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May 19th 2021 FULL INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine

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Jun 1st, 2021
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  1. Dr Peter McCullough is not just any doctor he is THE WORLD'S LEADING CLINICAL COVID PHYSICIAN. He was the first to publish a peer reviewed covid-19 early treatment plan(See August 2020, Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection (Dr Peter McCullough et al)
  4. Please listen carefully to his words. In this interview he describes the dark agenda of covid-19 suppressed treatments, malpractice, malfeasance and the unsafe vaccination program. Since this doctor is so well qualified I have carefully transcribed his key statements. Please pick out the key statements and share them where needed. (Outpatient means patient before hospital, inpatient means hospitalized patient).
  6. May 19th 2021 FULL INTERVIEW:
  7. Dr. Peter McCullough discusses the dangers of the novel COVID vaccine and it's roll out. ...
  10. 7:49 "We understood very quickly that individuals under 50 with no major medical problems could ride through this illness very easily."
  12. 8:15 "There was a global shutdown on academic meetings. So for the first time in my career we could no longer meet with our colleagues. In academic medicine its life blood is meeting and interchange of ideas. And so for the first time we could not freely interchange ideas as a group. "
  14. 11:00 "Over the last year I've published 40 peer reviewed papers on covid-19, that may be more than anybody in America. "
  16. 13:00 "There was no control over duplicates [of positive tests] by the way, so if a patient had 1 or 2 or 3, unless the system had a way of actually filtering out these duplicates those piled on, and it really didn't take into consideration who was sick and who wasn't sick. "
  18. 16:10 "There is no immediate fatality to the virus. In fact we've got a long window of time to make a diagnosis, organize treatment and prevent hospitalization and death."
  20. 17:30 "For the first time we had an infectious disease where the medical community settled into a group think and this was supported by all the medical societies to tell doctors don't touch this virus, let patients stay at home, let them get as sick as humanly possible, and then when they can't breathe anymore then go to the hospital. The first set of guidelines said if you get sick at home don't do anything."
  22. 18:30 "So the federal agencies were enormously inept in terms of perceiving this problem, incredibly inept at applying any type of judgement or direction to doctors. And what had happened among the doctors was : we are so terribly frightened we're not going to do anything unless we have the intellectual support from our associations, from our federal agencies, from our medical societies and it was just the opposite of what medicine had always been. "
  24. 20:00 "It was a dangerous assumption to assume that there is nothing someone could do for a fatal infection is an enormous blunder by citizens, by health responders and agencies. "
  26. 26:00 "Sars-cov-1 is 80% similar to sars-cov-2. We knew from studies dating back to 2006 that hydroxychloroquine a drug ... is safe, was effective in reducing the viral replication of sars-cov-1 we knew that! In fact that drug was stockpiled by the US government, the Australian government some European governments. So hydroxychloroquine was onboarded appropriately and ready to rock and roll. In fact many countries front line hydroxychloroquine for high risk patients and still do so today. Hydroxychloroquine is the lead drug. "
  28. 26:50 "We also knew by the summer that Ivermectin played a role ... safe and effective."
  30. 29:50 "The British did the STOIC trial and sure enough there was an over 80% reduction in hospitalization if we just used inhaled budesonide in outpatients with covid-19."
  32. 32:40 "I guess thats what my role is in world's history for this. I published a paper called the 'Pathophysiological Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of COVID-19' and it was published in the August issue of 2020 in the American Journal of Medicine. To this day that is the most widely downloaded paper from that journal of all topics and it went viral. And It went viral because the world was thirsting for an approach to covid-19."
  34. 34:00 "There was 100,000 papers in the literature and outside of my first paper there wasn't a single other paper that actually proposed a regiment or protocol to treat patients with covid-19. It was almost extraordinary that we were over 9 months into a fatal pandemic influencing the world and no one could come up with an original idea of how to put drugs in combination to treat the virus. So this was extraordinary that all the fire power we had in academic medicine they just drew a blank! They didn't attempt to study or help a single outpatient with covid-19."
  36. 36:20 "So it was interesting how the innovators were all independent courageous doctors. And the academic medical centres drew a blank, they couldn't even pitch a tent to help people. And to me it was stunning that the academic medical centres or even the large community centres cou;dn't help a single outpatient. The response to a treatable outpatient problem that gave us 2 weeks of opportunity to do something the lack of that response was stunning. And It had to do with a time line of events that put a chill on the attempts to treat covid-19. Doctors and health systems and others in a relatively short order became actively discouraged from treating covid-19."
