Chapter 50 of Shieldbro, Tanuki, and Firo

Sep 18th, 2014
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  1. Hnnnnnnnnnnnng Raphtalia
  3. Edited By: MythosIX
  5. Chapter 50 - Before the Storm
  7. Old Man: "Lad, your armour is not ready yet. If you are here to use the kitchen, I would like to ask you to refrain."
  8. Naofumi: "Why? I thought you gave me permission a while ago."
  9. Old Man: "If you want to use my kitchen, some compensation is required."
  11. After separating from the child soldiers, we stopped by the market to purchase large quantities of food.
  12. Then we proceed to impose on our handy equipment store acquaintance and start cooking up a storm.
  13. Is this food not my sincerity and gratitude for equipment store for providing cheap weapon and armour?
  15. Firo: "Food! Food!"
  17. For a while now, Firo has been consuming the roast meat and skewers that I have been making.
  19. Old Man: "This smells great! Everyone who entered the shop was tempted by the smell. I went and checked when they left and they all went to the market to buy food."
  21. Raphtalia brings the old man some food while he is making my armour at the counter.
  23. Old Man: "Furthermore, some idiot stole some food from the dish the missy brought me, how did you produce such a taste! There is a crazy commotion since a while ago."
  24. Naofumi: "Just kick the guy who stole food out."
  25. Old Man: "The guy who stole food was generous and bought a weapon. Lad, with you here my sales record for the month is going through the roof."
  26. Naofumi: "That's good. Take it as my thanks to you."
  27. Old Man: "Alright. Not! This isn't some restaurant, it's an equipment store!"
  29. For an equipment shop, you sure have a lot of additional pots and quite a big pan.
  30. Thanks to that, I am borrowing a cauldron to make this world's unique curry.
  32. Strangers: "......"
  34. An aunt from the neighbourhood peeks through the ventilation window, along with several other adventurer-like guys.
  35. I close the ventilation window with a bang.
  36. The smell drifts to the front of the equipment shop.
  38. Old Man: "Lad!"
  40. I heard the old man's shout.
  41. Seriously......
  42. After the curry was completed, we were evicted from the old man's kitchen and thus end our cooking session for Firo.
  43. Firo still seems dissatisfied and wants to eat more. There are only half of the contents in the pot left.
  44. Due to the pot left behind, the equipment shop later had a rumour about it having absurdly delicious food, but that is a story for later.
  46. Firo: "Master, Firo wants to eat more food~"
  48. I bought some skewers for Firo who inflated her cheeks with a dissatisfied expression while wandering the town for cheap food.
  50. Naofumi: "Hmm, should we just go make something by the riverside?"
  51. Firo: "Meat again?"
  52. Naofumi: "Yeah, you're getting tired of it?"
  53. Firo: "I will not get tired of anything Master makes~"
  54. Naofumi: "Sure sure"
  56. We head back to the equipment shop to borrow an iron plate, which Firo carried.
  57. Well, we will probably become familiar with this place since we will barbecue here in the future too.
  58. I buy the proper materials and start barbecuing by the riverbank.
  59. Firo is concerned about insufficient meat so she went to the forest to horde Usapirus
  60. (tl note: Rip poor Usapiru population)
  61. We had to barbecue for a while until Firo was satisfied and started discussing about what to do next.
  63. Raphtalia: "This is the first time we took it easy"
  64. Naofumi: "Now that you bring it up, yeah it is"
  66. Every day in this abnormal world has been a battle and now looking up to the blue sky gives off a very peaceful feeling.
  67. Makes one forget about the wave of disaster that is only a few days away.
  68. Unexpectedly, Raphtalia plays with the ball that I purchased for her a while go
  70. Naofumi: "Isn’t that...... the ball that I bought for you?"
  72. Raphtalia smiles when I point at the ball.
  74. Raphtalia: "So you remember"
  76. I thought she lost it a while ago, to think she still had it.
  78. Raphtalia: "This is the first thing that Naofumi-sama gave me"
  79. Naofumi: "You were looking at it so wistfully that anyone would have bought it"
  80. Raphtalia: "I don't think so"
  81. Firo: "Na?"
  83. After Firo cleaned up the rest of the barbecue, she turned around.
  85. Firo: "Onee-chan, what are you talking about?"
  86. Raphtalia: "It's just something that happened before Firo was born."
  87. Firo: "Hmm....."
  89. I watch the ball bouncing around.
  90. It looks worn out and some parts are torn. Perhaps Raphtalia was playing with the ball while I wasn't looking.
  92. Naofumi: "Do you want me to buy you a new one?"
  94. It's not an expensive item. If playing with balls is Raphtalia's hobby, then for the sake of her relaxation, I would buy more.
