House Kaliaxix Session 11

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  1. Jul 30 17:39:24 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, the caravan had decided to bed down for the night. Leaving the carriages in the road, Latrehkiks was assigned to sleep ahead by the river with the water-guzzlers, while everyone else set up the tents on a hill overlooking the carriages. There were only six tents, but the dogs made do nonetheless.
  2. Jul 30 17:46:50 *       Lehkurehn sleeps on the cart. The bench is hard, but presumably no more than the ground. The air is warm. It's always warm.
  3. Jul 30 17:48:28 *       Latrehkiks is resting quietly with the water guzzlers, clutching lightly onto his blanket.
  4. Jul 30 18:24:39 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn takes his blanket and heads down to the carts aiming to get a more personal eye on them tonight. Fortunately, the benches are meant to be sat on for long periods of time, so they're actually decently comfortable.
  5. Jul 30 18:25:29 <Lehkurehn>     sweet
  6. Jul 30 18:25:35 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks is having difficulty sleeping. No matter how he twists and turns in the dirt, he can't seem to drift off.
  7. Jul 30 18:26:37 <SqueeGM>       Pekohxix appears when Kerosis is settling down in her tent, greeting her.
  8. Jul 30 18:27:22 <Latrehkiks>    Latrehkiks lets out a sigh as he decides to just listen to the water since he can't sleep.
  9. Jul 30 18:27:25 <Kerosis>       "Oh! Was there something you needed?"
  10. Jul 30 18:28:05 <SqueeGM>       "Greetings. I thought we could talk, since you seemed unnerved by the day's events."
  11. Jul 30 18:35:35 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks settles down and listens to the current of the river rushing by, as well as the chirping and rustling of the night-time insects. It doesn't help him sleep, though; it only drives him to get up and have a look around.
  12. Jul 30 18:37:02 *       Latrehkiks at least folds the blanket before he has a look around, although he leaves it with the water guzzlers for the time being.
  13. Jul 30 18:38:32 *       Kerosis says "Well..." and holds up yon claw, "I'm still a bit on edge over... things."
  14. Jul 30 18:39:19 <SqueeGM>       Pekohxix nods. "Of course. However, I wished to ask you, what exactly do you believe you are afraid of?"
  15. Jul 30 18:41:40 <Kerosis>       "Being maimed and killed by pirates and bandits?"
  16. Jul 30 18:43:13 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks gets up and looks around his little spot. It's fairly well-hidden, invisible from the road, but he still feels a little uneasy. His gaze is drawn to the river, and he watches the current run downstream to the ocean.
  17. Jul 30 18:45:06 <SqueeGM>       "Of course. A worthy fear, especially when one goes, as you have, on the road so frequently. You are afraid of death, then? I died quite painfully, you know, bedridden, with no one capable enough to tend me. Would you think disease a worser fate than a knife to the throat?"
  18. Jul 30 18:45:26 <Latrehkiks>    "I would say I drew the short straw here, but I asked for it.." he mumbles to himself, rubbing his hands together idly. He kneels down while he watches the currents though, just trying to relax.
  19. Jul 30 18:47:09 <Kerosis>       "Well... I'd rather avoid either... or at least put them off until I'm a bit older."
  20. Jul 30 18:48:19 <SqueeGM>       The ground is soft from the moisture, and yielding to the touch, interspersed with weeds that tickle at his exposed fur. A skeletal hand drifts by as he watches, floating downriver.
  21. Jul 30 18:49:58 <SqueeGM>       "True enough. I died a fair bit past my prime. But there is a life after death, you know. What do you hope to accomplish while you are still flesh and blood? What future do you have laid out for yourself?"
  22. Jul 30 18:50:27 *       Latrehkiks blinks a few times as he sees the hand. "Don't think that's supposed to be in the water.. So much for relaxing.." he whispers, standing up to look upstream.
  23. Jul 30 18:51:04 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks stands up to glance upstream, but all he sees in the river in that direction is a large rock splitting the current.
