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  1. →SUN
  4. FULL NAME : Han Eunji(last, first)
  5. OTHER NAME :Baby (as in a english/american name, or a chinese / japanese one)
  6. NICKNAME(S) : Hannie, Euneun, Jiji, Silver
  8. AGE : 20 years old (int.) 21 years old (Kor.)(int. & kor.)
  9. BIRTHDATE : 2 May 1997
  11. WEIGHT : 45kg(kg)
  12. HEIGHT : 1.73m(cm)
  14. ETHNICITY : Chinese
  15. NATIONALITY : Singaporean
  16. BIRTHPLACE : Singapore
  17. HOMETOWN : Singapore
  19. BLOOD TYPE : B
  22. BACK UP : Jisoo (BLACKPINK)
  25. → GALAXIES
  28. PERSONALITY : She's a quiet one, despite being one of the Maknae Liners. She thinks carefully before she does anything, and is usually the one who stops the rest from doing irrational things, even though she gets swatted away most of the time. She has never told anyone about her past, not even her best friend. She's usually looking very thoughtful, and solemn.Under her facade is a fragile child needed to be protected, so if you ever know her, just to let you know, you'd be the one voluntarily protecting her, just like her best friend.She may be among the Maknae Line, but she can be one of the maturest as well.( min. 6 sentences )
  29. BACKGROUND : She was a happy little child who was extra like any other kid last time when her family sent her to Korea for better education. Her parents couldn't leave their home country as they had opened a nice family cafe that earned quite a lot and was extremely popular, so she was all alone in Korea, but her family did visit her every holiday. One summer, her family was once again on the way to Korea to visit her, when she suddenly received a call. The plane her family was on had crashed but they were nowhere to be found and declared dead. Now that her entire family was dead, she was considered an orphan and if no legal relative were to take her in, she would be sent to the orphanage, being under 18. Thankfully her uncle, who was staying in Jeju-do, took her in, saving her for any crisis about being sent to the orphanage. However, as she grew, and her looks went beyond the line of 'beautiful', her uncle started having sensual thoughts towards his niece. Quite a few times her uncle made a move towards her, and she rejected them all, originally being innocent. But her uncle became angry and started abusing her. Cutting her, hitting her, slapping her. Until one day, her uncle came home drunk, and she was sleeping peacefully in bed when her uncle raped her,causing her to lose her virginity at the age of 18. She had resisted, and she accidentally broke a mirror as well, hitting her uncle by accident, which only made her uncle fume more in anger, taking a shard and slashing at her, causing a long deep cut from her thigh up to her chest. She ran away to Seoul after that, barely alive, bleeding from that cut. The police found her, and she explained what happened. Thankfully, she was finally 18 and able to live on her own. She got a job that paid pretty well and managed to start school in Seoul again and support herself. However, that night when her uncle rapped her will forever be in her mind, scarred forever.( min. 8 sentences )
  31. LIKES :( min. 4 )
  32. -Quiet
  33. -Books
  34. -Fashion
  35. -Shopping
  36. -Dance
  37. -Music
  38. -Sleep  
  39. DISLIKES : ( min. 4)
  40. -Death
  41. -Airplanes
  42. -Drinking
  43. -Smoking
  44. -Knives
  45. -Clubs and pubs  
  46. TRIVIA : -She's insane over caramel machiatto, and she needs it on a daily basis, or she'd be in a bad mood for the whole day and the drink needs to be cold, with whipped cream and from Starbucks.
  47. -She loves fashion and shopping.
  48. -She'd take hours to dress up, even if it's just going out to take a cup of water
  49. -She usually can't go out because it's already night when she steps out.
  50. -She can come up with who-knows-how-many ways to style her hair.
  51. -She's skinny a.f.
  52. -She has never worked out before.
  53. -She wears almost anything with his favourite black velvet sun hats.
  54. -She can lock herself in her room and cry for an entire of 3 hours about that incident.
  55. -She has never told anyone about her past, not even to her best friend.( min. 3 )
  56. HABITS :(min. 3)
  57. -Biting her bottom lip or biting her nails when she's scared or nervous
  58. -Moving her feet to random dance steps when she's bored
  59. -Running her hand through her white hair/pulling it when she's thinking and deep in thought
  60. -Drumming her fingers anywhere when she's bored.  
  62. TALENTS : ( min. 3 )
  63. -Sexy dancing
  64. -Mix martial arts
  65. -Tricking
  66. -B-boying
  68. FAMILY : - ( name, age, role )
  69. FAMILY CLOSENESS : - ( ?/10 )
  72. →STARS
  75. SLOT : Saturn
  76. BACKUP : Mars
  77. LOVE INTEREST :Earth (the s/o's slot)
  78. BACK UP : Jupiter
  79. POSITION IN GROUP : Vocalist, Sub-rapper
  80. HOW DO YOU ACT AROUND THEM? : Shy, quiet, blushes like crazy
  81. SCENES BETWEEN YOU & THEM :(min. 4)
  82. -Cooking ramen when he suddenly hugs from behind
  83. -Pillow fight
  84. -Had a nightmare, went to find him and we spoon together to sleep
  85. -Cuddle and netflix
  88. →MOON
  91. USERNAME : ddabbaem
  92. PASSWORD :16 December
  93. MESSAGE TO MEMBERS : Please take care of me! Thank you!
  96. EXTRAS :-
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