  38. 38:20 "So what happened was the US had an ample supply of hydroxychloroquine and the only issue was start using it. "
  40. 39:20 "One of the first big studies out of the block was done in thousands of patients out of Henry Ford and it was great news that hydroxychloroquine was associated with a large reduction in mortality if applied early. "
  42. 40:00 "We should use hydroxychloroquine wide open. And then something really terrible happened...the National Institutes of Health had commissioned a several thousand prospective double blind radmonzied placebo controlled trial of hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin in outpatients of covid-19...we were all ready to go... and then what happened was a fake paper was published in the Lancet. "
  44. 42:00 "And the paper implied that use of hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and Lancet published this falsified paper. Somehow it fell through and how could they possibly publish it. As soon as it came out I knew in 2 seconds that it had to be wrong. This paper frightened the entire world it was like a shock wave. "
  46. 42:45 "In fact the US FDA put out language that said hydroxychloroquine shouldn't be used period. So that FDA language then went to the AMA. And the AMA said 'well don't use hydroxychloroquine' period. That went to the pharmacy boards and they said 'doctors shouldn't be using this'. So as doctors were treating the patients in the community prescribing hydroxychloroquine next thing you know patients were showing up to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said 'sorry I can't dispense it my board says that I can't'. And then doctors licenses started to become threatened. And then all of sudden there was a cascade of events... that put a chilling effect on anybody's attempt to treat covid-19 as an outpatient."
  48. 43:40 "Hydroxychloroquine its the most studied and utilized therapeutic in the world for covid-19 today. There are hundreds and hundreds of studies."
  50. 44:50 "There was an enormous effort to suppress early treatment."
  52. 45:30 "We started to have an array of incredibly flawed papers publishing exaggerating cardiac effects of hydroxychloroquine."
  54. 46:00 "People started to intentionally try to damage hydroxychloroquine so it would not be used in covid-19."
  56. 46:20 "Now we have studies, for instance a study from Iran with 30,000 patients, a massive study .. and it has a massive reduction in mortality."
  58. 47:25 "I was contacted by doctors in Africa that anonymously told me that 'Dr McCullough there are some bad guys raiding the pharmacies at night and their coming in and burning the hydroxychloroquine.' I said who are these bad guys? they said 'we don't know but they look like their some time of mercenaries or operatives.' Mysteriously the 2nd largest producing plant outside of Tapai burnt to the ground.
  60. 47:55 "So hydroxychloroquine as a simple, safe and effective drug to this day seems to be a poster child for worldwide, comprehensive efforts to suppress early treatment. And of interest as the data came out for Ivermectin, Ivermectin became the next drug. "
  62. 49:35 "Ivermectin miraculously worked through the range of illness."
  64. 50:05 "Doctors have literally had to fight for their medical licenses in order to prescribe hydroxychloroquine. One by one by one all of those licenses have been restored, all of those state rulings have been overturned. Both drugs can not only treat the infection early but they can prevent the infection. They are preventive. These drugs are about 90% effective. "
  66. 51:15 "Not a single academic medical centre today, or community medical centre today treats covid-19 patients as an outpatient with a goal of reducing hospitalizations and deaths. Why would these centres not want to help their patients?"
  68. 55:40 "We have 600,000 dead Americans that were not treated appropriately and not treated to the best ability of their doctors. And that will go down in historical shame for our country. I think it was a travesty that we have 600,000 dead Americans the vast majority of them didn't get an ounce of treatment. In fact there were medical groups that adopted policies that they werent even going to answer the calls of covid patients. "
  70. 56:05 "We had data that came in later from Dr Zelenko in New York City and Dr Proctor here in Dallas who did the same exact thing showing that our methods could reduce hospitalization and death by 85%."
  72. 57:50 "I have learnt over time there are so many ways to treat the virus."
  74. 58:40 "The only reason why this is such a horrible thing in American history is because doctors failed to act. "
  76. 59:55 "There are probably patients who died because the pharmacy did not dispense the hydroxychloroquine to patients and/or the ivermectin."
  78. 1:01:05 "We were getting official messages that basically said 'don't take care of covid-19!'. These are codified in policies and emails by major medical organizations. Can you imagine getting email saying 'don't treat pneumococcal pneumonia just let them die!' We've never seen this. The term that applies is wrong doing by those in positions of authority its call malfeasance."
  80. 1:02:35 "Everything we've done for this virus we've made it far worse by not treating it, keeping patients in fear, isolation. We've done multiple things that have promoted hospitalization. And we've done multiple things that have actually promoted excess mortality and its a shameful time in America and in the world. "
  82. 1:03:40 "We can pick on Australia they have the TGA thats the equivalent of the FDA they have guidelines where they literally have dozens and dozens of negative statements 'Don't to this, don't do that, don't do this, don't do that'. Interestingly none of these groups actually say what to do. "
  84. 1:05:10 "It is a global suppression of early treatment. There is a global suppression of early treatment."
  86. 1:06:30 "We are over a year of this and the Americans have been absolutely let down by the government agencies and the media. Its a stunning oblivion."
