cj isnt retarded, we are just too dumb to understand

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  1. [02:28] +CJer✿: oh okay I can do that one
  2. [02:28] +CJer✿: alright so one day CutestFlareonEver was walking down the street on their way to the supermarket
  3. [02:28] +CJer✿: they ran out of rice so they were going to get more
  4. [02:28] +CJer✿: rice is very important yk
  5. [02:29] +CJer✿: so then like 50 FBI agents jump out of a small shrub and kidnap them
  6. [02:30] +CJer✿: so they just all pile out of the small ass bush and they're like "FBI we have you surrounded"
  7. [02:30] +CJer✿: and meanwhile they're only on one side
  8. [02:30] +CJer✿: they're all just like grouped together
  9. [02:30] +CJer✿: so CutestFlareonEver is just like "what the fuck ever idc" and they keep walking
  10. [02:31] +CJer✿: but little did she know the FBI had a magnet
  11. [02:31] +CJer✿: little known fact: Flareons are super fucking magnetic
  12. [02:32] +CJer✿: there was like 78 other prisoners there and there was only one plate of food
  13. [02:32] +CJer✿: and they were all fucking starving
  14. [02:32] +CJer✿: and then the FBI just took crates of weapons and just kinda threw them in there and said "yeah we want to watch some fun"
  15. [02:33] +CJer✿: so then Mewtwo comes in and he's all like
  16. [02:33] +CJer✿: "haha I have a fucking spoon you pansy asses"
  17. [02:33] +CJer✿: and then he just fucking murders everyone in the building except for CutestFlareonEver because plot devices
  18. [02:33] +CJer✿: read the manga
  19. [02:33] +CJer✿: nah there were 78 or so other people idfk
  20. [02:34] +CJer✿: okay so CutestFlareonEver goes and gets the plate and there was
  21. [02:34] +CJer✿: FUCKING
  22. [02:34] +CJer✿: noodles
  23. [02:34] +CJer✿: not even fucking rice
  24. [02:34] +CJer✿: what a fucking rip-off
  25. [02:34] +CJer✿: and then they died
  26. [02:34] +CJer✿: because rice is important
  27. [02:34] +CJer✿: eat your rice, kids
  28. [02:35] afakedugong: Wait, CutestFlareonEver is dead?
  29. [02:35] +CJer✿: No because plot twist the story isn't over yet
  30. [02:35] +CJer✿: get fucking rekt you didn't see that one coming
  31. [02:36] +CJer✿: okay so CutestFlareonEver wakes up in the hospital
  32. [02:36] +CJer✿: and the doctors are like "yeah you almost died of kidney failure"
  33. [02:36] +CJer✿: because rice effects kidney health yk
  34. [02:36] +CJer✿: idek
  35. [02:36] +CJer✿: so then as it turns out that was just the warm-up round
  36. [02:37] +CJer✿: and then the nurses pull off their dresses and they're actually some really fucking jacked dudes
  37. [02:37] +CJer✿: and they whip out tommy guns from nowhere and try to kill CutestFlareonEver
  38. [02:37] +CJer✿: but she's very short
  39. [02:37] +CJer✿: so they missed
  40. [02:37] +CJer✿: so she just walks over to them
  41. [02:38] +CJer✿: this takes several hours because she's shorter than a termite
  42. [02:38] +CJer✿: and she kicks their pinky toes
  43. [02:38] +CJer✿: and as you all know
  44. [02:38] +CJer✿: if you're super fucking swole, if you stub your toe you just fucking explode
  45. [02:39] +CJer✿: so then CutestFlareonEver takes the guns
  46. [02:39] +CJer✿: both of them
  47. [02:39] +CJer✿: she's fucking duel wielding that shit
  48. [02:39] +CJer✿: it's p fucking cool
  49. [02:39] +CJer✿: and she just shoots everyone in sight until she gets to the supermarket to purchase some rice
  50. [02:39] +CJer✿: the end
  51. [02:40] +SacredLatiasッ: what the fuck
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