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Star's Snowday

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  1. “I’ve lost Glossaryck!”
  2. “... we’ll get him back too”
  4. Star awoke suddenly. Finally one of the worst nights of her life was over. She was still on her stomach, same position she had when she had dropped into bed just a few hours ago. Her room looked the same as it had the day before, save one giant book.
  6. *knock knock knock*
  8. “Hey...Star? Are you up yet?”
  10. Marco’s voice sounded tired. They had gotten home at the same time, but he was up a bit later getting prepping for bed as usual. It sounded like he also had gotten up earlier as well.
  12. Star decided not to answer. She wasn't ready to see him again. After all the tragedy of last night; Losing to Ludo, losing the book, and her mentor in the process,
  13. ‘Why?’ she wondered;
  14. ‘Why is Marco the only thing on my mind?!’
  16. An older, more experienced person would tell her that that's how things often end up. No matter how messed up life is and the troubles it brings, for some reason the relationships you have and how they change weighs the most on your heart.
  18. There wasn’t a older person available anymore however, so as Star was viewing it, it should be the least of her worries.
  20. “Well, if you are up and just don't want to talk, that's fine. I’m going to go make breakfast.”
  22. ‘Ugh Marco, why do you have to be so nice,’ Star thought. She was mad at him, Jackie, the whole situation. She knew it didn’t make sense, she had been pushing him to go after Jackie ever since Star got to Echo Creek. But now that it actually happened, she just felt sick. Marco was her best friend, and now Jackie was coming in and…
  24. “No” Star finally said aloud to no-one.
  25. “I’m not going to worry about this right now.” She sat up abruptly and walked over to where she had left her dimensional scissors and picked them up.
  27. She thought for a moment, finally cut through the fabric of reality, and walked in.
  29. She was immediately greeted with cold, wind, and snow. Pulling out her wand, she corrected this issue by zapping on a fluffy blue coat, earmuffs and mittens.
  31. “Now then, where’s that hill?...Oh!” As she scanned the area she found the hill was right behind her. Her final piece of equipment was created with a flash of her wand and landed at her feet.  
  33. Grabbing the sled by the reigns, she ran up to the top of  the hill, and sat down to take a moments rest. She had been wanting to try this for a few weeks now. Back in Echo Creek, it was much too warm to snow, and back on Mewni there was snow, but she wasn't sure if people did this kind of thing.
  35. Finally she turned around and faced the slope of the hill. A wide grin grew on her face with anticipation, and she pushed off.
  37. The wind bit at her face as she went down, but the rush of quickly gliding down the slope drew her mind away from that sensation. Giggling the way down, she reached the bottom after just a few moments, immediately grabbed the sled, and ran back up the hill.
  39. Star repeated this a few times, until finally at the bottom she hit a bump in the snow and rolled off the sled. She found however, that even this was fun.
  41. Sitting up, she grabbed a handful of snow and threw it over head, “Isn’t this great Marc…”
  43. She sat quietly for a moment.
  45. “Ugghhh nooooo,” she groaned.
  47. She grabbed her knees and fell over.
  49. “Maybe I could just lie here and become a snowbank”
  51. Just as the snow was starting to grant her wish, her phone started ringing.
  53. “Leave me alone” Star pleaded as she took it out of her pocket. It was Marco.
  55. “Oh no!” she sat up sending the piled up snow flying.
  57. She stared at it for a moment. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t answer. What if I say something stupid...but what if something's wrong?’
  59. Finally she flicked it open.
  60. “Hello?”
  61. “STAR! Oh thank goodness! Are you okay? You never came out of your room so I let myself in and you were gone!”
  62. “Yeah I’m fine...I just…”
  63. “I just didn’t know if Ludo had come back to get you or...”
  64. “No Marco its fine its just…”
  65. “And I totally understand that…”
  66. “MARCO!”
  67. “What?...”
  68. “...”
  69. “...Star?”
  71. Determined, Star grabbed the dimensional scissors out of her bag, and cut a hole.
  73. “Star are you still ther...WHOA!!”
  74. As Marco was finishing his sentence a portal appeared. A familiar set of arms came out of it,  and pulled him through.
  76. He fell facedown next to Star but shot up immediately.
  78. “STAAARR where are we!!??” Marco yelled.
  79. “Don’t worry about it! Com’on! Follow me!”
  80. “St-St-St-Star it’s freezing!” he said clutching himself.
  81. “Ooohhh right, duh.”
  83. She then zapped Marco, and a red flannel replaced his usual hoodie. He also gained a grey hat and mittens. Before he could quite determine what was happening Star had started off back up the hill.
  85. “Wait! Star!” Marco yelled trying to catch up, “So, I can get that you need some time to cope with what happened, but like, there’s a lot we need to do! Your parents should probably know about Glossaryck and the book, we need to find out where Ludo is and find out what happened with your wand…”
  87. Marco continued on like this the whole way up the hill. Star trudged on until they made it to the top, where she stopped quickly, causing Marco to bump into her.
  89. “...and then maybe your dad can get some royal guards or some-”
  90. *bump*
  91. “MARCO!” She shouted at him finally.
  92. He stood there, staring at her slightly confused. A look common enough, but Star now found it cuter than usual. But that’s not why they were here. As she started to speak she turned away.
  93. “You know the winter movies that have been on TV lately”
  94. “The Christmas specials? Yeah, what about them?”
  95. “Well, when I asked when it would start snowing back home, you said it was too warm in Echo Creek. And that just won’t do! All that stuff they were doing, sledding, and snowball fights looked like soooo much fun!”
