Feb 22nd, 2015
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  1. Update v1.0.150220b:
  3. Saving
  5. - Fixed an issue where saves got corrupted and eternal black screen stayed on the screen. This fix does not actually fix the already corrupted saves but re- saving should not create anymore the same problem.
  6. - There were some problems with combinable items such as Home- Made Bomb and chemical tubes. These items should now better survive saving, loading and level changing. This will not fix already corrupted saves.
  7. - Fixed an issue where player took damage randomly on the first level after loading.
  8. - Fixed several saving issues with the last level boss fight.
  9. - Fixed issues with animation state saving. Crosses should now remember their animation state
  10. - Fixed an issue with vial combing. You should now need all four vials for make an explosive.
  11. - Fixed an issue where water canister did not survive through level changes.
  12. - Fixed an issue where boss battle had wrong music after loading with.
  14. There still is an issue of having some items disappearing. But should not happen as often as before.
  16. Options
  18. - Fixed an issue with resolutions were reverting back every time the player died. Fixed also several other bugs related to this.
  20. Achievements
  22. - Added a one new way for doing and changed description to Smoking Kills achievement for a more fitting one. Note: Smoking kills is not designed work with Fuel Fire.
  23. - Fixed an issue with MJ achievement not completing.
  24. Changed some of the descriptions from The Patience is a virtue achievement.
  26. Items
  28. - Fixed problem with player not being able to pick up items from water puddles.This was problematic especially when picking up the shotgun in the final level.
  29. - Inventory Full text now correctly appears when trying to holster an item while player’s inventory is full.
  30. - Changing holster button in the options now correctly changes the skill cancellation button as well.
  31. - Fixed static faucet that were missing a collision in ICU room in level 4.
  32. - Fixed an issue with money sometimes showing pickup button as [NULL].
  33. - Items from NPC inventory were sometimes floating in air after the NPC died. This should not happen anymore.
  34. - Fixed an issue where defibrillator was electrifying twice.
  37. Other
  39. - Removed Chromatic Aberration effect from situations where players experienced strange colors during the effect (ie. Mind Control).
  40. - Fixed performance issue when trying to cremate multiple bodies at once. This was causing freeze or even crash for some players.
  41. - Mana/Health Full text now appears when trying to pick up these power ups when player has full health or mana.
  42. - Fixed looping kill music in chapter 1 level 4 in the ICU room.
  43. - Fixed several other issues of music overlapping.
  44. - Fixed lucius taking damage out of nothing in the library in second level.
  45. - Mind controlled NPC’s have no longer problems walking on pavement in ch 2 level 2.
  46. - Player was not able to see hospital exterior from windows. This is now fixed.
  47. - Fixed issues with Charles Wagner death narrations.
  48. - Fixed some lightmaps from level Chapter 1 level 4.
  49. - Added a helper text to the end scene.
  50. - Added missing credits.
  51. - Fixed an issue where player could not get out of level 3 because of elevator doors.
  52. - Fixed some issues from electric radio puzzle in level 1.
  53. - Fixed a bug where player was able to exploit himself out of boundaries in Ch2 level 1.
  57. Minor
  59. - Fixed some hospital windows that allowed player to position camera outside hospital allowing players to see things they shouldn’t.
  60. - Fixed missing inventory icon from wooden stick in ch1 level 5.
  61. - Fixed several descriptions from various objects.
  62. - Fixed narration subtitles not matching with audio in chapter 1 level 4 ICU room kill.
  63. - Fixed biocontainment missing icons from Chapter 2 level 4.
  64. - Body in the morgue was missing material causing it look plain pink.
  65. - Fixed payphone floating in air in level 5.
  66. - Fixed some flickering textures from vending machines.
  67. - Fixed some floating tubes from level 4.
  68. - Fixed few sink sounds.
  69. - Fixed an issue where sometimes you would see the button [NULL] on loot icon.
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