his lips. "Wau?"
  268. 01[23:17] <Staffen> Lite looks back at Nyx. "He's asking why you wear your mask."
  269. 06[23:17] * Nyx starts to back out of the tent, making the sign of the Aquilia
  270. [23:18] <Nyx> "Stage prop, reminds me of home, don't point at me, look at me, talk about me, me not good thing, whoop, whoop, I'm out."
  271. 06[23:18] * Nyx falls backwards out of the tent
  272. 01[23:19] <Staffen> "Alright, uh," Lite coughs. "Aldan's going to tell a story from his people. He expects me to translate for you to listen. We have to hear it before he'll talk to outsiders."
  273. [23:19] <@Ezekiah> "No body asks me about my mask..." He almost seems dejected about it. No one wants to ask the poor member of the Red Redemption why he dresses in red and wears a shiny gilded mask and so on and so forth. Unfortunately his sad face is more of a stern grimace because of the hooked nose eagle mask.
  274. 06[23:20] * Plex glances back at Nyx before deciding to stay.
  275. 06[23:20] * Jericus listens while continuing to rub hands.
  276. 06[23:21] * @Ezekiah also thinks a moment... and a moment more. "Must we?"
  277. 01[23:23] <Staffen> Aldan coughs, hard. "Alright, keep quiet, he's starting," the sergeant says. The mutant begins to speak. "Many many years ago, there was a girl who lived in this manufactory block. She was a pretty little child, born to two of the cruellest and ugliest slaves. She was flexible, with a long boneless left arm that had formed into a mouth-covered appendage. But she had an innocence about her.
  278. 06[23:24] * Nyx 's head pokes in through the tent door to listen
  279. [23:24] <@Ezekiah> "Doubtful."
  280. 01[23:27] <Staffen> "She did not work for many years. But one day, her family died in a mine collapse. They beat her, they shunned her, but they were her family still. She wept and sobbed sobbed until an overseer overheard her wailing. Pleased to have found a new laborer with at least a working hand, the overseer took her to the manufactory line.
  281. 02[23:28] * Nyx ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  282. 06[23:28] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
  283. 06[23:29] * @Ezekiah is entirely unmoved.
  284. 06[23:29] * Jericus continues to rub hands, as if cold.
  285. 03[23:29] * Nyx ( has joined #eternalwar
  286. 01[23:30] <Staffen> "To work the Machine-God's devices, the girl had to be taught to understand instructions, so she was taught the Gothic language. They gave her knowledge of how to do the work, and how to fix minor problems with the machines. She was an intelligent little girl, and learned fast. As it dawned on the overseers what they were dealing with, they began to put her to work on more and more tasks, for she could go where others could not with her malleable body.
  287. [23:30] <@Ezekiah> "I think I see where this is going..."
  288. [23:31] <Jericus> "Let him finish, Eze. Sooner the better."
  289. 01[23:31] <Staffen> "But then the war came." Both Lite and Aldan seem to pause for a moment. "The masters--" Lite looks back, "he's talking about the mutant leaders, the masters fought to free the people of the overseers. Some swore equality. Others called for vengeance. After many years, the vengeful won out, for the overseers had done the people too much wrong.
  290. 01[23:33] <Staffen> "The little girl, now nearly a woman, ran away from the manufactorum, and returned to her old home to be swept up in this war. She helped to bring down the walls to the overseers, and soon won favor with the masters. The girl won hearts and minds with her brilliance and her beauty. She soon became a leader. "
  291. 01[23:34] <Staffen> Aldan stops. "Das wull bin al," he says to Lite. "Das wull bin al. Woh nid du?"
  292. [23:35] <@Ezekiah> "Is there a part where she dies terribly for her sins and crimes?"
  293. 01[23:36] <Staffen> "A bit embellished, pardon my translation was boring. I'll get to the 'sins' thing when we leave." Lite turns to Aldan again. "Wah nid du ta commes wim as. Du art niddan bae mor mansters."
  294. 01[23:36] <Staffen> The mutant seems to ponder for a moment. "Ond af ay no not?"
  295. 01[23:37] <Staffen> Lite shrugs. "Ay moss taem du."
  296. 01[23:37] <Staffen> Aldan nods slowly. "Ay commes."
  297. 01[23:38] <Staffen> Lite motions to two of his troopers. "Help the old man up. We're good to leave."