  24. Jul 30 18:53:00 <Latrehkiks>    He looks back downstream again as he weighs a few options in his mind, he tries to see if the hand is still in view, wondering if it's a dog's hand.
  25. Jul 30 18:54:14 <Kerosis>       "Well... I haven't really put much thought into that sort of thing. I've always just been focused on keeping everyone as healthy as I can manage, but... I suppose it'd be nice to travel around? See some interesting place, maybe have a proper family someday?"
  26. Jul 30 18:55:22 <SqueeGM>       The hand floats away down the river, quickly passing out of scrutiny as the current carries it away.
  27. Jul 30 18:57:07 <SqueeGM>       "Interesting places come with inherent hazards," Pekohxix advises, then adds, "If you seek a family, perhaps you'd do well to become as I was and find someone in Tadnohxehdnihrsis-em that you fancy to marry into their family and become part of the town. Outsiders-under-license rarely get much peace and quiet."
  28. Jul 30 18:58:50 *       Latrehkiks rubs his hands together again, his eyes moving upstream and then to the water guzzlers. "As tempting as it is, I should really stay here.." he lets out a sigh, intent on keeping an eye on the upstream at the very least.
  29. Jul 30 19:02:13 <Kerosis>       "Y-yes, well. That's not really my business though is it? Marriages like that are usually arranged by someone else I thought."
  30. Jul 30 19:04:44 <SqueeGM>       "In the Houses, certainly. The towns contain smaller families that look out for their own well-being. You're not a part of either, so your best in is either to make yourself so useful to the House that they can't bear to part with you, which seems unlikely, end up with a windfall large enough that they're willing to marry Lehkurehn off to you to get it, which seems even less likely, or find a family in the town with little to
  31. Jul 30 19:04:44 <SqueeGM>        its name who would be glad to have a big-shot Kaliaxix doctor eat at their table."
  32. Jul 30 19:07:41 <Kerosis>       "... I see. That's very um... honest... of you."
  33. Jul 30 19:07:44 *       Lehkurehn sneezes
  34. Jul 30 19:10:03 <SqueeGM>       "That is the way things are done around here. Speaking of honesty and the medical profession, I observed you while you were making house calls after the attack. Your skills as a healer could use some work. Are you self-taught?"
  35. Jul 30 19:10:58 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks sits back down near the water-guzzlers, watching upstream as an arm bone floats by, with clothing still clinging to it.
  36. Jul 30 19:13:52 <Kerosis>       "Well, yes. Have I been making mistakes?"
  37. Jul 30 19:14:49 <Latrehkiks>    "... Okay, now I know something is going on." he mumbles to himself, standing up and moving to get a closer look, trying to discern the clothes' colour or what species the arm belongs to.
  38. Jul 30 19:15:48 <SqueeGM>       "Not exactly, but it's obvious sometimes you lack an encyclopedic knowledge of the trade. Being unable to diagnose dying of being clawed to death by a wild animal is one, although I will give that one to stress if you wish. I am willing to help you learn, if you'd like, and pass on my knowledge to you, though it may be a slow process."
  39. Jul 30 19:16:32 <Kerosis>       "Well yes. I'd appreciate that very much, thank you."
  40. Jul 30 19:17:13 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks stands up and moves in to examine the clothing the arm has on, which seems to be striped vertically black and white.
  41. Jul 30 19:19:33 <SqueeGM>       "Very well. I will tutor you at night from now on, then, if that's agreeable. I don't wish to keep you up later than necessary tonight, however. That was all I wished to talk about."
  42. Jul 30 19:19:55 *       Kerosis nods. "Well, thank you again then."
  43. Jul 30 19:20:25 <Latrehkiks>    He tries to grab at the arm as it passes by him, provided it hasn't gone too far past him. And that the water isn't flowing too strongly.
  44. Jul 30 19:21:02 <SqueeGM>       Grabbing the arm would require stepping into the river at least a little ways.
  45. Jul 30 19:22:30 *       Latrehkiks wades into the stream carefully then.
  46. Jul 30 19:23:29 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks winces as his skirt gets wet from the river, wading in and reaching out to grab the gross skeleton arm with its soggy worn-away clothing.
