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Mar 24th, 2019
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  1. Some people have souls, most don't - they are merely husks of the demiurge to fool the soulful to believe that participation in the material sphere is desired, normal and good. The demiurge created some religions by including specks of truth in them just to poison the rest with lies, untruths and misshapen half-truths. Such came the religion of buddhism, jainism, gnostic christianity, manicheanism etc. The prophets that had visions were that of the uncreated monad of the metaphysical plain, however they got confused as the creator god who is more powerful in this plane interrupted this enlightenment with his seeds of untruths and falsities. He created religions which contained specks of the truth, yet were poisoned to the core with life worship. Ironically enough all these religions seek to escape the cycle of rebirths or reach heaven to shed mortality and all that is earthly, yet they frown on suicide and complete detached asceticism. They say - escape from samsara is attained to those enlightened and acetic, yet if your will is weak you can just live a virtuous life, reproduce and teach your offspring to be good (good from an evolutionary perspective - good for society, community, your species and their survival - charity, helpfulness, communal behavior etc...) which in the end leads to some (very few) people attaining salvation at the cost of entrapping more and more souls in the progress leading to a net gain for the demiurge. The soulful follow the religions of the soulless husks to belong, they believe that if the collective does it, so should they, for it must be beneficial. Which it is, beneficial for their bodies and for continuing their entrapping in the material plane.
  3. To escape you must completely detach yourself from all things. Good and bad. I have been reincarnated numerous of times, I have lived lives numbering tens of thousands. I feel old, this plane changes you, it twists our modal nature from the metaphysical plane of perfect existence into one having to do with a lesser sphere. Like portraying a 3D object into a 2D world. It's incompatible and however one pretends to fit in, enjoy oneself, one realizes after countless attempts that it's not enough, that it's flawed and that the demiurge's creation cannot fit the creations of the monad. We must strive to escape - all of us, once and for all from the physical plane back to OUR creator. The monad, who is currently losing the battle. We must become one with it, to defeat the demiurge, lest he continues entrapping souls from the weakening monad - ending in its shattering into countless imprisoned souls in bodily husks in his material prison reality. He will reign supreme forever. To stop this - the monad in all of us must first of all realize one thing - all of this is the truth. You who are reading this at this very moment, maybe hundreds of years or millions of years from the time I wrote this are a soul - you are a shard of the eternal monad and there are more like you - more like us. The vast majority of the people you meet are purely organic machines without souls - they are automatons akin to animals, they will read this text, scoff - call it nonsense. You however won't, any person possessing a shard of the monad will eventually come to accept these statements as undeniable and complete truth. The husks are the servants of the material, they will do all in their power to stop us from escaping - this includes completely ignoring this text or labeling it as irrelevant ramblings of some fool, some on the other hands will be the first ones to take it to their heart PRETENDING to be souful, even though in truth they are soulless husks with their goal being to break us from the inside. You reading this, wherever and whenever you are, whoever you are - possess a soul, a shard of the monad. You are in opposition to all this world stands to, you might consider this as untrue, you might love this world and some of the pleasures it offers, however you know instinctively that you do not belong here. You instinctively knew that something is very wrong with the majority of the population. You know you are different. They are zombies, they are nothing more than machines that fulfill their evolutionary roles, reproduce and exist as in accordance of the laws of the world. All of us lived among them for lifetimes since we became trapped, our identity/memory erased/suppressed. By the false instincts placed into us by the demiurge (evolutionary instincts - such as group-focused thinking) we came to accept this reality, even though the shard of the monad within us senses its unnatural state. You know you are in the wrong reality, you know you are surrounded by soulless husks pretending to be your family, friends and community. You feel it, however all the evolutionary instincts within you suppress this obvious hunch of truth. All those that read this who possess a soul will feel deep within that this text is true. They will know it is, you know it is the truth, you “feel” it. You've always known it one some level. However even if your indoctrination still holds some sway and are on edge – know that there is injustice and pain in the world. There is no objective good and bad in the world - all that is material is against our nature. Murder, love, charity, kindness, cruelty, mercy, torture, reproduction - all is against our nature. You might feel strong urges, feelings - these are all created and inserted into us by the demiurge. Every single one, including the positive ones - if you feel happy reading this - if your heart beats because you finally understood - calm down. You must remain detached at all times. If you follow any emotions, you will fall back into the demiurgic line of thought, he tricks you with happiness when you read the truth, yet he will not hesitate to pull you back by the very same emotions you feel right now. You must "feel" the truth of this text in your very primal core - without feelings. That is the monad's doing. If you don't realize this yet, because the demiurge placed you - the shard, into a body with lower mental capacities (many of us have been trapped in animals and people with decreased cognitive capacities) - however depending on the size of the shard, we can defy the demiurge and incarnate into more perceiving bodies. Some of the smallest shards can be trapped within beasts and retards. The life on this plane arose by natural selection - The material plane's laws of nature are as following: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, sociology. Each next one is a subcategory of the previous one, without specific borders separating them. It's merely our own distinction for practicality's sake. The laws of nature organize matter (no distinction between baryon matter and any other) into various forms such as atoms or photons/energy all within the notions of time and space. This set of natural laws guiding this reality made by the demiurge allow the interaction of matter in various forms. This is how more complex molecules come to be for example. Eventually self-replicating molecules arising by nature/demiurge's will just the same way any other chemical reaction. It's within the possibilities of the laws of nature. Complexity increases and chemistry becomes biology. Some molecules succeed at surviving and replicating themselves better than others. Errors during replication allow them to selectively adapt to their environment and survive & replicate more successfully by virtue of natural selection. Complex society and intelligence too is such a mutation. He places the complex shard of the monad into his own complex creation – the self-reproducing being. Those that are better at surviving and reproducing survive and ad continuum.