  88. 1:08:35 "We have never advertised for a product before it becomes available, in fact its against US laws regarding drugs and biological products. So things started to go off the rails very early on. And it seems like there was a playbook. The playbook was to suppress any hope of treatment a complete oblivion to treatment through all the entities that we've mentioned and at the same time prepare the population for mass vaccination. These 2 are very tightly linked. And now with mass vaccination we see things we've never seen, advertising for a vaccine before its even available, massive messaging for the vaccine way out of proportion. "
  90. 1:09:45 "Americans ought to be wondering why are we defocusing on the sick patient and focusing on the well people? All the messaging about contagion control and vaccines are about well people. Why can we not focus on the sick covid patient? "
  92. 1:12:00 "This idea that we can vaccinate people that were not even tested in the trials. That has never been done before. "
  94. 1:13:30 "It will go down in the history of malfeasance: wrong doing by those in authority. How come there was no updates on treatment and no promotion of early treatment? And now when we release the vaccine why are there no safety updates?"
  96. 1:14:00 "We would never out of the box take a brand new technology thats never been tested before ever, and we know that the vaccine technology produces the dangerous spike protein ... which damages blood vessels and causes blood clotting and all of them do, we would never unleash that into a pregnant womens body. Americans have to understand something is very wrong. Whats going on now in the world these are examples, are clear cut examples of wrong doing that is at such a high level. The group think is in the wrong direction in such a consistent and overwhelming way that people are being harmed in an extraordinary fashion."
  98. 1:15:20 "When I published the first paper in the American Journal of Medicine I taught doctors how to treat covid-19. It turned out that I was the person who had sufficient academic authority to do this. Ok, and I have authority, I take complete responsibility for doing this. I did it uniquely the only person in the world. Others actually may have been trying and those papers may have been suppressed by editors they probably were, because we found suppression of early treatment literature all over. It became impossible to publish papers. It was really hard. "
  100. 1:20:40 "YouTube is playing a role here in addition to all the other stakeholders in suppressing any early treatment. In fact the early treatment doctors started to become scrubbed from Twitter, from YouTube, from social media. And then ultimately YouTube came out with a very clear message they said 'listen we are only going to have information that is inline with the CDC, NIH and FDA which say do nothing, and everything else is going to be considered misleading and we are making the judgement and its our call on whats misleading and whats not'. And its pretty easy to be inline with the CDC, NIH and FDA because they say to do nothing. "
  102. 1:21:30 "So I still go back and say 'Who is responsible?' I say the government agencies. In this period of crisis if we're going to revert to our government agencies and our task force and if our presidents can't be wise enough ... to pick doctors who can treat covid-19 well never have agencies that say we can treat covid-19 and nothing else is going to follow."
  104. 1:22:55 "Thank goodness for the major telemedicine and regional telemedicine networks that basically have taken over. They are the real heroes of the covid-19 pandemic. Hospitals are empty now. Hospitals here in Dallas used to have 200-300 patients at a time, now they have 10, 5. The other day in Texas we hit 0 deaths. So early treatment is going to be one of the great, great stories of history. "
  106. 1:23:45 "Ben Marbel who started, that whole telemedicine is run strictly by charity. People donate money and they get patients their drugs. And they prescribe hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroids and other drugs and put them in combination they follow protocols. Terrific. They see thousands of patients by telemedicine everyday. So Americans are getting treated and so the word is out people talk to eachother. Americans are interesting: they understand that the media and our agencies are not levelling with them. They understand that. "
  108. 1:25:50 "Americans are finding their way despite suppression of early treatments."
  110. 1:28:40 "The biggest and best trial in all of covid-19 is Colcorona, shockingly Colcorona, the best trial, 4000 patients, double-blind randomized, placebo controlled trial. The best quality that exists. Rejected by New England Journal of Medicine. Rejected by Gemma. Rejected by the Lancet. There is a global suppression on any early treatment. I want the listeners to understand how global this is."
  112. 1:29:00 In Canada doctors are threatened that their license will be examined or taken away if they attempt to treat an outpatient with covid-19. They are told this in Canada. In northern EU the same is true. Dr Didier Riault ... has been under degrees of threat of arrest or partial arrest or house arrest. Almost as if we are back in the dark ages. In Australia in April they put on the books in Queensland a doctor who tries to help a patient with hydroxychloroquine could be penalized up until the point of going into jail for 6 months. In South Africa they put some doctors in jail for helping some patients with ivermectin. "
  114. 1:30:00 "Listen the powers that are out there that want to suppress early treatment and cause as much fear, suffering, hospitalization and death are not by happenstance. These are powerful forces that have created such fear among doctors people are fearful they are going to lose their careers, their livelihood, their medical license. People are afraid of going to jail in just helping their fellow man get through covid-19. This is extraordinary. Historians should go look through the course of time. "
  116. 1:31:00 "I would look very carefully at the work building upon other investigators reporters. So Dr Peter Breggin has a book called 'Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We are the prey'.
