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Mar 30th, 2015
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  1. changelog:
  2. 29/13/15: alpha8
  3. New Content:
  4. - Added Djembe Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch
  5. - Added War Drum, use scroll wheel to change pitch
  7. New Features:
  8. - The All Servers lobby tab has been replaced by Favourite and Visited server tabs.
  9. - Lobby columns can be sorted alphabetically.
  10. - Lobby items can be right-clicked to favourite.
  11. - Players can now search for visited and favourite servers.
  13. - Made it so the Auto-Restart script says Restarting... instead of shutdown.
  14. - Server bans now save even after server restarts. Admins may also ban offline players.
  15. - Added admin command /shownametags
  16. - Added admin commands to tp users to other users and tp users to yourself.
  17. - Added a setting in the config file to disable admin commands on a server (it is on by default)
  19. - Added a /whitelist command to block anonymous player connections while enabled.
  20. /whitelist - Will show all whitelisted players.
  21. /whitelist enable - Will enable the whitelist.
  22. /whitelist disable - Will disable the whitelist.
  23. /whitelist add [id] - Will add a player by Steam ID.
  24. /whitelist addbyname [name] - Will add a player by name (this must resolve an ID).
  25. /whitelist remove [id] - Will remove a player by Steam ID.
  26. /whitelist removebyname [name] - Will remove a player by name (this must resolve an ID).
  28. - To help admins banning players with unusual names we added a small player list button at the bottom left of the screen while typing into the chat console. Clicking on the player list button will show all the players currently online, and clicking on a name will insert that name into your current chat input. With this, admins can ban a player as easy as typing in "/ban " into the console, selecting the player you want to ban from the player list button, and hitting enter to complete the command. Remember that copy, paste, and highlighting the console is all possible too, just like notepad.
  30. - Added a setting in the config file to enable/disable auto-banning of suspected hackers (it is off by default, configure with caution):
  31. To properly ensure that the AutoBan feature is enabled and working properly, you can first set useAuthAutoBan = 'True' in the ServerSettings.cfg. Once this is set, the server will compare its own steam and game DLL files with the clients dll files. If any of these files aren't exactly the same as the client's, the server will ban that client. Because of this you need to make extra sure that your steam dlls are updated to be the same as the clients, and have no extra or modified DLLs in your ROK_data/Managed folder. If your clients get banned from you server with "Detected DLL Mismatch", rechecking the similarity of your client / server dlls should be the first course of action. If you accidentally configured this on your server, as an admin, you can unban someone in-game by typing in "unban player_name_here" (Where player_name_here is the name of the player you want to unban). Alternatively you can remove the entry including their name in the BannedPlayers.cfg configuration file (found under your Configuration folder), which will allow the banned player to rejoin once the server has restarted.
  33. Fixes:
  34. - Change offsets on projectiles to hopefully make less floating action
  35. - Removed a bug where trebuchet stones would be spawned on newly logging clients
  36. - Fixed door desyncing
  37. - Fix a bug in security which could have broke some ownership
  38. - Made it so blocks can be placed behind crests
  39. - Crest lights turn on in conquered zones
  40. - Players who are forcefully removed from the throne while usurping will now properly release it.
  41. - Starvation and dehydration has been re-balanced.
  42. - Double-clicking items into fires should more intelligently choose between the fuel or input container.
  43. - Enabled console backgrounds will no longer show while idle.
  44. - Player voice chat (VOIP) will no longer be set to 0 volume on login.
  45. - Improved animations
  46. - Improved syncing interpolation
  47. - Smoother movement, looking, less likely to push players when things get laggy
  49. Design Changes:
  50. - All block building materials had their required resources to craft increased.
  51. - Increase the cost of Trebuchet, ballista and trebuchet stoneโ€™s
  52. - Animals are no longer placeable through blueprints by admins (Temporary)
  53. - Melee weapons no longer damage tier 5/6/7 ramps and stairs
  54. - Stiff Bed is slightly smaller
  56. Optimizations & Performance:
  57. - Major Serverside framerate optimizations
  58. - Block loading is faster
  59. - Block loading has less memory garbage
  60. - Lowered the amount of colliders on the server for various items
  61. - Make progressive loading of pages demand less performance to not clog the server up so much
  62. - Removed flying creatures from spawn as we further diagnose server performance (Temporary)
  63. - Fixed a bug that caused huge clientside frame rate drops when looking at interactables in certain situations
  64. - Minor garbage collection reduction
  66. 21/03/15: alpha 6
  67. New:
  68. - Flute (Craft at workbench. Play by holding down left mouse, Right mouse sustains, Scroll Wheel changes key-scale)
  69. - More graphics options for low end computers (Turn off God Rays, Can Reduce Terrain Shading)
  70. - Added auto-restart ability for dedicated servers. (Disabled by default for Community Servers. Configurable.)
  71. - Added a new '/report [name]' command to collectively point the finger at hackers / cheaters.
  73. Fixes & Changes:
  74. - Temporarily disabled explosive kegs while we diagnose exploits and work to fix them.
  75. - Temporarily disabled the ability to capture sleepers, as clients would freeze for 5-10 seconds when someone captured a sleeper in far the distance. Will work towards a proper fix for this next week. Capturing in-game players is functional and works as normal.
  76. - Players should no longer be able interact with objects through walls, be it by attacks, emotes, or other manners.
  77. - Players can no longer equip the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword when they are not king
  78. - Made it so you can no longer add invalid characters into your character names. This broke saving for anyone who had a name with certain characters in their player name.
  79. - Players can no longer double-click the Ancient Crown or Ancient Sword into containers.
  80. - Lobby no longer 'freezes' while processing the received list.
  82. Optimizations:
  83. - Networking, Memory, and Performance Optimizations
  84. - Tree stability and memory optimizations
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