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  1. Name: Mercer
  3. Gender: Male
  5. Race: Diamond Dog
  7. Class: Warmaster (Knight/Smith)
  9. Skills:
  10. -Burrowing: Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, setting traps, moving unseen and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  11. -Lucky Dog: Passive; Some dogs just have more days than others. The first roll in combat enjoys a higher chance to be critical. Crit Range -2 for the first roll only.
  12. -Heart of Iron: passive; Once per combat, when you first go down to 1 wound or less, you are instantly restored to 3 wounds.
  13. -Martial Defender: passive; you take +2 hits before going helpless (if you had 5, you now have 7, etc), and Slam crits on 8+
  14. -Sentry: passive; first action taken in combat is Automatic
  15. -Sharpen: Once per combat, give one ally (or self) +1 to their weapon for the duration of the battle
  17. FL only:
  18. -Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
  19.     Combat: the entire party gains +1 to all rolls next turn, or +2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use. Critical failure replaces the bonus with a -1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
  20.     Noncombat: you perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate
  21. -You are better able to speak to the locals of these lands, gaining a +2 to all social rolls involving the Tribals.
  22. -You may sacrifice your own turn in order to help reroll an ally's skill in the case they fail.
  24. Talent: Tonitrus - Using Sharpen gives Mercer's weapon Lightning damage as well as the +1.
  26. H/W: 8/5
  28. Inventory:
  29. -Round steel mace that sparks with lightning
  30.     FL only: Frost enchantment - enemies hit on 7+ when attacked with this weapon, and become frozen on a crit, forcing them to pass their next turn and suffering an autocrit from the next directed attack
  31. -Faded ragged red vest
  32. -Dirty gray cowl (worn in bad weather)
  33. -Large cloth backpack
  34. -Compass
  35. -Small collapsible telescope
  36. -Lantern
  37. -Water skin
  38. -5 meters of rope
  39. -Bedroll
  40. -80 bits/gold pieces/whatever the currency may be
  41. FL only:
  42. -Shadow gem x2
  43. -Diamond Dog armor (+1 physical resistance)
  44. -Note, written in unknown language
  45. -Ancient Sword [Single | +2 Attack bonus. | Unknown Enchantment.]
  46. -Right Metal Gauntlet: Can perform a stunning strike to knock some of your enemies focus off. Can also roll to resist disarming skills with that arm.
  47. -Donkey Tribe coin
  49. Traits:
  50. Mercer is a Diamond Dog adventurer from a distant land. He is a member of a strange clan of ascetic Dogs that inhabited an area of grassy plains. His childhood was relatively peaceful, until the fateful day when his kin were raided by a horde of Changelings. Their motives were unknown, but Mercer speculates they were conquerors of some larger empire. None but he escaped; the rest were either killed or taken away and enslaved. He continued on for a while, spreading word of his plight to those who would hear it, but none would listen, as if they were afraid of his message. Nowadays he travels from place to place in search of work and riches, while also seeking revenge on the Changelings that destroyed his clan.
  51. Mercer appears as a tall, gangly Diamond Dog with a short muddy brown coat. His eyes are a bright red hue, his snout is long and pointed, and his ears are small and folded. His usual weapon, a hefty steel mace with no spikes or flanges, seems to have a spark of magic in it. Simply by striking the weapon like a match, it generates blue sparks of electricity to improve his abilities in combat. Mercer found this weapon on one of his adventures, and it has served him well ever since. Mercer is not particularly strong, but he is quite agile in combat; however, he does move with a slight limp in his left leg due to an old injury. His voice is low and raspy.
  52. Mercer is an amicable Dog, very social and intelligent. He speaks with a distinctly archaic dialect, using outdated syntax, a large vocabulary, often referring to himself in third person and referring to others as "the". This is because the common tongue is a second language to him. His people had their own language, consisting of guttural growls and drones. He often lapses into speaking this during combat, although the meaning of what he is saying is lost to time. He is somewhat naive and trusting, which could be his undoing some day. Mercer is a loyal friend, willing to protect his allies at all costs. He is a born leader, often taking initiative when traveling in groups as well as being the one to negotiate hostilities. He abhors slavery in all forms, and is particularly suspicious of Changelings due to his previous experiences with them. He has made it his goal to not only find out more about the Changelings that ravaged his clan but to end the life of whoever was behind the attack.
  54. FL only:
  56. Chosen Path: Wanderer
  58. 1. Obtain Inspire Skill (If skill has already been learned, increase bonus by 1)
  60. 2. You are better able to speak to the locals of these lands, gaining a +2 to all social rolls involving the Tribals.
  62. 3. You may sacrifice your own turn in order to help reroll an ally's skill in the case they fail.
  64. 4. Gain +1 to one skill you know of your choosing.
  66. 5. Obtain Innervate Skill (If skill has already been learned, Crit fail range is reduced by 2.)
  68. 6. You are able to draw away the attention of the Colossi and Spirits much better than your allies, allowing you to draw them away and give your team enough time to go for an attack... Although this will leave you open for focused attack as well.
  70. 7. Roaming these lands and your deeper connection to the Wanderer's Path has allowed you to gain more connection to the lands. You may now roll to commune with the land in order to seek out Colossi or even Tribal Villages.
  72. 8. Your eyes do not decieve you. You can now spot objects in the distance much greater than your allies could, this also means you may be able to spot a way to finding a weak point on the Colossi. Spot rolls gain a bonus +3 and can now spot Colossi Weaknesses on 10+ rolls.
  74. 9. Obtain Haste Skill (If skill has already been learned, reduce recharge by 2)
  76. 10. Wanderer's Blessing: Spell, Recharge 4; Upon success, the entire party's next rolls will become automatic/autocrit rolls. Using Innervate on Wanderer's Blessing will only reduce it by 1 if used during your automatic/autocrit roll.
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