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Jul 30th, 2020
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  1. Today im making a commitment,
  2. I have realised that my future lies in engineering academia and that that is where i would be happiest, however i have found that i have lost my grip on mathematics. A string of poor circumstances and absent lessons which were, if I’m honest, mostly my fault along with the fault of my fucked up brain. I have aspirations of becoming a professor at russel group universities as a doctor of mechanical engineering and that cant happen if i don’t take my MEng, that cant happen by proxy if i dont get at least an A in my A level mathematics and A* in my A level physics. That definitely cant happen if i don’t get back in touch with the mathematics that i used to love. So, i am going to relearn mathematics from scratch, and to keep myself accountable i will be covering my progress in #scrapbook. My GCSEs are less than a year away and i need this. I guess if you end up following this process of mine feel free to attack me if i dont post at least one mathematics revision post a day in my scrapbook i will be starting today and my first scrapbook will go up in like 12-16 hours, wish me luck!
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