  47. Jul 30 19:27:08 <Latrehkiks>    As uncomfortable as it makes him, once he has procured the arm he makes his way back to the riverside. He looks down at his soggy skirt and then to the arm, holding it carefully. "Hello?" he asks no one in particular, testing to see if there's a ghost attached to the arm.
  48. Jul 30 19:27:29 <SqueeGM>       Nobody answers.
  49. Jul 30 19:30:33 <Latrehkiks>    He looks at the clothing again before he sets the arm down on the bank. His gaze moves upstream again before he lets out a long breath. "Well, here we go." he mumbles, moving to make his way upstream a little, to see if he can see the source of these body parts.
  50. Jul 30 19:33:32 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks puts down the grody arm and creeps upstream, looking for a body. It's not until he passes the rock that he finds it, slumped against it and kept there by the current. It's definitely a skeleton, missing its right arm from the shoulder down.
  51. Jul 30 19:36:03 <Latrehkiks>    "That would do it.. Poor dog." he lets a somewhat comforted breath before he wades back into the river again to get a closer look.
  52. Jul 30 19:37:56 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks can't really tell what it is. He's not a doctor, he doesn't know one skellington from another. A closer look does inform him, however, that the corpse was wearing a Shoddy Breastplate, as well as an Average Feather sword.
  53. Jul 30 19:42:03 *       Latrehkiks takes notice of the equipment, and carefully relieves their previous owner of the items' existance. He contemplates for a moment bringing the skeleton back to shore as well, but that'd be too much for him to carry.
  54. Jul 30 19:46:44 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks disengages the breastplate and sword from the corpse and swims with them back to shore. He yawns.
  55. Jul 30 19:47:53 <Latrehkiks>    "Maybe, maybe now I can sleep.. I hope." he grumbles some, taking the equipment as well as himself back to the water guzzlers.
  56. Jul 30 19:48:48 <SqueeGM>       He lugs it over, his physical exertions making him realize how tired he really was. By the time he's back at the water-guzzlers, he collapses back onto his blanket and falls asleep almost immediately.
  57. Jul 30 19:49:15 <SqueeGM>       The next morning, Lehkurehn and Kerosis are woken bright and early by the sound of tents being taken down.
  58. Jul 30 19:50:31 <Lehkurehn>     "Buuuuh!" Lehkurehn tries to roll over and ignore them only to fall off the bench cushion with a thud. He frowns.
  59. Jul 30 19:52:07 *       Kerosis takes a moment to wipe grass and such off her clothes and generally make herself more presentable before leaving the tent.
  60. Jul 30 19:53:32 <SqueeGM>       Haeliksis stands watching over the guards taking down the tent, who do so diligently. He notices Kerosis. "Oh, Kerosis! Do go and fetch Latrehkiks and the water-guzzlers, will you?"
  61. Jul 30 19:53:57 <Kerosis>       "Oh, is he not back yet?"
  62. Jul 30 19:54:09 <SqueeGM>       "He's probably still asleep."
  63. Jul 30 19:55:25 <Kerosis>       "Oh. Well, OK then. Just by the river wasn't it?"
  64. Jul 30 19:56:03 <SqueeGM>       "Yes, just go straight and don't turn with the road."
  65. Jul 30 19:57:30 *       Kerosis nods, and heads over.
  66. Jul 30 19:58:25 *       Latrehkiks is definately still fast asleep. Since it took so long for him TO fall asleep.
  67. Jul 30 19:58:48 <SqueeGM>       The water-guzzlers are grazing lightly by the river when Kerosis arrives.
  68. Jul 30 19:59:41 <Kerosis>       "Hello? Latrehkiks? It's time to get back on the road now."
  69. Jul 30 20:02:01 *       Latrehkiks flicks one of his ears and opens an eye. "Mmngh. Is it morning already?" he grumbles a little, sitting up with a yawn before he notices who had awoken him. "Ah, time to go already. Alright." he says more clearly, standing up and brushing himself off. He grabs the equipment and his blanket before untying the water guzzlers to lead them back to the caravan.
