Trials in Darkness (Anon/Rarity/herd) (RGRE) (comf/lewd)

Feb 19th, 2020
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  1. > You are Rarity, hiding in absolute darkness
  2. > Your ears strain, swivelling back and forth
  3. > There!
  4. > You hear nearly silent footfalls, your predator prowls among the lightless cages
  5. > You keep your breathing shallow and slow
  6. > "Hon"
  7. > His voice is low and seductive, a velvet glove over an iron hoof
  8. > "Hon"
  9. > He will abide by his rules, but that does not mean he can't be creative
  10. > "Baguette"
  11. > You pity Fleur, the first target for his taunting
  12. > "Escargot"
  13. > Prench is a delight on his silver tongue, but you know what comes next
  14. > "Hot Cotter"
  15. > You shudder
  16. > Still, you can endure far more of this than she can
  17. > "Boon Ape Teat"
  18. > In retrospect, teaching him Prench was a mistake
  19. > "Cham pag nay"
  20. > You grimace
  21. > Was that a southern accent?
  22. > Still, Fleur is lasting longer than before
  23. > You are proud of her, for all that you wish she would break under the torture
  24. > Silences stretches into eternity, with no way of keeping track of time in this abyssal prison
  25. > "Prench bread"
  26. > Fleur de Lis lets out a bark of laughter
  27. > "Pas plus! Je me rends!"
  28. > It's a relief, hearing her speak proper prench after all of Anon's butchery
  29. > One mare down, and only one more stands between you and your goal
  30. > "Oh, Rarity~"
  31. > You feel your face warm at his sweet voice speaking your name
  32. > Your mind knows it's a trap, but your heart cares nothing for such technicalities
  33. > "Would you like to know what I'm wearing right now?"
  34. > Curse him and his sultry tone
  35. > "It's that nice pinstripe button down shirt you like so much."
  36. > It looks really good on him, and he knows it
  37. > You almost regret making it for him
  38. > "Do you know what else I'm wearing?"
  39. > If you are very, very lucky, he is just trying to blue bean you
  40. > "Some nice, plaid,"
  41. > Oh no Darling, please, have mercy!
  42. > "Cargo shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear!"
  43. > You ruthlessly strangle the whimper that tries to escape your throat
  44. > You would burn the abomination if he wasn't so attached to it and good at hiding it
  45. > "Aaaaand those pink and white polka dot thigh highs. Gotta cover my long, toned foal-chasing legs."
  46. > The fashionista in you has died, but the vulgar mare within is only partially deterred by the atrocious image he paints with honeyed words
  47. > You wink and hate yourself for it
  48. > "Does that excite you, dear?"
  49. > No stallion's voice should be that breathy and alluring
  50. > This had better not awaken something within you
  51. > "No? Oh, I forgot, I'm also wearing sandals over my socks."
  52. > Not even your basest facet can stomach the revelation
  53. > You grit your teeth, fighting your every instinct to destroy the fashion abomination
  54. > You wait it out, letting your rage simmer down to a low boil
  55. > "Hey, Sunny Buns, you know that last piece of your birthday cheesecake?"
  56. > You sag in relief, the trial has passed
  57. > You will have to get your revenge, though, next time
  58. > "The one with caramel drizzled on top? Well, haha, funny story..."
  59. > Oh no
  60. > "I was over in the cloud district, shopping for some jewelry, and there was this stallion merchant who sneered at me, and said, well, I won't repeat what he said,"
  61. > You scrunch
  62. > Probably just some jealous minor noble
  63. > But you begin to have doubts about the story
  64. > Anon shopping for jewelry? When you are right here?
  65. > "But when I got home, I was so upset I just had to have a little pick-me-up. The cheesecake was so rich and creamy, and the caramel sauce gave it the perfect sweetness to compliment the tang."
  66. > Perhaps you should drop by a bakery tomorrow, to purchase a replacement
  67. > Purely to keep harmony within the herd, not at all because you are craving some cheesecake right now
  68. > "It made me forget all about being called a gold-digger and a furless...well, you know. So, uh, I hope you're not mad at me? I'm really sorry about it..."
  69. > His tone shifts from pleading to sultry
  70. > "If there is anything I can do to make it up to you... Like having you sit on my face for a couple hours, until you're sweaty and moaning and my face is covered in your juices..."
  71. > You bite your lip at the imagery
  72. > You hear the sound of ripping cardboard
  73. > You are lucky you are a unicorn, you don't have to worry about wingboners
  74. > Anon chuckles
  75. > "Looks like Rarity won this one. Come on out, girls."
  76. > You pop out of the box, savoring the slightly cooler air outside
  77. > To your relief, Anon is actually dressed in grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt
  78. "You are a cruel colt, Darling. Lying to and torturing us like that."
  79. > He just grins and pats a pouting Celestia's head
  80. > "You know you love it. Speaking of lying, Sunbutt, your cheesecake is still in the fridge."
  81. > Celestia brightens up immediately
  82. > "If you will excuse me, then..."
  83. > Fleur giggles, and you can't help but smile
  84. > You can hardly blame the mare
  85. > As you all start to fold up the boxes, Anon looks at you
  86. > "So, what are we watching, my movie night alpha mare?"
  87. > You trot over to the collection, humming in thought
  88. > Your ears absently register the sound of popcorn popping from the kitchen
  89. > Seen that one, didn't like the other, watches that one last week...
  90. > Well, it's a classic
  91. "We shall be watching the Titanic, tonight."
  92. > You crack the case and insert the disk into the player
  93. > Anon grunts, sounding amused
  94. > "Again?"
  95. > You turn to find him sprawled in the center of the couch, practically presenting himself to you with his widely spread legs
  96. > You approach him with a sway in your hips that you know he appreciates
  97. "Of course, true art can only be properly appreciated with repeated exposure."
  98. > You climb into his lap and lay your back against his chest
  99. > "Uh-huh. I just think you like looking at human tits."
  100. > You wriggle a little to get comfortable, and are rewarded with a hot length between your flanks, constrained by a few layers of fabric
  101. > You smile mysteriously
  102. "I am quite sure I have no idea what you are talking about. I merely find it refreshing to see an artistic colt flustered by a mare confidently displaying her assets."
  103. > Fleur sits beside Anon, leaning against him
  104. > "Oh? Is that why you started sucking on his nipples after seeing the movie for the first time?"
  105. > You lift your chin primly
  106. "I am quite sure that is entirely unrelated."
  107. > Celestia returns from the kitchen, already halfway through her slice of cake and floating a large bowl of popcorn beside her
  108. > "Really? It's why I started."
  109. > You are beset on all sides by traitors
  110. "Anonymous, Darling? Would you please start the movie before I am utterly drowned in blatant falsehoods?"
  111. > He chuckles and grabs the remote
  112. > "As you wish, my movie alpha."
  113. > Celestia curls up on the remaining seat of the couch, letting the bowl of popcorn settle on your lap
  114. > As the movie begins with some fanfare, you levitate a cluster of popped kernels into your mouth, savoring the buttery saltiness
  115. > Truth be told, you do rather like the portraiture scene, and it plays a part in why you choose the movie so often
  116. > Fleur lifts her muzzle to Anon's ear
  117. > "Draw me like one of your prench mares~"
  118. > You feel him twitch beneath you
  119. > He's always so frisky afterwards, and you are perfectly positioned to enjoy his every throb of arousal
  120. > It's good to be the alpha, even if it is only for tonight
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