  95. (Tl note:PFT anyone got a better translation? because this is too lewd.ボールで遊ぶのが趣味ならラフタリアの息抜きの為に買っても良いとは思う。)
  96. Raphtalia: "No, that is not necessary because this is my memento."
  97. Naofumi: "I don't get it, but......"
  99. If she wants to treat it as a cherished memory then I will not question it.
  101. Naofumi: "Do you want to play together?"
  102. Raphtalia: "Eh!?"
  104. Raphtalia look at me in shock.
  106. Naofumi: "What's wrong?"
  107. Raphtalia: "No...... I just didn't think Naofumi-sama is someone who wants to play with balls."
  108. Naofumi: "Well...... It is unavoidable I would see someone who thinks like that. Though, today would be a good day to take it easy and play."
  110. Can we play volleyball with only the two of us? Well, there is always passing the ball back and forth without dropping it.
  111. The ball is thrown at me and I raise my hands to return it to Raphtalia.
  112. This is unexpectedly difficult...... Back then, I barely ever played beach volleyball.
  114. Firo: "Master and Raphtalia Onee-chan are playing! Firo wants to play too!"
  116. The bird finished her meal and started making a commotion while we were tossing the ball back and forth.
  118. Naofumi: "If you want to play make sure to control your power and not destroy the ball."
  119. Firo: "Okay~!"
  120. Raphtalia: "Fufufu"
  122. Raphtalia tosses the ball very happily.
  123. Even though her body is grown up, she is still a child.
  125. Naofumi: "When the wave is over, I'm thinking of going to another country to Class up"
  126. Raphtalia: "Okay. I will follow you everywhere."
  127. Firo: "Firo too~"
  129. The ball flies from Raphtalia to Firo and then finally me.
  131. Naofumi: "Ah"
  133. The ball flew behind Raphtalia and is about to fall to the ground.
  135. Raphtalia: "Ei!"
  136. Naofumi: "What!"
  138. The ball was skilfully hit towards Firo with her tail.
  140. Firo: "Wa...... Firo too"
  142. Firo hits the ball with the wings on her back.
  143. You guys...... Don't use parts that common human beings don't have.
  145. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama"
  147. I wonder why this game is becoming one with strange conditions.
  148. It can't be helped.
  150. Naofumi: "Air Strike Shield!"
  152. The ball is bounced back by a shield that appears in the air.
  154. Raphtalia: "Ah, that's dirty!"
  155. Naofumi: "It's not!"
  157. Seriously......This is child's play.
  158. As a result of the cool down time, I lost. Afterwards we just played volleyball normally.
  160. Raphtalia: "Well, what should we do now?"
  162. It will be essential for Raphtalia to become stronger from Class up.
  163. Additionally, whenever a wave appears, I am summoned. In the meantime, I should work on levelling up and earning money in a different country.
  165. Naofumi: "We still have time. Raphtalia, Firo. Are there any accessories that you want?"
  166. Raphtalia: "Accessory?"
  167. Naofumi: "Ah, I can craft some so I was wondering if you two wanted any."
  169. From a while ago, I already decided to reward Raphtalia and Firo because of their hard work.
  171. Naofumi: "Raphtalia, you're at the age where you want something like that right?"
  172. Raphtalia: "Y-yes......"
  173. Firo: "Firo too!"
  174. Naofumi: "I understand. Now tell me what you two want."
  176. Raphtalia seems to be dumbfounded.
  177. Is this such a rare occurrence?
  179. Firo: "Uhmm, Firo wants a hairpin"
  181. Firo wants a hairpin huh...... that's surprising since I expected her to want a saddle or some reins.
  183. Naofumi: "Hairpin? Why?"
  184. Firo: "Because it won't dig into my skin after I transform."
  186. You still mind that? Well, perhaps something to stick on her head would be good.
  187. I guess it is appropriate considering how old Firo looks.
  189. Naofumi: "Raphtalia what do you want?"
  190. Raphtalia: "Me? Let's see......"
  192. Raphtalia thinks for a while before answering.
  194. Raphtalia: "I want a bracelet. Granting an effect is important. It will be useless if there is no meaning."
  195. Naofumi: "Huh?"
  196. Raphtalia: "Naofumi-sama, an item that can raise my abilities would be preferable."
  198. I wonder what. My mind seems to have trouble understanding Raphtalia's answer.
  199. A bracelet that gives an effect. I thought she would have wanted rings, earrings or a necklace.
  200. Is my brain just bad?
  202. Naofumi: "O-okay. I'll make it properly"
  203. Firo: "Firo too~"
  204. Naofumi: "Yeah yeah"
  206. We played at the grassy plain till the end of the day, then returned to the hotel to prepare for the wave.
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