The Eternal War, session 18

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  1. Session Start: Sat Sep 15 18:35:46 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[18:35] * Now talking in #eternalwar
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  12. 01[19:28] <Staffen> You stand in the now-emptied hangar bay aboard Vok's ship. Claxons wail around you. Through the shielded entryway you can see the Wrath of Justice gaining speed as it falls through space - tracer rounds the size of buildings flash past her hull.
  13. [19:29] <@Ezekiah> "We should probably hurry."
  14. 06[19:29] * Varian straps the bolt pistol's holster to his left hip and holds his pair of pistols down by his sides.
  15. [19:30] <Petrus> "I believe it would be best to take that bitch who kidnapped Lady Corinna alive. Not only will we be able to convince Winterscale I did not kidnap her but we'll have the person who did it."
  16. [19:31] <Varian> "The Lady Inquisitor suggested otherwise but I want some information from her as well."
  17. 06[19:31] * Nyx drags the fallen heretic captain into the shuttle door and closes it roughly, slapping the door twice to signal it closed to the pilot, and backs away
  18. [19:32] <Narcisa> "That is good thinking, this Winterscale could certainly rip the secrets from her skull with various forms of interrogation to clear your name."
  19. 06[19:33] * Varian looks around, "Now, how do we find the bitch?"
  20. [19:34] <Narcisa> "One might attempt the bridge if she is of any significance, though this will be difficult for obvious reasons."
  21. [19:34] <Petrus> "Plus there is the bounty for Lady Corinna's kidnapper that will no doubt be very VERY large"
  22. 06[19:35] * Varian gives the sniper an impressed look, "Always playing the other angle Petrus, I approve."
  23. [19:36] <@Ezekiah> "Money is not everything."
  24. [19:37] <Petrus> "I don't care about the money really, i just want to wave this in front of winterscale's face. I do not like to be accused of things i did not do."
  25. [19:40] <Petrus> "He promised i would be hunting the most dangerous game but it feels like I've been just a crazed gunman so far."
  26. [19:40] <Nyx> "No psychic presence I'm reading.  We should move on.
  27. 06[19:41] * Nyx steps forwards, replacing her rebreather apparatus
  28. 06[19:43] * Varian suggests "The bridge then?" before muttering to himself "I have never liked void ship."
  29. [19:47] <Varian> ships*
  30. 06[19:48] * Plex points to the exit from the area. "That's our way out, in any case."
  31. 06[19:48] * Petrus reloads his rifle
  32. [19:49] <Narcisa> "I would think locating and rescue of... Petrus'? Wife would take priority, at least until we can locate Losa and act against her." She looked about and, upon locating the runepad next to the door out of the bay, gestured her hands towards it and began moving towards it "Shall we?"
  33. [19:51] <Petrus> "We shall."
  34. [19:51] <Nyx> "I'll act on behalf of the Inquisition.  I'll hunt for Losa, if your lordships shall excuse me.  If we're in two parties, they'll have a harder time both protecting our target and as well bringing away Lord Cain's wife."
  35. 06[19:51] * Plex peers into the Warp the tiniest bit, looking for the telltale signs of living minds nearby.
  36. 06[19:52] * Varian heads to the door, holding his heavy autopistol out to cover it while he hits the door panel lightly with the bottom of his bolt pistol grip.
  37. 01[19:52] <Staffen> There are three doors: one going inwards, and one to your left and right, looking inwards.
  38. [19:52] <Petrus> "I believe we should stick together. Who knows what Losa will have guarding Corinna."
  39. 06[19:52] * Varian turns to the psyker and somewhat disgustedly says, "I will join you Nyx."
  40. [19:53] <Narcisa> "Or what she might have as a retinue herself." She would pick the door leading inward, unless one of her fellows interjected
  41. [19:53] <Nyx> "Hmm... I shall acknowledge as such...  Perhaps if we do not find her at least, we can cause trouble in other parts of the ship, no?"
  42. [19:54] <Plex> "If we're lucky," Plex responds to Nyx. "There are...people rushing about. Knots of bodies, moving toward the fore. Above and below us, as well, doing the same."
  43. 01[19:55] <Staffen> The door opens, revealing a tight corridor.
