Jitters and Globe Make Peace

Jan 4th, 2013
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  1. CONTEXT: Globebutt has been arguing-- nay, fighting-- with the voice inside his head, "Jitterbean", for some time now; the two have been fighting for control of the body they both inhabit (which was definitely Globe's before he got turned into a mare). Jitterbean thinks life would be better if Globe would just shut up so she could be a good little pony pet. Globe will have none of it. However, when Master died, Jitters' plans were... upended. Globe took this opportunity to take her to a coffee joint (as Jitters does love coffee) and discuss the possibility of just working out how to go on living *with* each other. This scene begins as Globe's friends realize that he has set out alone to conquer the voice in his head (by means of parlay) and he has not yet returned.
  3. «Egg_Discord» "...The coffee joint!"
  4. «Mr.Jared» -dur-
  5. «Globebutt» Good.
  6. «HTBK» *Jitters relaxes her icy grip on your legs.*
  7. «Ewo» "...Oh, dear."
  8. «Egg_Discord» "Come on, Everyone! I know which one he went to!" I lead everyone there.
  9. «Mr.Jared» *follows suit*
  10. «Puck» I follow
  11. «Globebutt» We grab a mug (the one from before) and drink.
  12. «Mr.Jared» (here we come globe, to ruin your spotlight)
  13. «Ewo» I follow while flying.
  14. «HTBK» *...Yep. It tastes awesome.*
  15. «Puck» I dunno, I think we're timing it pretty well
  16. «Egg_Discord» We arrive at the shop.
  17. «HTBK» *You know, if the coffee tastes like this, I think I may just be able to stand you.*
  18. «Globebutt» I'm glad we got things worked out, then.
  19. «Mr.Jared» "there he is..."
  20. «Egg_Discord» "GLOBE! Are you alright?!" I say as I burst through the door, scared of losing another friend.
  21. «HTBK» *Good girl.*
  22. «Mr.Jared» "Egg! Stop!"
  23. «Globebutt» I nod. "Jitters is, too."
  24. «HTBK» *Globe is sitting at the counter, sipping coffee from a mug.*
  25. «HTBK» *If Andy Samberg were here, he'd describe the entire thing as being done "Like a boss".*
  26. «Globebutt» "Though I think she still thinks I'm a girl."
  27. «Puck» I rush in after them, sliding to a sitting stop.
  28. «Mr.Jared» "Jeeze you have been gone long enough, how much have you been drinking?"
  29. «Globebutt» "We'll talk about that some other time, though."
  30. «HTBK» *Look between your legs, lady.*
  31. «Globebutt» Check your privilege, sister.
  32. «Egg_Discord» "...You managed to talk some sense into her? How are you gonna handle that little voice in your head?"
  33. «HTBK» *You'll be singing a different story when you hit cycle.*
  34. «Globebutt» "Civilly."
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