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  1. < Atop her heightened position, the Cleric of Northshire begins to call upon masses of Holy energy. She can be seen and heard roaring out a complex chain of words. - To those knowledgeable in such things, they're prayers to the Light, borne of the first war. She no longer hides behind her veil and a bright glow can be seen flaring out around her, the aura the Cleric held brightening and burning around her akin to a barrier. > ""To give respect and love to all around, to that oath of compassion we are bound, for that we work ever so tenacious, may the Light lend its strength to us. Shroud not thy heart with sorrows, for the Light conquers all shadows, follow diligently its divine ways, and find courage in Light's embrace. In prayer I search ever so solemnly, help for questions without answers. Holding to the Light so desperately, to guide me where my wisdom falters. Against odds and spells unkind, illumination steadies the mind, the Light holds my soul so dear, and shields my heart from all fear. Light, spark in my heart the fire and passion, to fight with respect, tenacity, compassion, in this moment where I need them so dire, bless me with the strength of your inner fire. Should darkness strive to shroud my mind, in the Light, my heart will keep faith, in the Light, its wisdom I will find, in the Light, darkness will be unmade. Should shadows strive to cover my sight, in the Light, I see all I could wish, in the Light, I will find my guide, in the Light, shadows will diminish, should harm strive to reach the innocent, in the Light, they will be warded, in the Light, we will find judgement, in the Light, we will be guarded. Should deceit strive to undo friendship, in the Light, no heart will be bent, in the Light, friends cause no hardship, in the Light, the wicked will repent.In ourselves and all about, the Light lives without a doubt, mends and prevents harm, it is grace in purest form, blessing all living beings, guiding us in our doings, But through actions alone, the Light's will can be done, following its ways so divine, we reach salvation in time, cleansing the world anew, from the shadows so cruel. Great though Light may be, it works through souls like me, while devoted, I am but small, perhaps too little to change all, though Light makes spirits grow, the world is large, we all know. But if I remain true to its ways, I may share its graceful rays, work hard till all are blessed, without doubt till my final rest, even if its results I can not see, such is the lesson of Tenacity. Have I not seen in time the shadows growing around me? Chosen war that brought death as far as the eye can see? Is there glory left for the Light in this gruesome victory? Or is all that remains from these actions the hideous atrocity? I search relentlessly for the Virtues as our guide, hoping the Light will reach for us and stay by our side. I pray we have not strayed from the enlightened path, and deprived our lives from the glory they could have had. Had the Light not taught me the meaning of Tenacity, I would have lost faith and searched for it unwillingly, and not found it in my actions ever so desperately, fighting these enemies that engaged us so mindlessly. May forever the ancient words of wisdom live on in remembrance. May the spirit find new youth, now and forever. May the Light guide me and teach me. Teach me to be generous. Teach me to to serve. Teach me your will. To give and not to count cost, to fight and not to heed wounds, to labor and not seek to rest, to give and not ask reward but.. To know I follow your path. Angel of Light, my guardian dear, to whom my love commits me here. ever this day, be at my side, to Light and guard, to rule and guide. Fire of the Spirit, life of all creatures, spirit of sanctity, glow of charity, light of clarity, call to the fallen, be with us and heed us. Common be our prayer, common be our resolution, common be our deliberations. Alike be our feelings, unified be our hearts, perfect be our unity. May all beings have happiness and its causes, may they never have suffering nor its causes, may they constantly dwell in joy transcending sorrow, may they dwell in equal love, both near and far. In body, speech and mind, I offer my soul and being, I renounce my wrongs, I rejoice in the Light, I dedicate to its virtues, I live for its enlightenment. I seek refuge in the Light, until I attain enlightenment, I seek merit in generosity, and all true virtues of the Light. May I attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. By the Light and its virtues, its enlightenment so great, may my help and my training, lead others to that state. May the most precious Light that has come, may the most precious Light that will come, never decline but always increase. There’s a light shining down on my pathway today, causing darkness and shadows to flee; and my soul doth rejoice as I walk in the way, there’s a light shining down upon me. There’s a light shining down, down from the sky on me, there’s a light that shines from the skies on me; I will walk all my days in its wonderful rays, there’s a light that shines from the skies on me. Once I wandered in darkness and groped in the night, unto the Light for mercy I called; the Light heard my sad cry, and opened my eyes, and a light on my pathway did fall. Light will bless everyone who will to Light come, Light will turn all their darkness to day; will you come to the Light and so humbly bow, that this light may shine down on your way? May the Light bless you and keep you. May the Light make its glory shine upon you and be gracious unto to you. May the Light look upon you with kindness, and give you peace, and may the blessing of the Holy Light descend upon you and remain with you forever. Holy Light above, your servant turns to you in moment of weakness and time of need. I ask you to be with your servant in this hour of suffering, where sorrow and pain bind your servant's spirit with fear. May you lend your servant your gifts of healing, as you guide my hands to seal these wounds. May you turn this weakness into strength, suffering into compassion, sorrow to joy and pain into comfort. May your servant see your ability for good and hope in the middle of suffering, and bask in your love. May your servant be filled with tenacity to recover from his/her wounds and all his/her fears and doubts be removed from his heart by the power of Holy Light. May you restore your servant to health and good will so that he may see another day and praise your glory. Light, forgive me, for my errors, guide my path, mend my wounds. Let me make amends, and restore the faith I had lost for so long. Light embrace me, let me once more be your servant. Grant me the light once more, fill my body and soul, so that I may once again, restore and protect. My purpose is to protect, not to endanger, to help, not to abandon, to love, not to betray. My path is for knowledge, not for power, for fairness, not for spite, for trust, not for deception. The Light will guide me. The Light is my ally.” < She'd near-scream out this long prayer, aiming to forge the holy energies into a number of holy lances, making usage of the combat techniques of the Clerics of old, aiming to have the things slam into the Orc Necromancers and utterly tear their souls asunder, given they're calling upon dark magic. These lances ignore physical and magical barriers, slicing out with all the tenacity of the Light. >
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