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Moon's Second Rise Part 2

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Feb 7th, 2016
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  1. >Now to explain this properly, you'd probably need to go back to the start. That being, last night.
  2. >You live in a house, having a stable job unlike Anon, and not being as antisocial as him, but it's not very big.
  3. >At least it's pretty clean and organised, though. After all, you do think that it's best to be organised. Not that it matters now...
  4. >Anyway, back to last night. It's a quiet night, with barely a soul awake.
  5. >You're sitting at your work desk, researching a build for a game and calculating its upsides and downsides, when suddenly, your dog starts to bark.
  6. You groan. "Spinal, quit it!" you yell, knowing that he won't understand it. He'll probably just keep barking until the person outside goes away.
  7. >He continues to bark enthusiastically, and you roll your eyes. Standing up, you begin to walk towards the door. Opening your study room door, you turn towards the front of your house and walk down towards it. Not literally down, of course.
  8. >Suddenly, the dog quiets down, and just groans a little. You give a small smile. Spinal is the most adorable little puppy ever, being just a month old. He's a Labradoodle, and really fluffy.
  9. >You know you sound like a kid right now, but you don't care.
  10. >Anyway, you open the door.
  11. "...Is anyone there?" you ask into the dark, cold night.
  12. >There's silence.
  13. >You shrug, and start to turn when suddenly, your foot bumps something behind you.
  14. >You whip around, looking for the source
  15. >Then, you see it. You blink.
  16. "What?" you murmur. It looks like a box.
  17. >You examine this mysterious box. It's made of wood - probably mahogany, from its texture - and it's fairly large, being about as long as your head is tall and 3 inches tall.
  18. >There's a gold-coloured latch to open it, and after a few seconds of examination, it turns out to be seemingly actual gold.
  19. Your eyes widen. "Wow... This is unprecedented! Why would someone send me a box like this?" you wonder. Leaning down, you put your hands around the edges.
  20. >Usually, a chance like this doesn't actually just fall into your lap like this. You're not sure what it is a chance for, exactly, but you're pretty sure it's a chance.
  21. >Walking towards your study, you place the box onto your study table. Then, pulling the chair out, you take a seat.
  22. "Hmm... Maybe I should see what's inside it first before jumping to conclusions," you say, putting a hand to your chin.
  23. >But it would probably be dangerous to open this box before you knew its contents...
  24. >Aw, hell, you're just going to open it. Science never got where it was today after taking risks, after all.
  25. >You unlatch the box, and begin to open it. When you get to a certain point, though, a lavender light shines through the gap of the open lid.
  26. >Widening your eyes, you attempt to stop from opening it; there could be dangerous radiation in there!
  27. >Sadly, though, you can't stop yourself. Soon, the room floods with lavender light, and you feel something warm wash over you.
  28. >Your eyes grow heavy, a sudden exhaustion coming over you, and you see what's inside the box. Your vision is blurry, but not enough to not see what's inside of the box.
  29. You stare. "...Is this some sort of a joke?" you ask rhetorically, yawning afterwards. Inside of it is a pony toy. A goddamn pony toy.
  30. >You thought you told Anon that you don't want to watch his pony show; it just seemed far too good to be true to you, and you always thought that something with a title as corny as 'Friendship is Magic' was a little dumb. Besides, you had enough stuff like that in your dreams.
  31. >Now, either Anon got you this and put something odd in it, like some sort of light that released itself once the lid was open (you were pretty sure that there was no such thing), or you were hallucinating.
  32. >Yeah, that was it... It was a hallucination. You yawn again. Was it really that late? Shaking your head, you stand up. You look over towards the small bed that you had set up on the floor for after particularly heavy study sessions.
  33. >Walking towards it, you throw off the cover, and almost collapse onto it. You must have been studying for a while... Reaching down, you pull the blanket up, covering your body.
  34. >Almost instantly, sleep takes you.
