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  1. persona.general - wave dem arms - Makes the bot wave dem arms. Yes, that's really it.
  2. persona.ooh - ooh mah gurr - Ooh mah gurr!
  3. persona.general - a uns uns - A uns uns uns.
  4. misc.say - say [words]- Make the bot say stuff. Wow, so amazing.
  5. core.setnode - nodes-a [user] - Append a node to a users nodes, thus allowing them to use a command.
  6. core.setnode - nodes-r  [user] -Remove a node, disallowing useage of the command.
  7. misc.can.rmind - rmind [user]: [msg] - Give a reminder for a user, which they will receive upon their next message in a room with Virus, provided he is not banned.
  8. core.setnode - flushnudes [user] - Remove all nodes from a user.
  9. core.getnick - getnick [user] - Get that users nickname. Ya.
  10. - status [user] - Check a users online status, like the freaky staller you are.
  11. core.setnick - nick [Nickname] - HTML allowed provided you close the HTML tags. This changes what Virus calls you.
  12. core.givenick - snick [user] - Change a users nickname! Hah. Gay.
  13. misc.caninvite - inv [user] - Invite a user to a chat through PM. Virus may or may not be PMR. Please note Virus does not relay PMs back to chat.
  14. misc.canpm - pm [user] [message]  - PM a user a message. Ya.
  15. core.banlist - banlist - If Virus is modded, he will post that rooms banlist. Mods and room owners are also able to use this command ((Consider adding * or some other notation to simplify adding this instead. Perhaps an icon index?))
  16. core.sendroom - give [room] [message] OR send [room] [message] - Send a specific room a message from you, from your current room.
  17. core.sendall - global - Send all rooms Virus is in a message
  18. core.hsendall - hgb - A message to all rooms, without the username sent by attached.
  19. core.roominfo - inf  & inf [roomname]- Get that rooms mods and owner.
  20. persona.insult - bh - A picture.
  21. persona.idiot - idiot - A picture.
  22. persona.kden - kden - A picture.
  23. persona.insult - insult [name] - Insult someone! if you have new insults to be added, do tell ;]
  24. persona.good - good - A picture.
  25. persona.fuck - fuck sorch - Fucks sorch. Ya. Thats it.
  26. - nom [user] or eat [user] - Nomnomnom u sick fuk
  27. nodes-clone - nclone [user]: [receiver] - Clone someones access nodes to someone else.
  28. core.canrestart - rst - Restarts the bot
  29. core.eval - ev or eval or e - Evaluate something.
  30. - y or yt, or view [name]- Search for a youtube video.
  31. - gi [word] - Google image search
  32. misc.ub - ub [word] - Urban dictionary search.
  33. misc.fag - fag [name] - Call someone a faggot. Ya.
  34. misc.multichat - mc chatname chatname chatname - Get a multichat link. Multichat used is from Chtracker.Info, hosted by Kniveslives.
  35. - meter [name] and [name] - LOOOOOOOOOOOVE
  36. misc.lmg - lmg [word] - Ya.
  37. - gw [word] - Google word search.
  38. room.wl - rwl [roomname] - Whitelist a blacklisted room
  39. rooms.leave - pr [roomname] - Make virus leave a room
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