  44. 06[19:55] * Varian brings up his bolt pistol to add additional firepower to his coverage and looks to Nyx as he crosses the threshold.
  45. [19:56] <@Ezekiah> "Knots?"
  46. [19:56] <Plex> "Small groups of tightly-clustered individuals. I can tell no more than that."
  47. 06[19:57] * Nyx shrugs, in defeat
  48. [19:57] <Petrus> "Can you locate Lady Corinna?"
  49. [19:58] <Nyx> "I cannot tell up nor down in the void.  Work for servants.  I suppose that I shall endeavor as a sword along with our main group."
  50. 06[19:58] * Plex shakes her head. "Would that I could."
  51. [19:59] <@Ezekiah> "I don't like being in such close corridors."
  52. 06[19:59] * Varian instantly dislike the idea of being alone in such a ship and retreats back to the group while trying to maintain a suave exterior, "Very well."
  53. [20:04] <Petrus> "I think we should find the officers' quarters."
  54. [20:04] <@Ezekiah> "You think that's where they would have her?"
  55. 06[20:05] * Plex shoulders, somehow, past Varian and Nyx. "We go forward. Elsewise we'll have company sooner than we'd like."
  56. [20:05] <Petrus> "Possibly or we can find someone who knows where she is."
  57. [20:05] <Narcisa> "That is a good point. And if we cannot, we can at least find a cogitator with sufficient access as well." She would start off after Plex
  58. [20:06] <Plex> "I misspoke," Plex says, starting down the corridor. "The bodies are coming this way, from the spine of the ship. Now's a good time to go."
  59. [20:07] <Petrus> "I was thinking more along the lines of breaking every bone in a fat officer's body until he tells us where she is, but that works also."
  60. [20:09] <Varian> "Zek it, to the left then! Lets go, we can always backtrack around them if we need to."
  61. 06[20:10] * Varian heads through the left door, hoping the others will follow.
  62. 06[20:10] * Petrus follows Varian
  63. 06[20:11] * Narcisa would follow as well, checking her connection on to her pistol in her hand
  64. 06[20:13] * Varian tries in vain to move silently but he is not used to his new breastplate and the extra weight turns his normally light footsteps to clangs on the metal floor. He keeps his pistols up and hopes to The Emperor that someone else will move in front of him as they continue deeper.
  65. 06[20:20] * Nyx follows along, both swords drawn
  66. 06[20:20] * Plex touches the Warp again, this time weaving a subtle cloak of static around the party.
  67. [20:22] <Petrus> "I believe she is in the fore of the ship."
  68. [20:25] <Narcisa> "That would be quite the walk of we had went all the way to the officer's quarters first!"
  69. [20:27] <@Ezekiah> "Yes, yes it would. Some how, your witchery has saved us time."
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  74. 06[21:38] * Varian slows after a couple hundred meters of walking, he turns to a nearby wall before pointing to a series of connectors on the wall seemingly for various electronic connection. "Lady? I am not familiar with such technology." he says to Narcisa
  75. [21:38] <Varian> connections*
  76. 06[21:40] * Narcisa would look at the connectors, then back to Varian, smiling "Of course, allow me a moment." She would approach and allow a brief moment of inspection before interfacing with them
  77. 06[21:45] * Narcisa would make a face of consternation as something troubled her, but she would shake it off. Bringing up he rleft hand she would draw out a small cord from her wrist and plug into the connectors.
  78. [21:48] <Narcisa> "I... have... found the... schematics for the ship. I will endeavor to... copy them to my ... dataslate." She spoke as if her attention were split
  79. [21:49] <@Ezekiah> "Is something bothering you?"
  80. 01[21:49] <Staffen> Narcisa's interactions cause an hololithic interface to appear, which flickers to life and brigns up an image of the ship in the midst of the hall even as she downloads the files. A red light flashes towards the fore of the vessel, and low gothic runes signify: "YOU ARE HERE",
  81. 01[21:49] <Staffen> *.
  82. 06[21:50] * Varian nods, happy that he does not need to deal with such esoteric nonsense.
  83. [21:50] <Petrus> "Can you find out where Corinna is with this?"