  70. Jul 30 20:03:06 *       Lehkurehn untangles himself from the sheets and dusts himself off, furtive glances to make sure no one saw that. He yawns, hops off, and goes about business.
  71. Jul 30 20:04:32 *       Kerosis generally averts her eyes. "So things went fine here then?"
  72. Jul 30 20:06:15 <Latrehkiks>    "Uhh, mostly.. I couldn't sleep for the longest time." he lets out a little breath. "So I watched the river for a while. Until skeleton parts went floating by anyway."
  73. Jul 30 20:08:02 *       Kerosis tenses up for a moment. "Wait, skeletons?"
  74. Jul 30 20:09:12 <Latrehkiks>    He gives a nod. "Yes. Turns up There was a dead body pinned against a rock upstream. Well.. Less than a body, really."
  75. Jul 30 20:11:14 <Kerosis>       "I see... so I suppose that's nothing recent then but... that's quite a shame all the same... just bones then, nothing to preserve?"
  76. Jul 30 20:13:51 <Latrehkiks>    "As far as I could tell, just the skeleton, some ruined clothes, and the equipment I brought back to the shore. No ghost either."
  77. Jul 30 20:18:21 <SqueeGM>       *ahem* The guards finish deconstructing the tents and packing everything back into the wagons.
  78. Jul 30 20:19:22 *       Latrehkiks does make his way back to the caravan with the water guzzlers.
  79. Jul 30 20:20:02 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis presumably follows.
  80. Jul 30 20:20:09 <Kerosis>       "Well... that's still a shame, but nothing to worry about too much."
  81. Jul 30 20:20:27 <SqueeGM>       "We should be able to make it to the toll town today," Haeliksis tells Lehkurehn.
  82. Jul 30 20:20:28 *       Kerosis continues along back to hop up on a wagon and get out of here all the same.
  83. Jul 30 20:21:59 *       Latrehkiks brings the guzzlers to Haeliksis so that they can be re-tied to the wagons.
  84. Jul 30 20:22:40 <SqueeGM>       Haeliksis helps Latrehkiks hook the guzzlers back up to the wagons, and climbs into the seat of the first wagon, while the driver for the second one takes his place behind.
  85. Jul 30 20:23:28 *       Lehkurehn is rubbing the back of his head from where it is sore. "Sounds good. With the distractions from yesterday slowing us down we probably won't need to stay the night." Lehkurehn pats Haeliksis on the shoulder before going to help the guards load up the wagons.
  86. Jul 30 20:23:53 *       Latrehkiks takes up his position alongside the caravan once the guzzlers are hooked back up.
  87. Jul 30 20:27:47 <SqueeGM>       The rest of the trip proceeds surprisingly without incident, the guards trudging alongside the caravan for hours, until the sky starts to darken and they can see the tops of roofs in the distance.
  88. Jul 30 20:30:22 <Lehkurehn>     "This must be the place."
  89. Jul 30 20:31:00 <Latrehkiks>    "Nice to see civilization again." he laughs.
  90. Jul 30 20:32:35 <SqueeGM>       Lakehxixehdnehohsis-em-a comes more into view as they approach, and they can see several armed and armored tombdogs approaching wearing the same colors.
  91. Jul 30 20:36:44 <Lehkurehn>     "You think those are the toll guards? What is the town colors?" Lehkurehn folds his arms and leans back inspecting the soldiers. He is not entirely sure what the setup is here and does not want to make the first move.
  92. Jul 30 20:37:58 <SqueeGM>       "It's standard procedure to accompany the wagons to the town. It keeps people from trying to circle around and discourages bandits attacking when people have let their guard down. I wouldn't worry about it."