  118. 1:31:30 "Dr Nicholas Wade ... is an investigative reporter. And then Whitney Webb who is a young investigative reporter. All 3 of these as well as many more are linking two important concepts: suppressing early patients and even probably the soft attenuation of in-hospital treatment to make the problem worse than what it is. Many methods to make the case count look higher than what it is. Make the mortality numbers look worse than what they are. Many methods to create the reaction out of proportion to the reality: so lockdowns, fears, economic suffering what have you. All of these things making the pandemic way worse than what it is ... in order to promote mass vaccination. These 2 are tightly linked. At all costs the world must be mass vaccinated. And human beings on earth ought to understand at this point in time that what we are seeing in unprecedented."
  120. 1:33:40 "And then the mass vaccination program starts off and before we know it we are vaccinating pregnant women. Why are we doing that? That can't be safe. Now we are going to vaccinate covid recovery patients. Wait a minute they have complete and robust permanent immunity. Nobody has ever challenged the immunity of a covid recovery patient. Why are we vaccinating them?"
  122. 1:34:40 "They wanted every body to be vaccinated without exception. No one will escape the needle. And we've actually never had this before. And the vaccine process is extraordinary. There is a consent form it says 'this is investigational, we don't know if its going to work, theres only 2 months of data, the side effects could be a sore arm all the way to death and we don't know. Sign here.'
  124. 1:35:20 "This mass vaccination is extraordinarily concerning. We never vaccinate into the middle of a pandemic, never. We've never had an effective vaccine for a respiratory virus. We knew from the published data that the attack rates in placebo and the vaccine arms were less than 1%. So we know that the vaccine can have a less than 1% effect on the population. Why would it be any different than the clinical trials? We knew from the clinical trials that it didn't stop covid-19 so people can get covid-19 anyway."
  126. 1:35:50 "And now oh my lord within a few months the vaccine has been completely weaponized. Believe me there is something very, very potent in this vaccine. It should be disturbing to everybody. The word vaccine ought to be the most disturbing word that they have seen. Now we have 12 year old children who can decide on their own whether or not they can take a vaccine. "
  128. 1:36:30 "As we sit here today in May we have over 4000 vaccine related deaths and over 10,000 hospitalizations. The limit to shut down a program is about 25-50 deaths. Swine flu 1976 25 deaths they shut down the program its not safe. All the vaccines in the USA per year .. is about 200 deaths and we are talking about vaccinating probably 500 million injections. Here in the USA at 100 million people vaccinated this is far and away the most lethal, toxic biologic agent ever injected into a human body in American history. And its going strong with no mention of safety by our officials. "
  130. 1:37:40 "Covid-19 is not about the virus its about the vaccine."
  132. 1:38:30 "Every scientist in the world knows that natural immunity is way better than the vaccine immunity. Why do we have to have faulty vaccine immunity be the priority and have natural immunity not count? See these type of things make me actually think that Whitney Webb is right. This is actually about marking. The vaccine is a way of marking people."
  134. 1:39:10 "The vaccine manufacturers are all uniquely indemnified. What medical product is there indemnification if something happens to you you don't have any recourse? A pregnant woman gets vaccinated she has no maternal foetal rights. If somethings happens to her or her baby she's out of luck. This is actually extraordinary whats being thrust upon us. "
  136. 1:39:55 "There are already places in South East Asia and Europe they are laying the ground work for compulsory vaccination. That means somebody pins you down to the ground and puts a needle in you."
  138. 1:41:10 "There are over 4000 dead Americans there's over 10,000 dead people in Europe that die on days 1, 2, & 3 after the vaccine. "
  140. 1:42:00 "Based on the safety data now I can no longer recommend it. Its passed all the thresholds to being a safe product. Its not a safe product none of them are its not just Johnson & Johnson. There are now papers written by prominent scientists calling for a worldwide halt in the program. There are prominent virologists many of them including Nobel prize winners."
  142. 1:42:50 "There are warnings out there saying don't do this, don't vaccinate the entire world. All we are going to do is set ourselves up for a superbug thats going to really wipe out populations. Indiscriminate vaccinations is a horrendous bio-weapon thats been thrust onto the public and its going to cause great personal harm and it already has. "
  144. 1:43:50 "As a doctor and as a public citizen I am extraordinarily concerned about the vaccine. The vaccine is not safe. Americans and people world wide should be extraordinarily alarmed."
  146. 1:44:20 "My personal and professional situation is a position of strength. And those who have attempted in any way to pressure, coerce or threaten me with reprisal have paid an extraordinary price and I think that's an important message to get out there. What I say is bring em on."
  148. -- END --
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