  84. 06[21:50] * Narcisa would pull back a bit in surprise "I can make the attempt, yes. A moment, if you would."
  85. 01[21:54] <Staffen> Narcisa seems to will the hololith to move. It rotates to convenience you, then a red line sprouts from your location's dot. It travels along to and then branches off to another floor, and then another, and finally ends at a point three decks down and another fifty meters ahead of you.
  86. 01[21:54] <Staffen> "PRISONER 95: V.CORINNA"
  87. [21:55] <Nyx> "Well, that's convenient."
  88. [21:55] <Nyx> "Even goes by name."
  89. [21:55] <Petrus> "Let's not waste any time then."
  90. 06[21:56] * Varian waits until Narcisa is disconnected and ready to move before continuing onwards.
  91. [21:56] <Narcisa> "Yeess. I hope this not some manner of trap." She would pull out her data slate, linking it to another line from an arm as she attempted to siphon schematics and other data off and download it into her own device.
  92. 06[21:57] * Narcisa would eventually unplug, closing the hololith as she turned to her companions, bringing up the map she had downloaded and the location of their target marked withn "Well, shall we move?"
  93. [21:58] <@Ezekiah> "If it is a trap, then we shall persavere!"
  94. 06[21:59] * Varian moves out, "Quickly, I don't want to stay overstay our welcome."
  95. [21:59] <Narcisa> "Of course." She said with a smile to Ezekiah, looking to Plex and Nyx "Do the either of you happen to know of things related to the warp, by chance?"
  96. 06[21:59] * Nyx points a thumb at Nyx
  97. [21:59] <Plex> "I suppose that would depend on what it is you're looking for."
  98. [21:59] <Nyx> "I am not the cerebral sort, after the Calix."
  99. 06[22:00] * Varian hurries his pace to gain a meter or two away from the witch talk.
  100. 06[22:02] * Narcisa would flick through windows on her little slate, bringing up the logs she had uncovered "I had happened upon something rather odd and classified. Apparently an Inquisitor Anxo speaking to some manner of warp-spawned beast bound within a blade?" She offered it to the two of them
  101. 06[22:04] * Nyx frowns in consternation
  102. 06[22:04] * Plex takes the slate as they walk, perusing the bit of information Narsica had displayed.
  103. [22:04] <Nyx> "Oh dear heavens.  Not demons."
  104. [22:04] <Nyx> "Shall I have to go handle it?"
  105. 01[22:07] <Staffen> You hurry along. However, as you reach the lower levels to the brig, a number of prisoners break out into loud wailing. Screams for mercy and help attract the guards, and soon a group of carapace-clad assailants appears, clad identically to those from Scintilla.
  106. 03[22:09] * Staffen changes topic to 'Nyx, Varian, Badguys, Petrus, Narcisa, Plex'
  107. [22:12] <Varian> "Zek, more 'private security' up ahead." Varian mutters.
  108. [22:13] <@Ezekiah> "... they shall all fall!"
  109. 03[22:14] * Staffen changes topic to 'Ezekiah, Nyx, Varian, Badguys, Petrus, Narcisa, Plex'
  110. 06[22:20] * @Ezekiah charges the closest of the carapace covered men, swinging wildy with his eviscerator. Unfortunately for him, he misses, but manages to carry the momentum of the large weapon (and a foot placed against the knee of said carapace man) to flip back and well out of melee range.
  111. 06[22:21] * Nyx steps a single foot forwards, covering for Ezekiah
  112. [22:22] <Nyx> "Gentle mud-turtles, as you can see, our friend has spared you the first strike, as a show of his and our might.  Should you not wish to surrender, you'll be quite and well left to his devices. Or device, I should say."
  113. 06[22:22] * Nyx gives a bow
  114. [22:22] <Nyx> "If you desire to live to see tomorrow, I suggest you drop and run."
  115. 01[22:24] <Staffen> The guards seem to hesitate, but do not retreat.
  116. 06[22:26] * Varian runs down the corridor to a buttress 5 meters away from the men to get into cover, as he rushes forward his bolt pistol barks and the heavy autopistol reverbs with a heavy *clack* as he send a pair of rounds at the man to the left.
