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  1. When drilling with these, bear in mind that they can occasionally catch causing heavy torque to be transferred up the drill and into your wrist. Hold the drill more firmly than usual! (You don't want to lose productivity while nursing a sprained wrist now do you?)Since ancient times, wood has been utilized to create homes, bridges, boats, ships, arches and also used for decorative purpose. With the evolution of civilizations, wood was identified as a durable and light material which can be used for various purposes.
  3. With progress of the civilization and discovery of various metals such as bronze, steel and silver, though their popularity increased, wood continued to be one of the favorite elements in arts, crafts, home making, and several other purposes. Gradually the skill of utilizing wood for different purpose also went through transformation.Historical and archeological evidences advocate that there had been highly skilled craftsmen who used to carve idols from single wooden piece. For those who are beginning to learn woodworking, it is very important to learn about features of wood and different kinds of wood and their quality.
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