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Rorschach vs Adam2 R2

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Jun 29th, 2014
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  1. Listen to Round -->
  3. Badass you say? Well I'll whoop your ass bad any time or day.(Flip Rebuttal-> Badass = Ass bad)
  4. I'm not here to play, lemme just be clear and say you're just prey.
  5. I've came to slay, No Christmas, although Adam is just child's play. (Slay = Sleigh, which is why "No Christmas" is stated)
  6. I know he's getting bodied but hey, It's all for fun just at his dismay.
  7. You know they say when there's a will there's a way but not today.
  8. For I betray all of what they say and hammer these fools like I play croquet (Croquet is that sport with the hammers/mallets)
  9. to bury my opponents beneath my bars and watch the corpse decay.
  10. After this he's gonna need a doctor more than Dr. Dre. (Dr. Dre - I Need a Doctor)
  12. Its cruel but its honest you should've been swallowed,
  13. And you should've ducked my challenge like your name is donald. (Donald Duck)
  14. He thought he could be an MC after watching ERB but reality has stricken thee. I throw a lance in this nigga and form a T.
  15. He'll be wondering, "Will He ever stop shaking this spear." I have such a brutal swagger so I have to crush this queer.(Shakespeare created the word swagger)
  17. Best MC of DDO to accept my challenge you're Slowbro (Pokemon Reference)
  18. Trashing these niggas is all the same like bobobo-bo bo-bobo (Bobobo-bo bo-bobo is a parody anime)
  20. I notice you need help with bars, you should ask around.
  21. Cuz' at the moment all you know how to do is axe a round.
  22. You seem to like monsters of history, so its no mystery
  23. That I top you in every way but I'll settle with destroying ya lyrically.
  25. back to you suckah
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