  93. Jul 30 20:38:02 <SqueeGM>       Haeliksis says.
  94. Jul 30 20:39:03 <Lehkurehn>     "Fantastic."
  95. Jul 30 20:39:40 <SqueeGM>       "Then again, it would be a good scam to pose as the toll guards and rob the caravan before it gets close."
  96. Jul 30 20:41:05 <Latrehkiks>    "Please don't jinx us."
  97. Jul 30 20:41:49 <SqueeGM>       "Sometimes I wonder how many bandits are merchants down on their luck. Know your enemy, and all that." Haeliksis chuckles. "I still wouldn't worry. There's only three of them. Just keep your guard up."
  98. Jul 30 20:43:56 *       Lehkurehn finds his hand reaching for his sword. Covertly resting his fingers on the hilt he gives the guards a friendly nod.
  99. Jul 30 20:44:31 <Lehkurehn>     Talk of bandits sets him on edge these days.
  100. Jul 30 20:45:06 *       Kerosis grips her seat in white-knuckled fashion.
  101. Jul 30 20:45:34 *       Latrehkiks keeps his eyes on those approaching, but otherwise keeps pace alongside the wagons.
  102. Jul 30 20:46:40 <SqueeGM>       The three guards approach the wagons and nod back. "Stranger-greetings offered, of-Kaliaxix. We are here to accompany you to Lakehxixehdnehohsis-em-a." Haeliksis nods back. "Of-Xerehn, stranger-greetings given. We accept your gracious offer."
  103. Jul 30 20:49:22 <SqueeGM>       The guards walk the wagon to the town, where a House Xerehn official takes the toll from Haeliksis and makes a note of it before waving them in. Lehkurehn is reminded by the coin of the money he found at the abandoned campsite yesterday.
  104. Jul 30 20:54:46 <Lehkurehn>     As we proceed into the city, Lehkurehn takes a good look around from the seat of his cart.
  105. Jul 30 20:56:00 <Latrehkiks>    Latrehkiks relaxes slightly as he scans the city, still walking alongside the wagons.
  106. Jul 30 20:56:28 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn sees a lot of commotion around them. There are stalls set up along the side of the road designed to catch the eye, with peddlers yelling and waving at the wagons as they pass, people walking by, and a shout of "Watch out below!" as a log suspended from a building swings overhead from construction work above.
  107. Jul 30 20:57:51 *       Kerosis yelps and ducks.
  108. Jul 30 20:58:23 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn is reminded of how Kaliaxix killed the previous heir and grimaces.
  109. Jul 30 20:58:45 <SqueeGM>       (the heir to House Lefixix, mind you)
  110. Jul 30 20:58:59 <Lehkurehn>     (Still)
  111. Jul 30 20:59:22 <SqueeGM>       A towndog comes up to the wagon on Lehkurehn's side, jogging slightly to keep up and trying to catch his attention. "Excuse me, of-Kaliaxix. Excuse me, could I ask you a question? Excuse me."
  112. Jul 30 21:00:19 <Lehkurehn>     "Ask away, stranger." Lehkurehn peers over the side of the wagon.
  113. Jul 30 21:10:22 <SqueeGM>       "You wouldn't happen to have seen anyone on the beach on your way here, would you? Three people? They left over a week ago."
  114. Jul 30 21:15:36 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn ponders for a bit. More for show than actually deep thought. "No one on the beach, no. There was an abandoned camp about a days walk from here. Nobody home though. Been abandoned for days."
  115. Jul 30 21:15:58 <SqueeGM>       "You didn't find anything there, did you?"
  116. Jul 30 21:17:12 <Lehkurehn>     "Empty tents. They must of packed and left in a hurry. Why do you ask?"
  117. Jul 30 21:18:01 <SqueeGM>       3d6
  118. Jul 30 21:18:02 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 3d6: 14 [3d6=4,4,6]
  119. Jul 30 21:18:22 <Lehkurehn>     hmm?
  120. Jul 30 21:18:36 <SqueeGM>       The towndog narrows his eyes and puts his hands on the side of the cart. "If they haven't been back by now, they're dead. I think you know more than you're telling me, am I right, of-Kaliaxix?"