  298. 01[23:38] <Staffen> He leans close to Ezekiah. "I suggest you look at Aldan's back when we leave."
  299. 06[23:40] * @Ezekiah would raise an eyebrow. Not that anyone can see it.
  300. 01[23:40] <Staffen> The two storm troopers lift up Aldan. The mutant moans as they carry him out of the tent.
  301. 01[23:41] <Staffen> On his back is a large, faint mark - an old tattoo, blotted in places by liver spots. It is indistinguishably an Imperial Aquila.
  302. [23:42] <Jericus> "Well, seems me an' him got that in common." Commenting on the tattoo.
  303. 01[23:43] <Staffen> A voice cries out as the troopers pass through the ring of tents with Aldan in-tow.
  304. [23:43] <@Ezekiah> "... so he's been appropriately branded?"
  305. 01[23:43] <Staffen> "War bit maen brodar!"
  306. 01[23:43] <Staffen> You hear a gun fire.
  307. 06[23:44] * Nyx pulls forth his sword
  308. 06[23:44] * Petrus brings his nomad up
  309. 01[23:44] <Staffen> From amongst the tents comes running a mutant with two sets of arms, holding an autopistol in one hand.
  310. 03[23:45] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  311. 03[23:46] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Mutant, Nyx'
  312. 06[23:46] * @Ezekiah looks at the mutant... "YES! FINALLY!"
  313. 03[23:47] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Ezekiah, Mutant, Nyx, Plex'
  314. 03[23:47] * Staffen changes topic to 'Petrus, Ezekiah, Jericus, Mutant, Nyx, Plex'
  315. 06[23:50] * Petrus fires a shot from his nomad making the mutant's head explode
  316. 01[23:51] <Staffen> Aldan cries out at the sounds of gunfire. Across the camp mutants are screaming.
  317. 01[23:51] <Staffen> Nissa is covering her mouth, staring wide-eyed.
  318. [23:52] <Nyx> "Oh bugger.  Sarn't Lite, please prepare for that planetwide rebellion you were warning us of."
  319. [23:52] <Jericus> "Well, now the fecking party starts."
  320. 01[23:52] <Staffen> "Mahrk," she calls, "hyou may hwant to lheave."
  321. 01[23:53] <Staffen> "On it." Lite runs ahead of the rest of you, hurrying his troopers on. "You know where to find me, Nissa!"
  322. 01[23:53] <Staffen> The mutants emerge from their shelter, murmuring worriedly. A crow begins to gather around the body.
  323. 06[23:53] * Jericus follows, making to keep up with the Toy Soldiers.
  324. [23:54] <Jericus> ++I'd suggest you follow, guys.++
  325. 06[23:54] * Petrus follows the storm troopers
  326. 06[23:54] * Nyx runs after
  327. [23:54] <@Ezekiah> "... blast!" And he'd do so. "I was promised a righteous war!"
  328. 01[23:54] <Staffen> *A crowd begins to gather
  329. [23:54] <Jericus> ++You'll bloody get one later! Remember, galaxy full of heretics!++
  330. 06[23:55] * Plex dashes after the rest.
  331. 01[23:55] <Staffen> The storm troopers hurry back aboard the Chimera. Lite stands at the hatch, hurrying you in.
  332. 06[23:55] * Jericus climbs aboard. "Now that really brings me back."
  333. 06[23:55] * Nyx jumps into a seat and begins hunkering down for the expected stampede
  334. 06[23:57] * Plex straps in next to Nyx.
  335. 06[23:57] * Petrus enters the chimera and sits down
  336. 01[23:57] <Staffen> The sergeant quickly shuts the latch once everyone is aboard. He locks it, and shouts to the driver.
  337. 01[23:57] <Staffen> "Well," he wheezes, "that went better than expected."
  338. [23:58] <@Ezekiah> "I'm not sure what just happened."
  339. [23:58] <Jericus> "Locals always so eager for blood, Sergeant?"
  340. 01[23:58] <Staffen> The Chimera lurches, and speeds away.
  341. [23:58] <Nyx> "So...are we being deported before the rebellion starts?  Again?"
  342. 01[23:58] <Staffen> "The guy that jumped us was a local teenager," Lite explains. "You arrived to see us kill his brother and some friends earlier."