  96. “Yeah…” Marco started, “but what about everything we have to do at home?”
  97. Star walked up to him and put her arms on his shoulders, then leaned in. This closeness to him was nothing new, but like everything else with Marco, it felt strange now. She felt herself blush, and was glad her cheeks were already red from the cold.
  98. “Welllll Diaz, we’re not home now. AND IT’S SNOWING!!! Soooooo...”
  99. Suddenly a mischievous grin spread across her face.
  100. “HAVE FUN!!” she yelled as she pushed Marco over.
  101. Marco hadn’t noticed that Star’s sled had ended up right behind him. But he definitely noticed going down the hill, head-first.
  102. “STTTTTTTAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!” Star heard Marco’s voice grow more distant as she laughed and threw herself rolling down the hill after him.
  104. She quickly reached the bottom, laughing, trying to stand up but still incredibly dizzy from the ride. Once she regained her composure she turned to see Marco still getting himself up, fairly silent. ‘Oh no...is he okay…’ Star thought.
  106. “Star…” he said brushing off snow.
  107. ‘Oh no. I was wrong, he’s mad, he’s-’
  108. “LETS DO THAT AGAIN!” Marco finally turned around with a beaming smile.
  109. “YAY!!!” She squeed and quickly ran over to him, grabbed the sled and his hand, and ran up to the hill to go again.
  110. At the top,  Star sat down first, and Marco got on right behind her and wraped his arms around her waist. She blushed for a moment again, but let those feelings go as they slid down the hill.
  112. After several hours of sliding, they elevated the fun by building a ramp and continued using this until finally it collapsed as they went over it. They flew off together, and landed in a plush snowbank.
  113. “Oh my gosh, how have I never done this!!” Marco said as they both sat up completely covered.
  114. “And you said you would hate snow” Star said.
  115. “Well The Thing didn’t make it look that appealing. Plus, I mean, its cold and wet, and if it gets in your boots you could get wet socks.”
  116. Star rolled her eyes, “Hehe It’s always the wet socks with you.”
  117. “It’s an epidemic Star!” Marco said as he laid down in the snow.
  118. Star also buried herself in the fluff, and together they starred at the slate grey sky. The sun was starting to set.
  120. By this point, Marco understood that Star didn’t want to talk about yesterday. She wanted to just avoid it for a little while.
  121. ‘Knowing Star,’ Marco thought, ‘she won’t be down for long. We’ve defeated Ludo before, and we can do it again.’
  122. Marco looked over, and caught Star staring at him. She quickly turned her head. If it wasn’t so cold, he could have sworn she was blushing.
  123. Suddenly Star started whacking Marco.
  124. “Hey! What are you doing”
  125. He noticed her legs were also moving in a rhythmic fashion.
  126. “Juussstt wait” she replied.
  127. Marco got up and looked. She was waving her arms and legs back and forth. Her eyes were closed and she had a soft smile. When she had moved a suitable amount of snow, her eyes fluttered open. “Okay! Help me up! I don’t want to get footsteps in it!”
  129. He reached out for her hand and pulled her up. The stood together admiring Stars handywork. “Isn’t it cute!? It’s a snow angel!” Star exclaimed.
  131. “Hmmmm…” Marco thought while scratching his chin, “it's missing something.”
  132. He walked over towards the head of the angel. Using his foot, he carved out two demon horns on it’s top.
  133. “There! Now it’s a Snow Star!” Marco said with a grin.
  134. “Awwww Maaarrrcccoooo.”
  135. Marco walked back over to Star and into her open arms for a hug.
  136. “So cute,” Star added finally.
  138. Their embrace lasted longer than usual. It slowly dawned on Star. They were out in the middle of nowhere, alone, with no-one there to overhear them, or see them hug for a long time.
  139. Star slowly pulled away, leaving her arms on his shoulders.
  140. ‘Or see us do...something else…’ she thought.
  142. “Um…...Star?” Marco said quietly.
  143. She opened her eyes, trying her hardest to replicate the look in Jackie’s eyes the night before.
  144. “Yes Marco?”
  145. “My phones ringing”
  147. The cloudy look in her eyes faded and her mind cleared.
  148. “Oh!” Star said, still holding Marco.
  149. “...mind if I take a look?”
  150. “Of course!” She said, throwing her arms down and taking a step back.
  151. “Thanks!” He took his phone out, “Oh hey...yeah I’m good…just with Star….”
  153. Reality was starting to crash back in on Star. Her snow day, it seemed, was coming to an end. She fidgeted with her wand and found it was glowing green again. ‘It’s probably Jackie on the phone’ she thought as she sunk back into a sitting position. ‘Calling to check up on her new boyfriend.’
  155. “...yep...sounds good. Okay, see you soon mom...Love you too.” Marco said as he hung up his phone.
  157. The glowing ceased and Star relaxed. ‘Ugh...why am I being so weird!’ Star thought.
  158. “Hey Star, you okay?”
  159. Star shot up. “YEP! Never better!” she lied, “What’s up!?”
  160. “Oh, I just got off the phone with mom. I told her we were out playing in the snow. She was wondering if we wanted hot chocolate when we got back an...” Marco replied.
  161. “CHOCOLATE!?”
  162. “Yeah! Kinda like chocolate milk but…”
  163. “LETS GO!” Star yelled, grabbing her scissors once again. She sheared the space-time once again, grabbed Marco’s hand, and jumped through.  
  165. Just as the sun set, the portal closed, and the Snow Star was buried by darkness and snow.
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