  117. 01[22:31] <Staffen> The gunmen open fire, but after being attacked they are in a state of disarray and are unable to get a solid shot.
  118. 06[22:37] * Narcisa would lean out from cover from a buttress, her pistol having never left her right hand since she drew it - she would give a brief change of settings with the nudge of her thumb and fire off a pair of lasbolts in quick succession at a trooper within the squad attacking them
  119. 06[22:37] * Petrus continues sneaking past the troopers
  120. [22:38] <Narcisa> Lasbolts flew past the troopers as she missed her marks.
  121. 01[22:39] <Staffen> Narcisa's target ducks clear of her gunfire.
  122. 06[22:46] * @Ezekiah notices as a bunch of the carapace men are incapicitated. A sign from the Emperor it must be! And so he does the only sane thing, but charge one of the remaining men standing, cackling like the zealot he is!
  123. 01[22:47] <Staffen> (because somehow they're just suddenly unconscious)
  124. 06[22:48] * Plex peeks out from behind one of the stanchions; with a grimace, she summons as much of the power of the Warp as she can handle before hurling it in an enormous brain-blasting shockwave at the troopers.
  125. 01[22:49] <Staffen> Most of the troopers stumble over, dropping their weapons and clutching their ears futilely.
  126. 06[22:58] * Nyx manifests her Quaddisian nobleborn will upon the remaining commoner that would dare resist her will
  127. 01[22:59] <Staffen> The trooper is knocked over, nearly tumbling into Petrus behind him. The sniper however manages to slip aside in time.
  128. 01[23:00] <Staffen> The ground is littered with bodies, most of them groaning faintly. Around you, inmates cry for release - some of them more frantic than the others.
  129. 06[23:00] * Varian peeks out of cover to see the effects of the psykers mind manipulations, abhorred by the source but thankful for the quick incapacitation.
  130. [23:00] <Petrus> ++Take care of these guys I'm going to keep moving. I'll let you know if I find anything.++
  131. [23:01] <Nyx> ++Careful, m'lord.  Fate favors the bold, but remember to secure your Lady love safely as befits a man of high birth.++
  132. [23:01] <Petrus> ++That's what I intend to do.++
  133. 06[23:03] * Varian looks around for an empty cell or a cell filled with a non-threatening prisoner so they can dump the security, he strips them of any communication gear the others have not taken while he glances around.
  134. 06[23:03] * Nyx dusts her hands and hat, then immediately proceeds to root through the fallen men's effects, ripping off their armor and weapons and throwing them into a corner
  135. [23:04] <Nyx> "How long do we have?  I want to make sure these men are disarmed!"
  136. 06[23:04] * Plex helps both Nyx and Varian--the latter while he's not looking, so as to not scare him too badly--with appropriating the guards' things.
  137. 06[23:05] * Plex nabs one of the guards' micro-beads, inserting it in her own free ear--after rubbing it on her mesh armour sleeve, of course.
  138. 06[23:06] * Narcisa would approach a guard, kneeling as she began to work upon disconnecting their rifles from their backpacks "Should we take them with us or simply discard their armament away from their persons?"
  139. [23:07] <Nyx> "I can carry some still.  They'll make for good tracking evidence to see who is employing and armoring these men."
  140. 01[23:07] <Staffen> The comm-bead scratches softly. ++--Drake-9, come in. Proga wants an update.++
  141. 06[23:09] * Nyx tosses the microbead to Varian, a pleading and frantic look on her face
  142. [23:09] <@Ezekiah> "So do we have a plan that is more then just run in and kill all of them?"
  143. 06[23:09] * Narcisa would nod as she worked to remove the backpack from one as well as a rifle "I can carry at least one myself, then. Good thinking!"