  35. >
  36. >
  37. > >"Twiley! Twiley! Are you okay?!"
  38. >You pant, your coat sweating from the exhaustion. "I... I'm fine, Shiney... Go look for the others..."
  39. > >Your brother looks over you in concern. "But Twiley...!"
  40. >"Please go get my friends, Shiney! I'm fine!" you snap, your chest heaving and cough growing. "But we won't be able to save them if you don't go and get them!"
  41. > >Shining looks conflicted for a moment, likely between his duties as a guardsman and his siblinghood to you. But then his face hardens. "...Alright, Twiley." He turns, but then looks over his shoulder. "Just... Stay safe." At that, he canters off, leaving you behind.
  42. >You sigh in relief. "Good... Now, I can stop holding any of my power back," you mutter.
  43. >
  44. >You wake with a start, the odd dream fading from your mind almost completely. Light filters in through the blinds as the sun rises.
  45. >Your vision is still a bit blurry, though, so you bring your hands up to your eyes to rub them.
  46. >However, when your hands reach in front of your face, instead of hands, you see a pair of stumps, lavender-coloured.
  47. >Your eyes shoot open almost instantly. Only 3 words come to your mind at that moment
  48. "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
  49. >You look at the stumps in horror. But as a scientist, your rational mind comes up with an explanation for this. Your panic fades quickly.
  50. >You're dreaming.
  51. "Y-yeah, I'm just dreaming..." you tell yourself, chuckling nervously. "None of this is real... I can't even feel anything, and the voice is a product of the imagination..."
  52. >Your eye twitches, and you smile a relieved smile. If you would just wake up, everything would be perfectly fine.
  53. >You close your eyes, waiting for a few seconds, before opening them again.
  54. >...
  55. "Huh. Well, I'm not dreaming, apparently," you say to yourself, your voice - no, not yours; the feminine voice this body has given you - cracking. You giggle.
  56. >Then, you start to laugh. Your eyes feel a bit wet; probably because of the tears leaking out of them.
  57. >For a few minutes, you just lie there, laughing like a madman. Then you stop.
  58. >Your breathing is erratic, and you take a few deep breaths in and out to calm your body down.
  59. >It takes about a minute, but your breathing is normal again.
  60. >Then, you start to move, but stop when you feel something on your side start to tickle slightly.
  61. >No, not on your side... It's more like something on your side. Pushing the blanket off of you with your big purple nubs, you look at your side, trying to ignore the bottom of your new body.
  62. >You see a thin coat of fur - coloured lavender, of course - covering your body. Your eyes trail down to where you think you felt the tickle, before zeroing in on it.
  63. >...
  64. >It's a wing.
  65. "It's a wing," you repeat to yourself dumbly.
  66. >Huh.
  67. >You think you're in shock.
  68. >Numbly, you roll over onto your left side. Well, you try, at least.
  69. >Trying, however, nets you pain on your wing; nothing too bad, but it makes you clench your teeth.
  70. >At this point, you want to break down crying again. This time, for longer.
  71. >But you know that if you do that, you'll probably stay here all day. And as everyone knows, the most important meal of the day is breakfast.
  72. >The only problem is getting your wings to stay down.
  73. "How do I do this...?" you mutter, your voice cracking even as you try to stop yourself from breaking down.
  74. >You feel the air with your wings. You move one of the purple nubs over to touch it.
  75. >Specifically, at the base. You nudge it slightly, and feel a small relief when you feel the muscle of the wing move. Then, the relief crashes down, and you feel despair once more.
  76. >You repeat the same thing with your other wing, and feel its muscle. Then, well... You attempt to remember where you felt it, and try and reproduce it.
  77. >Strangely, and disturbingly, it feels... Natural. Like you've done this before. You fold your wings in with barely a thought.
  78. >Then, you roll over. This time, the base of your wing is not extended, so it doesn't hurt.
  79. >Now to get out of the study.
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