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  1. <p>The PerfectPillow™ Memory Foam Pillow is designed to improve everyone's favorite past-time: <strong>SLEEP</strong>. No more waking up to <strong>numb arms, a sore neck, or a stiff back.</strong> Our pillow will provide natural support in all the right areas, no matter what position you prefer to sleep in, and all orders include <strong>FREE worldwide shipping.</strong></p>
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  4. <li><strong>Eases neck, shoulder and back pain: </strong>the gentle, contoured slope of our pillow <strong>provides support to vital areas of the neck and shoulders</strong>, keeping you in a natural position that standard pillows aren't capable of.</li>
  5. <li><strong>Increases circulation: </strong>side-sleepers and cuddlers never have to suffer again from numb arms. The arched design allows you to keep an outstretched arm without cutting off circulation in your arm and shoulder, <strong>perfect for couples!</strong></li>
  6. <li><b>Improves sleep quality: </b>made from the <strong>highest quality of materials</strong>, our pillow will have you fast asleep and ready to take on the next day.</li>
  7. <li><b>Multifunctional design: </b>our versatile pillow makes comfort easy, no matter where you are resting. </li>
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  9. <p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Available Online Only. FREE Shipping Worldwide!</strong></p>
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