why does red sheik do better than white sheik?

Aug 11th, 2016
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  1. Vs. Peach the reason why my grounded strats are awkward is because my fastest purely reactive forward facing tool (dash attack) has hitboxes mostly behind me, and her dash attack is disjointed in front of her. I can react with boost grab/JC grab but it’s not as exact/doesn’t cover as large of an area. As a result, what my dash dance is REALLY threatening is grab. However, she can stuff the grab AND dash attack with her own dash attack, and also threaten counterattacks by floating. Additionally, her floating options, as well as her dash attack, are difficult to punish on whiff, so my grounded movement patterns
  3. My current playstyle is based around beating her dash attack directly, and evading + challenging the Peach for taking risks after evasion. The movement allows me to restrict her from turnips and set up to counterattack as soon as I convince her to get close enough to try to dash attack me. Since I’m so ground dependent, however, she can float facing forward from farther spacings (i.e. what Arun and David do) and force me to rely on weaker options (needling her landing or WD back a lot) or read her with run in shield/fair/ftilt, otherwise be subject to mixup for moving away and trying to bait her next options. So against these players, it’s not “how do I convince them to go to the air or retreat”, but “how do I convince them to go to the ground”? It’s more consistent to do the “how do I convince them to go to the ground” thing because 1) most Peaches float around a lot anyways, 2) the reward for a dash attack/space earned with turnip is not terribly high, so the risk for going in by aerial means/protection through moves/forcing the Peach to shield is comparatively less than dash dancing and 3) I’m still relatively mobile in the air if I have a double jump, so she’s subject to mixups if I jump around her while we are close to one another. Side note -- this is why doing SH back -> WL forward -> ftilt as a mixup is so good for me personally because it allows Peach to “confirm” that she has frame adv in neutral for floating, but the ftilt clips them before they can start up anything.
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