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  1. Hi there,
  3. I first called out to Persephone for your reading. I saw Her energy first and foremost. Spring is a lovely time to worship Persephone, and from Her I came to be of the understanding that you have been adequate in your worship. Things as small as flower bouquets, candles, and pans of water around the house are examples of decor that you can utilize in your worship to Her. You can also offer (or eat) pomegranate as a general devotion, as it is obviously the fruit that She is most predominantly associated with. Persephone is also associated with lily of the valley and narcissus flowers (which include paperwhites and daffodils). The spring is a great time to plant these bulbs—the soil is soft—a devotional garden would be a lovely idea that would allow you to have a space to worship Her. (If you have the space/time).
  5. Persephone seems well-aware of your interest and devotion to Her, and is happy with what you have done so far. In general, She seems to be a bit more vanity focused, and would appreciate devotional jewelry and spaces in your home and environment. Do consider getting a journal with a symbol of Her on it—whether it be one of the flowers that she is associated with or pomegranate—and use it to write prayers and calls to worship. If you are interested in outfitting her spaces with crystals, crystals that are often associated with her are quartz, agate, and black onyx. Persephone often reaches out to those who have been negatively impacted by some force in their life. Whether it be current or from the past, She seems to be interested in helping you overcome some setback in your life.
  7. Next, I called out to Odin. He seems to be interested in advancing a particular interest of yours in some way. I cannot pinpoint exactly what it is, but I believe that He sees a particular passion in you that you have been hesitant to pursue. I do work with Norse gods occasionally, and in my opinion, the absolute best way to begin worship is with an altar. Odin in particular is associated with dark blue, so I would recommend first outfitting your altar with a thin, draping cloth of dark blue. You should also have some form of representation of Him on the altar, whether it be a painting, small statue, or even just a printed-out image stood up in rice or sand. You should also have a candle to light before your worship begins.
  9. I would also recommend setting up a small gold or silver dish for burning incense/herbs or using for offerings. In Norse worship, I often first cleanse my altar and space with an herb or incense mix of some kind before beginning devotion or offerings. The offering I most regularly use is mead or dark wine/port. You can also use moon, sun, or another purified water. Contacting Norse gods is generally a lot more intense than Greek/Roman gods, in my experience. Ritual often involves first invoking the god, and then getting an elaborate image of the god in your mind. It is important to have full focus on the god you are invoking—Odin tends to be a bit more hesitant to reply to invocation, but that does not speak to His opinion of you.
  11. Once you are contacting Odin regularly, you will find it more easy to contact Him quickly. He seems to have a high opinion of you, and I do not believe that you are doing anything wrong currently, but it is important to establish a routine. Hel seems to be fleetingly interested in you, but the only reason I am not noticing a stronger connection is likely because She is not a common target of worship. Hel—when worshipped—is often done so to facilitate comfortable transitions in your life. Whether it be a career, location, (or otherwise) change, Hel seems to want to help you in some way with that.
  13. Similarly to Odin, I would recommend setting up a personal altar for Hel in your home—preferably close to Odin’s—for your worship of Her. In my experience, worship of Hel is often situational rather than a constant devotion. Without meaning disrespect, She seems to be on standby if you encounter a situation which you are unfamiliar with or need guidance with. I would recommend, for Hel, having some measure of constant devotion rather than just an altar as you may have for Odin. If you are comfortable getting a ring or necklace that represents Her. I use the Sacred Haven site for correspondences most often—Hel’s correspondences are Plants – Elm, Elder, Yew, Ivy, Juniper, Mullein, Blackthorn, Willow, Jasmine, Evergreen, any white flower
  14. Stones – Onyx, Jet, Obsidian, Cook Agate, Lead, Moonstone, Quartz Crystal, Hematite
  15. Incense – Storax, Myrrh
  16. Colours – White, Black
  17. Symbols – Owl, Raven, Wolf, Dog
  18. Runes – Hagalaz, Isa, Ehwo
  19. Day – Saturday
  21. You can utilize these in however you see fit to create jewelry or books for devotion to Her. As a whole, I feel that the deities are fully aware and appreciative of your interest and devotion. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to follow up with me :)
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