  144. 06[23:10] * Varian quickly inserts it in his ear, ++Drake-9 Actual, psykers caused a little problem but I got em, three of Drake-9 elements are down over.++
  145. 06[23:11] * Nyx carries what she can of the men's items under the crook of her left arm
  146. 06[23:11] * Nyx points to the remaining pile and lifts with psychic force
  147. 01[23:13] <Staffen> ++Acknowledged, Drake-9. Medicae unit dispatched. Are the bodies salvageable? Over.++
  148. [23:15] <Varian> ++The psykers are pretty much toast. The bodies are riling up the prisoners so I am going to bring them and our wounded members to the medicae instead. Have the unit waiting for us.++
  149. 06[23:15] * Nyx stays silent, listening in giddy glee at the Malfian work his magic
  150. 01[23:17] <Staffen> ++Acknowledged, Drak-9. Proga informed. Be advised we are preparing to go to warp in the next half-hour, ensure prisoner 107-Alpha is secure.++
  151. 01[23:17] <Staffen> *Drake-9
  152. 06[23:17] * Nyx reforms the two floating sets of armor, making it seem as they are two moving sets of armor, flanking her on each side
  153. 06[23:17] * Narcisa would have one hellgun backpack on, the weapon secured behind her as she stood, looking to Varian as she waited
  154. 06[23:18] * Varian mutes the microphone for a second and shrugs "I watched a lot of Arbite vids growing up, even if I was rooting for the villians.", he turns the mic back on ++Roger wilco.++
  155. [23:18] <@Ezekiah> "There is no reason why that should have worked."
  156. 01[23:19] <Staffen> Petrus appears, then. Behind him is a blonde-haired woman dressed in little better than rags. She holds Petrus's Carnodon with two hands.
  157. [23:19] <Plex> "Except that they're enemies of the Emperor, so of course our lies in His righteous quest would work, right?"
  158. 06[23:19] * Nyx 's second familiar points its ghostly hand at Ezekiah, and she says to him
  159. 01[23:19] <Staffen> "Are these your friends?" the woman asks.
  160. 06[23:19] * Petrus smiles broadly "They are indeed."
  161. [23:19] <Nyx> "Red ecclesiarch turtle!  Grab some of these things!  Our master will want them!"
  162. [23:20] <Petrus> "I suggest you see of one these thugs armor will fit you."
  163. 06[23:20] * Varian muted the microphone once more, "I bought us some time but we are going into the war in the next half-hour and they are worried about some 107-Alpha prisoner.". The Malfian quickly changes tune as the woman arrives, "Well hello there, mademoiselle."
  164. [23:20] <Varian> warp*
  165. 06[23:20] * Petrus gives Varian the death stare
  166. 06[23:21] * Nyx and her carapace groupies bow in unison, Nyx giving their new acquaintance a three-man twirl of their "hats"
  167. 01[23:21] <Staffen> The woman snorts. "Just what I needed. Some dumb fop from the biggest shithole in the Sector. What kind of people have you been making friends with, Pet?"
  168. [23:22] <Petrus> "A group of miscreants as you can see."
  169. [23:22] <Plex> "Entirely the wrong kind, milady. Now. We've a transport in the starboard bays. Maybe we should head that way instead?"
  170. [23:22] <Nyx> "We should hurry, if it is not already swarmed with heretics.  We still have to procure that swine, Losa."
  171. 06[23:23] * Nyx 's every action is mimicked by her two floating sets of armor
  172. 01[23:23] <Staffen> "That would be appealing," Lady Corinna says, rolling her shoulder around. "I'm sick of the head-bitch's hospitality."
  173. [23:23] <Petrus> "Indeed, I'm assuming Losa is on the top of that list you told me about?"
  174. 06[23:23] * Varian gives a playful laugh, before continuing "In all seriousness I do not want that bitch to escape me twice."
  175. 06[23:25] * @Ezekiah looks at the woman. "... is Brother Cain's bonney wife capable of carrying her own weight in a fight?"
  176. [23:25] <Petrus> "She insulted me by sending that bronze thing thinking it would stop me."
  177. 06[23:25] * Petrus lets Corinna respond
  178. 01[23:26] <Staffen> She cocks her head at Ezekiah. "You. Red-robes. What the fuck are you supposed to be? I am a Corinna. You're nobody to me."
  179. 01[23:26] <Staffen> Lady Corinna looks to Petrus. "You need to get your friends moving, because otherwise we're likely going to be seeing reinforcements in the next five minutes."
  180. [23:27] <Petrus> "Indeed, let's get going. I assume you wish to show Losa how well I taught you to shoot?"