  121. Jul 30 21:19:02 <SqueeGM>       (that was a Psychology roll)
  122. Jul 30 21:20:25 <Lehkurehn>     3d6+1
  123. Jul 30 21:20:25 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 3d6+1: 7 [3d6=3,2,1]
  124. Jul 30 21:21:04 <Lehkurehn>     "Well the tents were pretty wrecked. Like an animal tore them up."
  125. Jul 30 21:21:27 <SqueeGM>       (it wasn't opposed, psychology lets you tell if someone is lying to you)
  126. Jul 30 21:21:44 <Lehkurehn>     (Oh)
  127. Jul 30 21:21:57 <SqueeGM>       (it's listed as intermediate)
  128. Jul 30 21:22:57 <Lehkurehn>     "Still nobody home. If you're worried about your friends why not search for them yourself?"
  129. Jul 30 21:23:06 <SqueeGM>       "And where exactly did you find these tents, then? Perhaps I will."
  130. Jul 30 21:23:44 *       Kerosis inches up a bit.
  131. Jul 30 21:23:53 <Lehkurehn>     "If they're dead then their probably just waiting for you to pick up their corpses somewhere."
  132. Jul 30 21:23:59 <Lehkurehn>     They're
  133. Jul 30 21:24:26 <SqueeGM>       "Any landmarks? And what is your name, of-Kaliaxix?"
  134. Jul 30 21:24:59 <Kerosis>       "They were off the side of the road. As far as I was able to tell, whoever they belonged to were attacked by some nasty beast from off in the woods nearby, but they um... didn't make it, unfortunately."
  135. Jul 30 21:25:29 <SqueeGM>       The towndog drifts away from Lehkurehn to the more forthcoming Kerosis. "Did they have anything on them? It's important."
  136. Jul 30 21:25:38 <Lehkurehn>     Facepalms.
  137. Jul 30 21:26:18 <Kerosis>       "I don't know, I was more concerned with working out what had killed them than anything."
  138. Jul 30 21:27:30 <SqueeGM>       The towndog scrutinizes Kerosis, but she's pretty much telling the truth, so he can't read her. "Do you think your friend up front knows what I am talking about?" he asks instead.
  139. Jul 30 21:28:56 <Kerosis>       "Well, I'm not very certain myself. It's entirely possible we're talking about two different groups of people honestly. This road seems rather um... well trafficked after all."
  140. Jul 30 21:30:25 <SqueeGM>       "It is a major trading road," he grumbles, and adds, "A perfect spot for an unfortunate caravan to be picked off by bandits. What is your name, if I may ask?"
  141. Jul 30 21:31:18 <Lehkurehn>     "Kerosis!" He scowls "Look, there was no one at the camp and the only people we've seen on that road were bandits with a cannon. If you want to search for them please do so yourself."
  142. Jul 30 21:32:06 <SqueeGM>       The towndog scowls back at Lehkurehn. "I wasn't speaking to you, of-Kaliaxix," he says, "but if you'd care to give me your name as well, I'll be on my way."
  143. Jul 30 21:32:16 <Kerosis>       "Kero- yes. I would suggest being careful if you're sending any search parties out."
  144. Jul 30 21:34:10 <Lehkurehn>     "Now If you'll excuse us you were promised a question, not twenty. Good luck finding your ghosts."
  145. Jul 30 21:34:38 <SqueeGM>       "I believe my search parties will fare just fine, thank you for your concern. And if you consider ending your license with House Kaliaxix, miss, I recommend you seek one out with House Xerehn." The towndog flounces off.
  146. Jul 30 21:34:41 *       Lehkurehn urges Haeliksis to speed the cart a bit.
  147. Jul 30 21:36:03 <SqueeGM>       Haeliksis tugs on the leads to put the guzzlers into gear and looks at Lehkurehn with a mixed frown. "Lehkurehn, you may not want to hear this at the moment, but I recommend we stay the night here. The guards have been walking non-stop all day, and will be too exhausted to defend us if we push them further, and it would be dangerous to camp in the wild like that."
