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Nov 6th, 2017
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  1. name: reiko
  2. appearance: green hair, amber/yellow eyes
  3. occupation: arume guard
  4. personality: a bit gullible, insecure
  5. note: knows gyro. has been attacked by gyro. has sent gyro to the hole as punishment before.
  7. name: onako
  8. appearance: blonde hair, red eyes
  9. occupation: arume guard
  10. personality: crazy, lewd
  11. note: knows shawn charles and brian. has tazed brian before and incapacitated him. does not like being called crazy or mentally-ill.
  13. name: diana
  14. appearance: white hair, violet eyes
  15. occupation: arume guard
  16. personality: calm, composed
  17. note: knows noobleone. fears noobleone a little. she supplied him with a bed.
  19. name: kaiyo
  20. appearance: black hair, pale green eyes
  21. occupation: arume guard
  22. personality: arrogant, smug
  23. note: knows billy mays. has pissed him off for getting rid of his weapon. is now being hunted by billy mays without knowing.
  25. name: brian
  26. appearance: brown hair, green eyes, has a scar on his cheek
  27. occupation: prisoner
  28. personality: perverted, witty, prudent
  29. note: knows shawn charles as a friend. knows some dark secrets outside the prison.
  31. name: marlen
  32. appearance: black hair, blue eyes, looks a bit older than the rest
  33. occupation: prisoner
  34. personality: confident, tough, wise
  35. note: knows kingfisher. sat with him at lunch.
  37. name: yazi
  38. appearance: blue hair, green eyes, hair is in a ponytail most of the time
  39. occupation: none
  40. personality: kind, caregiving
  41. note: weaves fabric as a hobby
  43. name: lano
  44. appearance: short, short hair, brunette, blue eyes
  45. occupation: nurse
  46. personality: stoic, impatient
  47. note: studies human anatomy as a hobby
  49. name: taiko
  50. appearance: red hair, orange eyes
  51. occupation: news anchor
  52. personality: horror-junkie, daring, feisty
  53. note: probably has a thing for brian, even though they've never met
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