  181. [23:27] <@Ezekiah> "... does no one recognise the holy vestments of the Red Redemption any more!? And I care not what your station is, she-bitch. All are equal before the eyes of He On Terra. All are sinners most decadent, some more so then others, so there is no reason to apply the secular titles of man when our very souls are on the line!"
  182. 06[23:28] * @Ezekiah puts several hellguns in his pack while he rants.
  183. 06[23:28] * Varian stops for a moment, turning to the woman and asking somewhat deviously "Did you ever see a cellar or a private collection of wine that Losa might of had while you were on-board?"
  184. 06[23:29] * Narcisa would bring her hand to her face for a moment, rubbing at her eyes before she looked to her dataslate, and approached Plex again, "Do you believe this warp-touched sword worth reporting to our employer, in any case?"
  185. 01[23:29] <Staffen> Corinna marches up to Ezekiah, and taps him on the shoulder.
  186. 06[23:29] * Petrus picks up a suit of carapace armor and hands it to Lady Corinna "I believe this is your size."
  187. [23:30] <Plex> "Absolutely," she confirms with Narcisa. "Anything that suggests Vok has something else devious in his...arsenal, of sorts."
  188. 06[23:31] * @Ezekiah ignores her. "I'm busy."
  189. 01[23:32] <Staffen> The tap becomes a clutch, and Carinna pulls on his shoulder.
  190. 06[23:32] * Plex backs away from the crowd for a moment, excusing herself from Narcisa's presence briefly before using her own bead. ++Krat. Are you there?++
  191. 06[23:33] * Narcisa would begin to speak "Might yo-" before she was cut off, giving a nod and allowing Plex to speak
  192. 01[23:34] <Staffen> ++Yeah, I'm here,++ Krat responds. ++There's a proximity alarm, a shuttle's coming in about two klicks out from planetside.++
  193. 06[23:34] * Varian looks at the woman and the redemptionist with consternation.
  194. 06[23:34] * @Ezekiah would try his best to turn that cluth around, moving like a guttersnake... except... well...
  195. 01[23:35] <Staffen> Corinna gets the upper hand on the Redemptionist, forcing him to turn to her.
  196. 01[23:35] <Staffen> Victoria Corinna smacks Ezekiah across the cheek with the handle of Petrus's Carnodon.
  197. 01[23:36] <Staffen> "Do not presume to speak to me that way, plebeian," the noble snaps. "I'm above you. Further disrespect will not be tolerated."
  198. 06[23:36] * Narcisa would look on at the "fight" with a somewhere, somehow, between worry and amusement.
  199. 06[23:36] * Plex winces at the display before nodding. ++Coming your way, or the other side?++
  200. [23:37] <@Ezekiah> "Like wise. It is taking every ounce of my willpower and the fact that you are Brother Cain's betrothed to be, and that we require your uncles sinful decadent piles of money to do anything that keeps me from sending you to His Holy Eminence's holy throne for early judgement."
  201. [23:37] <Petrus> "You should shut up now Zeke."
  202. [23:39] <Petrus> "We should get going now if we're going to get Losa and get off the ship before it enters the warp."
  203. [23:39] <@Ezekiah> "I agree to nothing." He pauses. "Except that yes, we should probably go and capture Losa."
  204. [23:40] <Plex> "I've heard from Krat," she interjects. "There's a shuttle incoming--presumably Losa's."
  205. 06[23:40] * Nyx looks to Narcissa
  206. [23:40] <Nyx> "How is our timing?  How long before we break for the Immaterium?"
  207. [23:40] <Varian> "could be anytime in the next 30, Nyx."
  208. [23:40] <@Ezekiah> "If we hurry, perhaps we can just flat out capture the shuttle and leave."
  209. 06[23:41] * Nyx punches a wall
  210. [23:41] <Nyx> "Damn!"
  211. [23:41] <Petrus> "I had something in mind for Losa. We capture her and bring her to Lord Winterscale. I'm sure that would be a fate worse than death for her."
  212. [23:42] <Narcisa> "Iiiif we were to find another cogitator along the way, I might attempt to disrupt final calibrations of their warp drive?" She suggested "Perhaps to buy time, though it would surely give away our position or could hint at our interdiction."
