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Phyllida Birchwood

ninjajermz Sep 19th, 2011 90 Never
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  1. >Be a noble’s transgendered bastard child
  2. [COLOR="#EC5800"]Feel free to repeat that.[/color]
  3. >Be the sophisticated Clock Smith-to-be.
  4. [COLOR="#EC5800"]I’m still hunting you down later.[/color]
  6. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jdgQj.jpg[/IMG]
  8.   Your name is PHYLLIDA BIRCHWOOD (nicknamed Phyl),you are 115,728 hours old (13 years and 77 days) and you are under the impression that you excel in the fields of CLOCK CREATION/REPAIR and ORNITHOLOGY. Some of your hobbies are COLLECTING CLOCKS of all sorts and shapes, MONOCLES, and FEATHERS. you make accessories out of these knick-knacks, sell them for money, or wear them. You also enjoy READING. Especially the DICTIONARY, which is where you get your extensive vocabulary. Of course, your photographic memory helps the cause as well. You read BIRD ENCYCLOPEDIAS when your looking for some light reading material. You go to the Dump often to find things to better improve your home, such as heating, a water transferal system, etc. Of course, all of these are connected to clocks, so you are never caught pressed for time. You enjoy donning yourself in men’s clothes, because quite frankly, you don’t dare imagine the repercussions of a “Convenient breeze ” blowing up your skirt and revealing your UNSAVORY UNDERGARMENTS. The poor chaps would be scarred for life.
  10.   Your FATHER, being a high bred NOBLE, wanted to keep the fact of your existence secret. So he called a close colleague of his and arranged for you to be placed in an orphanage, where you currently resided. Due to this fact, you have had a lingering feeling of ABANDONMENT , which sends you into bouts of DEPRESSION. Nothing to worry aabout though, banging you head against the nearest wall usually fixes it right up. Your guardian is a deaf elderly woman.To communicate with her,you wrote notes on the dining room table in charcoal.
  12.    One day while whittling you time away at the dump you came to obtain your COMPUTATION DEVICE, badly damaged. willing to sacrifice some of your precious CLOCKS, you were able to fix the device, and perhaps even improve it’s durability!
  14.  Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is GAUNTLETBLADEKIND, not to be mistaken for a HIDDENBLADEKIND due to the fact it goes over the arm, not under. You are using the POCKET WATCH MODUS, which requires you to turn the hands on the face of the clock to retrieve your items. as such, you may only carry 25 items at a time, one for each hour and one for betwixt those hours.
  16. When you get the confounded game SDRICT to work on you computation device, you will be the Smith of Breath in the Land of Stairs and Pendulums, and will dream in DERSE. Your consorts will be Hawktopi (singular: hawktopus). Your chaphandle is asphyxiatedTimekeeper, and you tend to [COLOR="#EC5800"]Tick converse in such a fashion as to Tock incorporate supererogatory words into your sentences Tick, coercing others into studying the dictionary Tock. The aggregate and the prevalence of your Ticks and Tocks describe what mood you’re in.[/color]
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