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  1. [quote]well this was what i was curious about - does it cost anything to launch these sort of attacks? I have a couple of friends who have anon friends etc. etc. who i could pull a couple of favours in from but these don't come lightly and i would have to have a damn good reason and indepth information for them to put their precious servers to just any old task.[/quote]
  3. You must lack unfathomable amounts of information, How can one be so sure as to the attacks are not coming from anonymous, There is a large group of us who are very displeased, That is all you need to know. You can't believe how many times I laugh when I read "I have a couple of friends who have anon friends" Meaning, you probably do not even have friends in the first place making your second statement absolutely invalid. How about you get some friends instead of pretending to know people who actually have them. Also you would like to know how much it costs to launch these beautifully crafted attacks? Absolutely Nothing.
  5. [quote]
  7. In an ideal world people would actually express their discontent or unhappiness in the forum and communicate their concerns so that things can be dealt with in a peaceful and reciprocal manner. Hiding behind a bot is not only childish and immature it affects people who wish to read and engage with the forum.
  9. Hopefully who ever orchestrated this has put their dummy back in and will be open to mature dialogue in the future. No one* wants to see disruption to forums and websites through $5 an hour DdOS attacks.
  10. [/quote]
  12. Oh my god sir how you do tickle me where I should call for an adult, In an ideal world people would express their discontent or unhappiness in whichever way I see fit as I do have the freedom of GOD DAMN CUNT MOTHER FUCKING SPEECH as well as the freedom to pursue happiness and do whatever I want as long as I cause no harm to another human, I know my rights. You on the other hand are walking a thin line of freedom of speech as these forums are very open with human consumption. I shant be a hippocrit and say I disslike RC's however, It is idiots like all of you who make it so public and publically discussing on forums about the (booting,shootingup,insuffilation,Anal suppositories like you all enjoy,IVing) of your Not to be consumed reasearch chemicals. I bet if it wasn't for stupid ass forums like this and mentally incapable people like yourselves The entire 2C- Family's would still be around and not walking straight up the scheduled lists.
  14. Also $5? honestly, completely ignorant to both chemicals/computers. You wish you could have this type of power kid, if you would like to blame anybody for the downtime I would point your dirty shit covered fingers and point them right at your Admins/Security for they failed you at knowing their job.
  17. [quote]
  18. Well if it happens again I know that geeza and the webhost will be launching a formal investigation, if the attacks had continued today when the site came back online i believe they were going to start then.
  19. [/quote]
  21. All I honestly have to say is I'm not done, Geeza and the webhost will be launching each others cocks into each others ass. You can do an investigation all you want man, all I have to say to you is good luck, your going to waste lot's of money to come up with zero results. Also if you hadn't noticed the site has still been down/up switching vise-versa so where is this investigation you were told of?
  23. [quote]
  24. Pretty sad that hackers who in the old days hacked because of a belief in freedom of information are now using their knowledge to shut down information. But ho hum, that is modern day life I suppose.[/quote]
  26. On the contrary, I am a hacker who is hacking because of my beliefes. We hadn't just randomly picked your site to attack, there is good motives/reasoning/#nofuckswhatyouthink behind why we are doing what we do. I do not approve of childsex/childporn/open drug discussion/open murder discussion/Sex Trading you fall along the line of one of those. I do believe in the right to freedom of information, I believe I should be able to read/see/post whatever the fuck I'd like as long as it's not within the area's I dissaprove of. I'm not shutting down information i'm keeping people from retards like you all.
  27. People need to realize that just because 1 idiot takes 10mgs of DOC doesn't mean that it's safe or you should do it, I've seen multiple threads/posts that were clear give aways that insinuate Human consumption.
  28. You can hate me or be upset with me because your views clearly differentiate from my own.
  29. #We Are Anonymous
  30. #We Are Legion
  31. #We Do Not Forgive
  32. #We Do Not Forget
  33. #Expect Us
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