  213. 06[23:42] * Nyx busies herself along with the prisoner locks, examining them
  214. [23:43] <Plex> "Then we are agreed. To the hangars. And don't worry overmuch about our position--they'll find it difficult to track us down as we move."
  215. 06[23:44] * Varian looks up "I could provide a distraction with their communication equipment if you wish, to draw them out of our path."
  216. [23:44] <Nyx> "I have a great one already."
  217. [23:44] <Plex> "That would be equally useful," Plex agrees.
  218. 06[23:45] * Nyx gestures with six arms to the surrounding cells
  219. [23:45] <Nyx> "Let us free them and let the ship's crew deal with them?"
  220. [23:45] <Nyx> "AM I RIGHT, MUD-TURTLES?!"
  221. [23:45] <Nyx> "Do you desire vengeance?"
  222. [23:46] <@Ezekiah> "You want to release all the prisoners?"
  223. 06[23:46] * Varian looks around, dubiously "That could greatly endanger our own health."
  224. 01[23:47] <Staffen> "Let me out!" you hear. "Let me out, let me out let me out let me out, I want your blood blood blood blood!"
  225. [23:47] <Nyx> "Might as well.  We've got less than half an hour before we break for the Warp.  And ths ship shall most likely not--"
  226. [23:47] <Nyx> "Well, that didn't sound good."
  227. [23:47] <Narcisa> "I think yes, they belong here for a reason."
  228. 06[23:48] * Nyx thumbs at Victoria
  229. [23:48] <Nyx> "She didn't at least.  There must be more faithful.  ...Just not that guy."
  230. [23:49] <@Ezekiah> "Are we certain she is faithful? Perhaps she has already been turned against us via Vok's honeyed lies and vile technosorcery!"
  231. [23:49] <Narcisa> "There... is a cell we might open. It might buy us time in preventing their jump, though I am hesitant to suggest this."
  232. [23:50] <Narcisa> "The description implies it to be rather dangerous, requiring constant surveillance and, if it was freed, the cell jetissoned. It also was marked with a Threat rating of 'Terminus'. I don't particularly know anything further."
  233. [23:51] <Varian> "That sounds especially dangerous. I am going to get Losa and then get off this Emperor damned ship."
  234. [23:52] <@Ezekiah> "I agree. We do not have long before this ship leaves with us on it and without allies."
  235. [23:52] <Petrus> "Let's leave now then."
  236. 06[23:52] * Varian asks Narcisa "Can you give me Losa's location or something close?"
  237. [23:54] <Narcisa> "I cannot, sadly."
  238. [23:56] <Varian> "Well, looks like I need to bring her to us."
  239. 06[23:56] * Varian turns on the enemy mic once more.
  240. [23:57] <Plex> "...We've no time. We have to leave, and hope to pick up Losa's trail another day." She nods to Petrus. "You take the lead. I will keep an 'eye' out for trouble."
  241. 06[23:58] * Petrus motions everyone to follow him "THis way then."
  242. 06[23:59] * Narcisa would follow Petrus
  243. [23:59] <Varian> ++Requesting the presence of Losa on the hangar deck immediately, over.++
  244. 06[23:59] * Varian runs for the hangar deck
  245. Session Time: Sun Sep 16 00:00:00 2012
  246. 06[00:01] * Plex follows Petrus.
  247. 06[00:01] * Petrus runs to the hanger deck
  248. 06[00:01] * Varian mute the mic before shouting "DĂ©pĂȘchez-vous!"
  249. 06[00:01] * Nyx looks behind her at the masses of prisoners, then follows
  250. [00:01] <@Ezekiah> "... there is not way that would work." He is torn in following Varian or Petrus. Unless they're going to the same place. And they are!
  251. 01[00:02] <Staffen> The comm-bead screeches. ++This is Proga,++ you hear a woman call, calmly. ++On what grounds?++
  252. [00:04] <Plex> ++Krat,++ Plex says on the normal channels, ++be ready to leave in a hurry. This ship is going to engage its warp engines in minutes.++
  253. 06[00:04] * Varian turns the mic on once more, shushing the others as they run ++One of those psykers just up and disappeared right in front of us. Its reappeared on the hangar, it looks half dead and we have it covered but it said it had a message for you, over.++
  254. 01[00:06] <Staffen> ++A message...++ Proga pauses. ++Alright. You say the hangar? I'm assuming the forward hanger, yes? Is that to-port also?++
  255. [00:07] <Varian> ++to-port, correct. Over++
  256. 06[00:08] * Varian mutes his mic for a moment "Forward hangar or what?"