  148. Jul 30 21:37:52 <Lehkurehn>     What time is it?
  149. Jul 30 21:38:26 <SqueeGM>       It's mid-evening, and starting to get dark. You've been traveling since morning.
  150. Jul 30 21:38:42 <Kerosis>       "That was a rather oddly tense exchange... should we have mentioned it was birds who seemed to own those tends do you suppose?"
  151. Jul 30 21:42:06 <Lehkurehn>     "I'd think not," he shifts uncomfortably. "They may be up to something by the make of that note." He shifts to Haeliksis. "It'll take them a day to get there and when they do a messenger will be upon us. We are out of here before the sun rises, yes?"
  152. Jul 30 21:42:36 <Lehkurehn>     We took the tents and bed rolls with us. Did we move the body?
  153. Jul 30 21:42:50 <SqueeGM>       No bodies were moved.
  154. Jul 30 21:43:00 <Lehkurehn>     Glorious
  155. Jul 30 21:43:01 <SqueeGM>       "If that's what you wish. We'd better get an early rest, then. May I see the coins?"
  156. Jul 30 21:44:27 <Lehkurehn>     "Hands him the pouch. Let's take a scenic route on the way back. Maybe trade along the coast"
  157. Jul 30 21:47:03 <SqueeGM>       "I... suppose we could go through Hodnehrlikixixehdnehr-em rather than Pehrxixehndehrliksis-em on the way back, but I don't like to take the route because it's less traveled, more dangerous, and doesn't have a steady supply of water for the guzzlers." He palms through the money. "Hmm, that is odd."
  158. Jul 30 21:47:31 <Kerosis>       "What now?"
  159. Jul 30 21:48:09 <SqueeGM>       "It's just that this is a large sum of Xerehn money. This is the only town they control, so the major way their currency circulates is through exchanges on their tolls. It's odd to see so much in one place."
  160. Jul 30 21:50:03 <Lehkurehn>     "Like I said. Something is afoot and I'd like to extricate ourselves as cleanly as possible."
  161. Jul 30 21:50:13 <Kerosis>       "Well, I imagine if someone was dealing directly with the house, it's what they'd be payed in, wouldn't it?"
  162. Jul 30 21:50:43 <Lehkurehn>     "Bird messengers, A fortune in coins, this bodes poorly.:
  163. Jul 30 21:51:35 <SqueeGM>       "Yes, that is the conclusion I was drawing. But that was a towndog, not a Housedog, even if he does live here." Haeliksis nudges Lehkurehn and grins. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, hmm? This is no great sum of money. We'll get far more for the cargo we're carrying."
  164. Jul 30 21:54:12 <Lehkurehn>     "True enough. Let's treat ourselves to a nice rest for tonight on that chaps coin at least."
  165. Jul 30 21:54:59 <SqueeGM>       "Really drive the nail in, eh? Very well. You can get off here, I'll find a place to put the wagons."
  166. Jul 30 21:56:00 <Kerosis>       "Well, it'll be nice sleeping indoors again at any rate."
  167. Jul 30 21:56:49 <SqueeGM>       "Indeed."
  168. Jul 30 21:57:51 <Lehkurehn>     "Was it really so terrible?" Lehkurehn chides. "Next time you can have the cart."
  169. Jul 30 21:58:29 <Lehkurehn>     "Or better yet, what Latrehkiks got." He says with a nudge and a laugh.
  170. Jul 30 21:59:14 <Kerosis>       "I'm sorry. I just meant, not needing to worry about bandits, or whatever it was that killed those people."
  171. Jul 30 21:59:16 <Latrehkiks>    Latrehkiks rolls his eyes. "I entirely asked for that, as rough as it was. It could have been worse though."
  172. Jul 30 22:00:50 *       Lehkurehn puts his hands around both of their shoulders and pulls them in close. "So who wants royal turtle? That fools treat!"
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