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  1.                 AREA theRemover, CODE, READONLY
  2.                 ENTRY
  3. pointIncrement  EQU 1
  4. tCheck          EQU "t"
  5. hCheck          EQU "h"
  6. eCheck          EQU "e"
  7. spaceCheck      EQU " "
  9.                 ADR r1, EoS                     ;address of memory location of the end of the string
  10. point           ADR r2, STRING1                 ;address of string that will act as a pointer
  11. loop            LDRB r3, [r2], #pointIncrement  ;gets the character of the string to check
  12.                 STRB r3, [r1, #pointIncrement]! ;stores a valid character into the new string
  13.                 b loop
  15. finish          b finish
  16. STRING1         DCB "and the man said they must go"         ;String1
  17. EoS             DCB 0x00                                    ;end of String1
  18. STRING2         SPACE 0x7F                                  ;just allocating 127 bytes
  19.                 END
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