  343. [23:59] <Plex> "So when Petrus blew his head off..."
  344. Session Time: Sun Aug 05 00:00:00 2012
  345. 01[00:00] <Staffen> "I've had far worse incidents than this on this planet," the sergeant continues. "One of the first villages I visited turned out to be a weapons cache for a local insurgency. There have been other times where you'll get people trying to fight you off because they feel threatened. Then this."
  346. [00:01] <@Ezekiah> "He was a filthy mutant. He would have died one way or another."
  347. 01[00:01] <Staffen> "You two're that psyker pair, right?" Lite says. "I'm Mark Lite. Truth be told, I'm not with the Imperial Guard." He pats the emblem on his carapace's shoulder pad: the 19th Calixian Home Guard. "I'm with the Ordo Xenos, Internal Prosecution."
  348. 06[00:02] * Nyx nods slowly
  349. 06[00:02] * Petrus raises an eyebrow "So you've known who we are the entire time?"
  350. [00:02] <Jericus> "No wonder you're so friendly with the locals."
  351. [00:03] <Nyx> "Are these wretches so far mutated that the xeno-faction must handle this with your placement?"
  352. [00:03] <@Ezekiah> "It would not surprise me."
  353. 01[00:05] <Staffen> "Everybody in IP knows who you two are. Kith got quite a lot of scrutiny when she brought you two into her fold, but fortunately you didn't turn out to be anything bad. The name 'Orestes' mean anything to you?" he suggests. "Whatever. Listen, Aldan here has information that Internal Prosecution requires to track down an Inquisitor that's been Excommunicated. The guy's been running weapons deals with locals, stirring up trouble - really nasty shit. Way advanced, a lot of it xenos-origin."
  354. [00:06] <Jericus> "Interesting, so you already know why we're here then?"
  355. [00:06] <@Ezekiah> "Do our missions even crossover?"
  356. [00:06] <Petrus> "Both of our missions involve weapons coming here so I don't see why they wouldn't"
  357. 01[00:07] <Staffen> "Nope," Lite says. "I don't need to know why you're here either. That's your business. But let me assure you that you probably won't have much trouble with the Commissariat. Your real problem on Tranch is the locals."
  358. [00:08] <Plex> "Seems to be par for the course," Plex mumbles, sotto voce.
  359. [00:08] <Nyx> "If this village was any indication, even talking to them will be hard, much less finding what we need."
  360. [00:08] <Jericus> "Well, your guy might be related to what we're doing. Think we can get in on any information you get on him?"
  361. [00:08] <@Ezekiah> "I do not particularily care for the locals. If they give us trouble, I will give them trouble right back."
  362. 01[00:09] <Staffen> "I'll send any info Kith's way, I guess. I have to clear it first with Orestes."
  363. 01[00:10] <Staffen> "Have any of you heard anything about one Inquisitor Anxo in the course of your investigation, by the way?" Lite looks over you all.
  364. 06[00:11] * Nyx looks at Plex, and looks back
  365. [00:11] <Nyx> "Not I."
  366. 06[00:11] * Plex shakes her head. "Not a word."
  367. 06[00:11] * Jericus shows his hands with a shrug. "Nothing so far."
  368. [00:11] <@Ezekiah> "... after we had kidnappes Schoorl, when we had to get the... savant, we saw a vid with a woman. Is Anxo a woman?"
  369. 01[00:12] <Staffen> "No, Anxo's a man. Supposedly has a lot of scars and filed teeth." He shrugs. "Alright. We'll take you out to Gamma-2 before we circle back. One thing, though, red-boy..."
  370. [00:12] <@Ezekiah> "It's the 41st Millenium. People can change that, or so I'm told."
  371. 01[00:13] <Staffen> "Tranch's history is more complicated than you think. That story, it was about one of the Shroud Masters of the Pale Throng. You know one of the sub-groups that join the Throng?"
  372. [00:14] <@Ezekiah> "To be perfectly honest, I did not know Tranch existed until just a few weeks ago."
  373. 01[00:14] <Staffen> He laughs. "Figures. But listen to me, pal, the Throng was backed up by many different fringe-cults. And one of those--"
  374. 01[00:14] <Staffen> The Chimera hits a bump.
  375. 01[00:14] <Staffen> "One of those was the Redemption."
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