  257. 06[00:09] * Narcisa would bring up her dataslate, checking the map to see which hangar was their own
  258. 06[00:17] * Varian winces in pain
  259. 06[00:20] * Varian features on the left of his face slightly twitch and spasm.
  260. [00:21] <@Ezekiah> "Are you alright...?"
  261. [00:21] <Varian> "Fine, just not used to this kind of exertion."
  262. 06[00:22] * Varian returns to his normal running, unimpeded.
  263. [00:22] <@Ezekiah> "I see. Is the boat going to be ready to take us away?"
  264. [00:23] <Plex> "I've been in contact with Krat. No return message yet, but I think he got the point."
  265. [00:23] <@Ezekiah> "One can only hope."
  266. 01[00:24] <Staffen> Just then, the vox crackles. ++This is Krat,++ you hear. ++Sorry. Had a couple of hostiles I needed to stick to the sponsons.++
  267. [00:25] <Plex> ++Good to hear you're alive. Did you receive my last communication?++
  268. 01[00:26] <Staffen> ++No, sorry. What was it you asked?++
  269. [00:27] <Plex> ++This ship is going to Warp in less than twenty minutes. We're en route to the hangar now. Need to leave before that timer finishes.++
  270. 01[00:28] <Staffen> ++Aye. Be advised, away-team, auspex reads a fat group of bio-signs moving for the hangar from the opposite direction.++
  271. [00:29] <Narcisa> "That would be Losa, yes?"
  272. [00:31] <Varian> "She sounded like she took the bait."
  273. [00:32] <Petrus> "So my dear should we capture her and take her to your uncle or would you like to shoot her?"
  274. [00:34] <@Ezekiah> "What ever we do, we best decide quickly."
  275. [00:36] <Nyx> ++Where are all of you? Are you at the hangar?++
  276. [00:37] <Narcisa> "++Correct.++"
  277. [00:38] <@Ezekiah> ++Where are you?++
  278. [00:39] <Nyx> +Oh, things.  Causing heresy to hopefully fall in on itself.  I hope you're boarded and getting out of here.++
  279. [00:42] <@Ezekiah> ++... I do not know what is going on any more. I thought for sure that she was following us."
  280. [00:42] <Nyx> ++I'd suggest escaping before it makes warp jump...++
  281. [00:42] <Plex> ++You'd better know what you're doing...++
  282. 06[00:42] * Varian just grunts "Get to the hangar, that is all that matters."
  283. [00:43] <@Ezekiah> ++Fine. To the hangar Hopefully we'll all make it."
  284. 01[00:47] <Staffen> As you arrive in the hall leading to the hangar, your comm-beads screech. ++Krat here, big problem!++
  285. 01[00:47] <Staffen> Gunfire can be heard in the background.
  286. [00:48] <@Ezekiah> ++How big of a problem?++
  287. [00:49] <Nyx> ++Sweet Throne of Terra, I have sinned, forgive this wretch their sins--++
  288. 01[00:49] <Staffen> ++I'm counting no less than three renegade Space Marines taking cover -- wait, four! Shit, this one's got a melta!++
  289. 01[00:49] <Staffen> ++You need to get in here, because we need to leave!++
  290. [00:50] <Varian> "Zek, Merde, Shit."
  291. 06[00:50] * Plex pales immediately on hearing the news.
  292. 06[00:50] * Narcisa says something through bursts of static and techna lingua
  293. [00:51] <Petrus> ++What's going on?!++
  295. [00:53] <@Ezekiah> "That's a problem. We should move."
  296. 01[00:53] <Staffen> "After you, Petrus, hon," Lady Corinna calls.
  297. 06[00:54] * Petrus moves forward with his Nomad raised
  298. 06[00:54] * Varian stays in the middle of the group and moves with them.
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