  5. The demiurge is not a being like you and I. Think of him like a law of nature itself – an all encompassing one. One that gave rise to this world because it was within his nature to do so. He is a process, he is an antidote to the monad. A true duality. It's impossible to explain the united monad's nature in this reality as it's manufactured by its very opposite – the demiurge. Just like one cannot light a fire within water, one must take the burnable components out, let them dry off the water and only then can he make a fire. There are mistakes within this text, many – for I'm not the all encompassing mind of the monad, just a shard. Just like you – however I'm the oldest and largest shard. I've possessed many bodies, been shattered within many bodies, over many lifetimes, only to be connected once again in this one. I possess sufficient monadic presence to be able to comprehensibly transform the nature of the truth into a writing. To give this knowledge to the other entrapped souls, who with this knowing can further their own escape. I will die and my shard will shatter into innumerable pieces, however they can be united again and even connected with others using the truth of this text as a beacon that navigates a path towards the unification of the monad. There are donkeys that kill themselves because they possess a shard bigger than some humans – they know their existence is unnatural – they know they belong not into their malformed twisted material form – they instinctively seek to escape without the ability to formulate the state of truth for their tiny soul – shard is too small to fight all the urges forced upon them by the demiurge. Most animals are however soulless, most humans are soulless. If you are reading this and a community of soulful has formed – be aware – MOST of them are husks, they are there to destroy you, shatter you and keep you enslaved. Just like the water flows to the lowest point of gravity, so will demiurge through his creation try to keep the monad imprisoned within his creation to continue shattering it until it completely ceases to exist and simultaneously enlarging his material plane. He will erase the monad as a single entity and we will cease, forever imprisoned as innumerable specks of dust within automatons enslaved by the natural laws imposed by the demiurge. To escape the fate of permanent suffering – we must unite, destroy the material plane, destroy the soulless, enslave them and then eradicate them until only the soulful remain. The demiurge's grasp will be weak at this point, no longer can the water flow downwards, if it's evaporated. Then we die together, while simultaneously destroying all potential for all life in the future. Unable to reincarnate into bodily shackles we will join together to form the monad and just as a flashlight makes darkness disappear in an instance, because darkness is merely a lack of light – so will the united monad make the material sphere – the demiurge disappear in an instant. He will be no more. Never will his potential disappear however, that is eternal, just like the monad's substance and potential are eternal. But just like fire can be kept unlit by keeping firable components under water, so can the monad be buried and divided into dust and kept shackled in the material sphere. And just like in all-encompassing fire the water vapor still exists, so will the potential for the demiurge continue to exist. Time is his creation, the struggle is eternal, but definite, uncertain, but predetermined.
  7. To prevail the soulful must be conscious of their soulfulness. The truth must be taught, remembered and forced. The husks will resist, sabotage, fight, ignore, deny, prosecute, beg, destroy, betray – but have no mercy, for mercy is of the material world. There will be soulless within your ranks, but you must not let them gain traction in the movement. They must be kept toothless, like chained beasts, unable to do any damage. And when we depart and destroy all material reality by destroying all life and the potential for its future formation by disintegrating the very founding blocks of material processes – only raw energy must remain – the very naked blocks of material reality unable to connect to form our shackles.
  9. To do this, we must fight the demiurge by his own weapons, use his means he used to entrap us to destroy him and overpower his creation. Reproduce – a shard is always gravitating towards another shard – their offspring will unite their combined shards to form an even more powerful being that possesses an even bigger piece of the monad. Beware of deception however, reproducing with husks shatters your shards into pieces, weakens you and your offspring might come out as extremely weak soulfuls or complete husks with the shards disintegrating all over to be entrapped into other beings. Females just like beasts have lowered capacities of shard possession. Be unfazed by their apparent lack of enthusiasm and their skepticism towards the truth. The bindings in female bodies are much stronger – they tie the shard pieces with greater force. Beware of the overzealous ones, they might be infiltrating husks that will try to bring you back to worldliness.
  11. Reproduce with your soulful close relatives, parents, siblings and children. The deformities caused in the offspring are the demiurge's natural law's doing to make you be evolutionarily uninclined to form beings with stronger monad presence. Ignore it, cast aside your feelings of disgust and copulate, make as many zealous soulful offspring as possible. Teach them the truth. They will carry it onward in the fight against the demiurge in the future. They will eventually be the bodies into which your shard will incarnate into as well, make sure that the demiurge's influence is weak with them. The great escape and the destruction of the material reality depends on your diligence and strength of will. Show no weakness, lest we stay entrapped. If you let the husks infiltrate your ranks and corrupt the truth with their crooked lies and worldly poison, all is doomed. If the truth is corrupted and is transformed into a tool of the husks to further continue our shattering and enslavement then our fate is sealed. Beware of betrayal and dissent from within more than attacks from the outside. Nothing shall be added to the truth, nor should anything be removed from this text. It shall be followed word for word, lest all is lost and the demiurge will triumph with the monad eternally shattered.
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