Danger - @crybabyjoon

Oct 19th, 2016
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  2. Birth Name ; Daisuke Fukunaka
  3. Agent Name ; Yandel (like Daniel but 'Y')
  4. Nicknames ;
  5. -Fuku : family / those incredibly close to him would call him so, because it sounds somewhat cute.
  6. -Dai : usually those that want to tease him, the nickname bothers him. used to irritate / tease him.
  7. -Suke : mostly called so by those he's acquainted with, something friendly he earned while growing up.
  8. -Yannie : family / those incredibly close to him, something to irritate him, but he low-key likes it.
  10. Birthday ; October 20, 1997
  11. Age ; 17
  13. Nationality ; Japanese
  14. Ethnicity ; Japanese
  15. Languages ; Japanese & Korean
  17. Birthplace ; Tokyo, Japan
  18. Hometown ; Osaka, Japan (till the age of 11) Seoul, South Korea (the rest)
  20. Height ; 174cm
  21. Weight ; 50kg
  22. Blood Type ; A
  25. Slot ; The Really Hot One
  26. Backup ; The Innocent Maknae
  28. Personality ; Daisuke is a really sweet and caring boy, he won't let anyone do something for themselves nd help them if he thinnks it's needed. His amazing looks is what makes everyone easily distracted and give in pretty easily to him and his kind words. He absolutely dislikes the idea of hate or anyone that thinks of themselves too high and mighty, Daisuke is the kind of person that will fight for anyones rights no matter what the problem or who the person is. He just hates negativity and though he is a very soft and kind person, he wouldn't dare hold back in anything physical and stand up for himself / others. Though he can have his tough times, Daisuke is what others call 'literal sunshine'. He's always one step ahead of everyone, being all smiley and having a jump to his steps and ready to make a funny joke or a great innocent comeback, anything to make those around him smile and giggle to the point that their stomachs hurt in pain. Well, this literal sunshine has his pros and cons. Daisuke likes to think that his great looks and very warming personality is what are his pros, the cons being how he's way too clumsy and somewhat confused though altered and focused 24/7. This boy will legit be doing something completely innocent, fixing his hair in the mirror he so happened to see and when he decides to walk away, he'll trip and have to save himself at the corner of a table or someones arms. He's very, very clumsy and innocently confused to the point where it could be annoying and the want to slap him on the side of his head is strong. Though he's very skilled when it comes to remembering something important or one of the things he's made to do. It's odd, he can forget the most easiest of things but the most complicated things, is what he'll have stuck in his head. When he isn't serious or just doing nothing in general, he's questioning people and what he has to do and is always accidentally drifting off into his own world, when in fact, he has to stay aware at all costs. Him being both a spy and an idol.
  30. Background ; Daisuke grew up in Osaka, Japan with his family that was filthy rich. He was usually ignored, because others thought that he'd be your stereotypical rich boy. Rude, ignorant, high ego and many more. He was glad that he heard that his family was moving to Korea, a place where nobody knew him or his family, though he was brought to deep sadness when he found out the reason behind the movement. His little sister that he cares about deeply had caught a sickness, a sickness that makes those question which is closer. Life or death? His little sister had been diagnosed with cancer, and since Daisuke's parents were guaranteed that his little sister would get all the help she needed to become healthy again, that's when they hurriedly made their way to Seoul. Half the reason Daisuke became a spy for that reason, to protect those in need, to fight for what's correct and figure out a way to make his sister happy. Even if it means hurting a few, emotionally or physically. Though his a kind young boy, he never really had a lot of attention from his parents, believing the saying that middle children don't get any attention whatsoever. He takes out all his anger and frustrations on others that deserve it, not wanting to cause any trouble to his already busy parents and siblings.
  32. Family ;
  33. -male / Akio Fukunaka / 42 / Big Companies CEO / 0%
  34. -female / Ai Fukunaka / 40 / Lawyer / 30%
  35. -male / Daichi Fukunaka / 22/ University Student / 97%
  36. -female / Aimi Fukunaka / 7 / Elementary Student / 100%
  38. Greeting ; "Hi! It's your favorite of them all~ Daisuke-chan!~"
  41. Face Claim ; Jaehyun (ik u might choose him but I'm tryin)
  42. Backup ; Namjoon (*whispers* he has dimples too)
  44. Onstage Persona ; He's as sweet as he usually is when he's just around anywhere, though he is much more flirtatious. He's not gonna let his great looks to waste, so he'll usually be very teasing and will always make sure to make eye contact with the fans, always leaving them with a wink or a finger heart. Something to make their hearts racing and a great story to tell.
  46. Offstage Persona ; His an adorable little child that will be telling everyone that they did a great job. From his members, to the staff, to even the fans he so happens to pass. He'll make sure not to make a mistake and suddenly trip / be clumsy and casually give people encouraging words and hand his sweaty members a towel and a water bottle, he wants to be as helpful as he can be.
  48. Fanservice ; finger hearts / hearts, blowing kisses, taking pictures on fans phones, skinship with members / fans
  50. Scenarios ;
  51. -In which they so happened to be caught by other idols / people while they were on a mission and they had to make up a reason onto why they were dressed the way they were. They ended up explaining that it was a cosplay from one of Daisuke's / another members favorite action anime.
  52. -The members were all out, having a night out together when suddenly they were told that they have been given a mission. They hurriedly try finishing their food / drinks / game they were playing and doing what they were told to do.
  54. Scandals ;
  55. -Hmm, possibly that their company is making them date another group, though it all ended up being like a collaboration ???
  56. -One of the members / multiple of the members were seen and taken pictures of them jumping out of a window or just slowly making their way out of a place all mysteriously and stuff.
  57. -Rumors about a member getting ready to drop out of the band
  61. -strawberry candies
  62. -sake (tho he young oOps)
  63. -making jokes and having everyone laugh along
  64. -being shorter
  65. -neutral colors
  66. -die hard anime fan
  67. -tumblr
  68. -flowers and the meanings behind them
  69. -when he's made food
  71. Dislikes ;
  72. -bitter coffee
  73. -apple juice
  74. -tight, quiet, or sad conversations
  75. -those that are slightly too cuter than him
  76. -neon, bright colors
  77. -rude, ignorant, high ego people
  78. -others / him getting talked down
  79. -being ignored
  80. -too oblivious people
  82. Habits ;
  83. -puffing up his cheeks
  84. -fixing his hair every 0.7 seconds
  85. -pulling skin off on the sides of his fingers
  86. -real clingy
  88. talents ;
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